ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Call to order by EVP Sanaa Khan at 5:04PM


·      Academic VP Nikki Kathuria came in late at 5:17pm

·      Admin VP John Delshadi came in late at 5:59pm

Approval of minutes

·      Motion: Edmunds

·      Second: Phan

Approval of Agenda:

·      Motion: Edmunds

·      Second: Hong

Guest List

·      Mark Deppe, Co-Interim ED for Student Government & Student Media/ASUCI

·      Jack McManus, Director of Hospitality & Dining Services

·      Dan Dooros, Associate Vice Chancellor Student Affairs

Public Comment:

            Mark (Co-Interim Executive Director): we are here to advise and help student media. I will meet with Alvin. If you have any ideas, dreams or aspirations, I will be here to help. I have been here for 5 years and I’ll be here to help guide you. I sent out an email earlier today interested in becoming a CA. If you are interested, there is a meeting next Wednesday night at the student center. 

Jack (Assistant Director for Hospitality and Dining and also Social Ecology): you can help me oppress issues with the dining program and we are here to listen. My office is on the third floor above Zot-n-Go. Congratulations on your new roles.

Dan (Associated Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs): I work with mark, anteater express, etc. I wish you the best of luck and congratulations.

Old Business:                                                                     

New Business:

·      Leg council housekeeping:

o   New member introductions

o   Khan: I recommend all of you to clean our office once in a while. That way, we can have a nice, organized office/suite for our constituents.

o   Committee Assignments:

§  Rules, finance, public info, advocacy are the active ones.

§  Salazar (Public Info Chair): for all new members, we will be ordering more sweaters. We are also working on business cards. Simple business cards you can just write your name on. We are also doing global eaters: An event to publicize ASUCI and what the awareness does in spreading news.

§  Phan (Rules Chair): We oversee the language of legislation, make revisions, we have been revising the constitution as of right now. We appoint vacancies. We appoint Reps as well.

§  Rico (Advocacy Chair): The advocacy committee is in charge of advocating for student needs. We helped created international student ICOP students. WE helped pass on the free clinic. We also passed legislation on the 43 students missing in Mexico.

§  Louie (Finance Vice-Chair): We oversee the accounts for ASUCI, making sure they are on budget and everything is proper.

§  New committee assignments:

·      Pushed back to during committee reports

o   Parshan: so, I wanted to talk about international committee. It was not helped out last quarter. We haven’t yet formed the official committee. I would like to propose to see if it’s okay with council to start a committee. The proposal for the tuition included a little part that stated that out of state and international students will raise 17%. I would like to propose and self-nominate in creating a board and have the advocacy committee to help. I would leave the discussion to later on to breakouts.

·      B50-05

o   Pull to Floor

§  Motion: Phan

§  Second: Edmunds and Phan

o   Open discussion for 10 minutes

§  Motion: Phan

§  Second: Edmunds

§  Tsai: Thai Club and VSA can no longer make it. I will confirm later today at 7pm.

§  Barnoy: Could other clubs join?

§  Tsai: We cannot because the deadline was the 3rd.

§  Kathuria: Academic affairs might host a similar event later in the quarter.

§  Hong: There will be 200 vouchers to begin?

§  Tsai: the money will be set aside and it will be left with the office and we will keep the leftover money.

§  Kathuria: Vouchers will be intrinsically designed.

§  Tsai: The orgs are asked to sell food for cultural purposes.

§  Phan: How is the money distributed?

§  Tsai: I’ve asked the club to bring their tables and equipment. They will be paying $10. Besides that, no other costs.

o   Motion to commit to finance for one week: Phan

o   Second: Tsai

·      R50-42

o   Pull to Floor

§  Motion: Phan

§  Second: Edmunds

o   Open discussion for 10 minutes

§  Motion: Phan

§  Second: Edmunds

§  Khafagi: There’s a student board to allocate the funds but essentially he was removed and was moved to Arnold but because he had a loved one passed away, we didn’t have anyone except for the cc intern. We are asking for an extension.

§  Parshaan: Leg asked for two things and that will be declined by the judicial.

o   Motion to make friendly amendment to change R49 to R49-20: Edmunds

§  Accepts: Khafagi

§  Phan: I highly suggest we commit to rules

o   Motion to commit to rules committee: Tsai

o   Seconds: Edmunds.

·      R50-07

o   Motion to open discussion: phan

o   Second: Edmunds.

o   Motion to close session: Phan

o   Second: Tsai.

o   Motion to end close session: Kathuria

o   Second: Sidney

o   Motion to extend time for 5 minutes: Lin

o   Second: Sidney

o   Motion to end discussion: Tsai

o   Second: Khafagi

·      Special committee reports

o   Constitutional Revision Committee, Edmunds: We’ve been revising the constitution. We have been working on making it more readable and suitable for everyone in ASUCI. Most of the time, meetings are just debate and what should be in what section.

·      Executive office reports:

o   Kathuria: We had the anteater mentorship course today and students continued working with their members in having them more involved on campus. Today, they had workshops.

§  Tomorrow is our first day of our visions course which is about leadership and development. I mentioned this last quarter that some of the students may be contacting you in approval of the legislative council. They will just ask you why you chose to be in ASUCI.

§  Week 4, we will have an event about hip hop and how that’s a representative of culture.

o   John: No problem yet. We will start weekly starting next week.

o   Khan: first all staff meeting on Wednesday. All welcome to come. UC student regent: one voting student in the reagent. On Wednesday at noon, representatives will be mentioning the application for student leaders.

o   Nikki (speaking for Josh): Student services is having a rally on Thursday, 6pm in part of the athletics. Applications for Soul train due this week or next week. Soulstice on Feb. 12. Tickets sold now. Homecoming Jan 21st. 60 by 16 committee is working on the dean of law school to get people involved in law school.

o   John (speaking for Reza): Reza is working on a referendum in increasing UCI fees. Budget presentation will be on Thursday.

·      Committee Breakouts

o   Motion to break out into committee breakouts: Hong

o   Seconds: Phan

o   Motion to extend committee breakouts for 5 minutes: Edmunds

o   Seconds: Phan

·      Committee Reports

o   Rules

§  Phan: we will write resolution on the judicial oversight committee. We are looking on revising the SPFB legislation.

§  I will sent out a doodle for the council list.

o   Finance

§  Louie: We familiarized new members with what we do and their responsibilities. We are going to make a trip to Robert’s office tomorrow to finally get our budget.

o   Public Info

§  Salazar: We are working on getting the 5 new members sweatshirts. We are going to post the spreadsheet so you all can post your size.

§  Lima: I’ll be talking to Nancy about business cards. We are also talking on how to publicize leg council.

·      Sidney: I suggest that maybe we have a few open houses to publicize leg council so more people will be interested in running. I feel like it should useful to do it this quarter. A lot of changes in the office hours and how to allocate the office. I feel it is very important to have a space.

o   Advocacy

§  Guevara: Talking to Jeremy in what we are, the different topics we talk about and what we do.

·      School Breakouts

o   Motion to break out into school breakouts: Kathuria

o   Seconds: Phan

·      Announcements: