ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

 1)      Bureaucratic Procedure

a.       Call to order: 5:05pm

b.      Approval of Minutes: Edmunds

                                                              i.      Seconds: Tsai

c.       Approval of Agenda: Hong

                                                              i.      Second: Tsai/Edmunds

2)      New Business:

a.       R50-29 Office of the Administrative Affairs Vice President Appointments

b.      R50-30 Free Clinic Project at UC Irvine

                                                              i.      Motion to pull to the floor: Edmunds

                                                            ii.      Seconds: Salazar/Tsai

                                                          iii.      Motion to open discussion: Edmunds

                                                          iv.      Guevara: Wei came and presented on this 2 weeks ago and he’s been wanting to get recognition on his project with ASUCI. It’s already fully funded and he has a lot of doctors supporting it.

                                                            v.      Edmunds: The primary concern about this is liability. It sounds like we, as ASUCI wouldn’t be able to house it but we would just support it.

                                                          vi.      Guevara: Wei actually has liability service.

                                                        vii.      Sidney: I spoke with another project on campus to raise awareness and they said that they didn’t have the liability so it would be good to have the liability.

                                                      viii.      Hong: I like Wei’s plan and I remember he had a budget and he had it planned out. That’s a plus for me.

                                                          ix.      Phan: My only primary concern was the malpractice insurance. I’m also concerned about the transportation to Garden Grove. But because we are just supporting, I see no issues.

                                                            x.      Passes: 13-0-1

c.       Budget Report by Office of the President

                                                              i.      Khan: I have shared a link to my presentation on the Facebook page.

                                                            ii.      I’m currently in the process of writing these bills.

                                                          iii.      Budget report moved to next meeting.

1.      Motion: Hong.

2.      Seconds: Tsai

d.      Budget Report by Office of Execute Vice President VP

e.       Budget Report by Office of Administrative Affairs VP

f.       Budget Report by Office of Student Services VP

g.      Budget Report by Office of Academic Affairs VP

h.      Speaker Pro Tempore Quarterly Election

                                                              i.      Edmund nominated Phan

                                                            ii.      Lima nominated Sidney

                                                          iii.      Alvin is elected

3)      Executive Office Reports (10 mins)

a.       Khan: this past weekend, I went to New Jersey. We discussed diversity in action. We are working on bettering the high education act. One of things we discussed is having data collection. We are going to be fighting for early aid awareness: knowing what our aid is before we enter college. Year round Pell grant: students receiving financial aid for the summer.

b.      We also looked at sexual assault prevention. There is another federal bill we are working on. We are really examining title 9.

c.       Tsai speak on behalf of Nikki:

                                                              i.      Water you doing with your water? Drought discussion.

                                                            ii.      Equal opportunity drive which has really cool prizes.

d.      Homecoming soon and art lab next week.

4)      Adjournment Meeting: 6:48pm