ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, December 02, 2014

 Call to Order: 5:05pm

Approval of minutes: Phan

- Seconds: Edmunds

-          Adds amendment after item J.

Approval of agenda: Edmunds

- Seconds: Salazar


-        -   Phan: We looked at the enrollment data in past fall and we adjusted the seats. This legislation will take affect the start of winter quarter of 2015.

-          - Delshadi: Adding all the seats, how many students are there in total? How many representatives?

-         -  Phan: The original number is 23 and it’ll bump into 26.

-          - Guevara: Are you going to be appointed in the winter?

-          - Phan: The new election will take into place. We will have to look at when it’ll work and if we’ll have an even number of seats. There should be a special election.

-          Khan passes chair to Delshadi

-          - Khan: Do you except EVP office to provide a special chair for the election?

-          - Phan: The legislative will speak to them.

-         -  Mark: Have you guys thought about the cost?

-          - Phan: I’m expecting the seats to be full so it shouldn’t be a problem financially this year but maybe next year.

-          - Phan: Motion to add another friendly amendment: 3,142 Bio Sci undergraduates.  

-          - Sidney: Can we do the same for Social Science and Social Ecology?

-          - Edmunds: There were no adjustments made so we didn’t include them.

-          - Parshaan: The old seat is all those three schools. 

-          - Delshadi: Should this be put it to finance?

o   Tabled to finance

o   Seconds: Sidney


-          - Phan: motion to commit to finance for a week.

-          - Seconds: Hong


-         - Edmunds: I don’t know how many people got the email. They are advocating for the gun divestment in the UC system. What we know that the UC does have holdings in the gun system but we are trying to get them to divest in the gun industry.

-          - Hong: I thought about this for a really long time. I believe it will strongly affect the engineers. 

-          - Harris: Personally, it’s a big issue but I think people attack the wrong target. I think people need to focus more on the mental health system.

-         -  Fatahi, Negin: This is not going to affect anyone getting dropped in the future. This won’t affect any job opportunities in the future.

-          - Delshadi: The gun industry does respond. The advocates are across the nation and I think they have their points on there. I don’t think the UC should be involved in gun divestment suits.


-          - Edmunds: Could you explain what exactly the concept of game brigade is?

-          - Hong: Basically people were criticizing and discriminating against women for releasing games.


-          - Fatahi, Negin: I don’t know if everyone is aware of the Democratic Party that will take care of the tuition, scholarships. Out of state students deals with increased tuition. In state tuition doesn’t.

-         -  Edmunds: The middle class scholarship will be removed. No new applicants will be permitted for the 2015-2016 school year. This is a step back. Their family isn’t able to pay for their school. I personally don’t like this plan but I really don’t like how we are going to shift back the middle class scholarship.

-        -  Khan: The students in the EVP office fought for the middle class scholarship. The middle class scholarship will help students rely on the state to provide funding. However, the scholarships were smaller and ineffective.

-         - Fatahi: I wanted to bring the plan out. They want to bring incentives. They want to introduce the plan. I think this legislation is still necessary.

-          -Hong: I think they will take money from someone else.

-          -Phan: We wanted to re-emphasize the fact that people are misinformed about costs.

Adjournment Meeting: 7:05pm