ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, December 09, 2014

 Call to order: 5:02pm

Approval of minutes: Tsai

-          Seconds: Phan

Approval of agenda: Salazar

-          Seconds: Phan

Old business

-          B50-02

a.       Edmunds: motion to pull to the floor

b.      Seconds: Tsai

c.       Tsai motion to open discussion

d.      Tsai: the concession pulled this. And the finance chair passed.

-          R50-31

a.       Harris: the seats are filled and most likely will have no problem.

b.      Khan: where will the money come from?

c.       Harris: not sure.

d.      Delshadi: are we able to fund until the end of the year?

e.       Kathuria: these will probably start spring or mid-winter.

f.       Phan: we can use 5 or 6 seats to pay for the first quarter. We are assuming all seats are full.

g.      Passed

h.      Khan: we will have new seats: health sciences, engineer, ics 

New business

-          R50-36

o   PASS

-          R50-37

o   Delshadi: the arts representative was mis-catergorized as a graduate student election. We will have to amend this election to include the arts representative. The arts representative folks were not able to vote for this election.

o   Khan: motion to entertain friendly amendment to include arts representative.

o   Aaron: this was totally our fault. I didn’t get start on it until the week of thanksgiving. I was still making a few tweaks. The fault is on me.

o   Phan: it will be better to pull a friendly amendment.

o   Delshadi: propose an amendment.

o   Phan: motion to postpone until after committee breakouts.

-          Ayotzinapa 43 Presentation

Executive officer reports

a.       Kathuria: completely done with events this quarter. Dec. 20th: visions leadership course application is due. Something to look forward to is the diversity video

b.      John: vendor fair this week is our last program. Something we will talk about next quarter is the illegal clinics. It is definitely workable.

c.       Khan: we were the first campus to register for the grass conference application due beginning of winter quarter. We will have a joint ASUCI and ASG town hall on Thursday at 4. Class on lobbying: if you want to register, email Kelly.

d.      Delshadi: two courses from the campus climate. Swolstice.


a.       Motion to break out: Phan

b.      Second: Delshadi.

c.       Rules: help judicial board apps.

d.      Public info: I will give sweatshirt money to Robert and not Nancy. For Matt’s event, he will wait until it is confirmed. Academic affairs will post flyers.

e.       Finance: sent out email Matt about the international student event.

Delshadi: we will have to help hold elections and hold a special session.


a.       Khan: special council meeting for elections next Tuesday.

Adjournment: 6:17pm