ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, December 11, 2014

·      Called to Order 5:05PM

·      Phan Motion 5 Minute Recess / Second Tsai

·      Attendance

·      Approval of Minutes

o   Motion to Approve: Edmunds/Tsai

·      Approval of Agenda

o   Phan motion to amend agenda to have a discussion first in New Business regarding Fall 2014 Elections

o   Second Edmunds

o   Motion to Approve: Phan/Kerner

·      Public Comment

·      Old Business

o   B50-03

§  Pull to Floor – Phan/Tsai

§  Open Discussion – Phan/Edmunds

§  Call to Question – Phan/Harris

§  B50-03 PASSES 12-0-0

o   B50-04

§  Pull to Floor – Edmunds/Tsai

§  Open Discussion – Tsai/Edmunds

·      Finance Chair (Nick Harris): Finance looked at the re-allocations and saw that this was good

§  Call to Question – Edmunds/Louie

§  B50-04 PASSES 12-0-0

o   (Phan/Edmunds) Closed Session: Fall 2014 Elections

o   (Tsai/Edmunds) Open Session

·      New Business

o   R50-38

§  Pull to Floor – Tsai/Edmunds

§  Open Discussion – Phan/Hong

§  Call to Question – Edmunds/Salazar

§  R50-38 PASSES 12-0-0

o   R50-40

§  Pull to Floor – Edmunds/Hong

§  Open Discussion – Tsai/Hong

·      Sidney: resolution denouncing that it took 30 years for this report to come out. Homicides happening specifically to aboriginal people is ridiculous.

·      Hong: finds resolution easy to believe, also in Canada – Saskatoon police have been marginalizing and have a lack of care towards aboriginals

·      Phan: Canadian First Nations and aboriginals are heavily marginalized, support this resolution

·      Call to Question – Edmunds/Tsai

·      R50-40

o   (Edmunds/Sidney) Closed Session: Fall 2014 Election

§  Edmunds/Phan Open Session

·      Executive Officer Reports

o   OP: Town hall today in regards to tuition, livestreamed and recorded. Share with people who are interested in what happened, should be on our website. Other UCs were not able to do this, we (to my knowledge) are the first UC to do this, I know students at UCSD who were watching and wanted something similar to happen on their campuses.

o   EVP: Just had two bills passed for reallocation, tell all your friends to apply for Lobby Core!

o   AcademicVP: Visions Applications are still open, please tell everyone to apply!

o   AdminVP: Workshops to allow student leaders be more informed and better educated on campus. Will get you a list of workshop topics going throughout the year. EVP will also be hosting some workshops as well.

o   ServicesVP: SWOLESTICE, Homecoming Court officially announced and is on January 31st

·      Committee Breakouts

o   Rules

§  Apply to J-Board!

o   Public Info

§  Sweatshirt orders have concluded, we will be working on business cards next month!

o   Finance

o   Advocacy

·      School Breakouts

·      Announcements

o   Tsai: I will be hosting an event called Global Eaters next quarter, inviting different cultural organizations to present their culture for the students!

o   Kerner: Thank you everyone for everything, I’ve had a great time serving on Council in the past months. Good luck on finals and hope you all have a great holiday.

·      Next Meeting: January 6th, 2014

·      Adjourn Meeting 6:23PM