ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 08, 2015


January 8, 2015 meeting called to order at 5:08PM.

Present: Councilmembers Salazar, Khafagi, Rico, Barnoy, Lin, Tsai, Arkules, Thomsen, Guevara, Hong, Phan, Sidney, Louie, Lima, Fatahi, Zomorrodian, Kathuria, Nguyen, Khan

Absent: Councilmembers Deleon, Edmunds, VP Delshadi

Late arrival: Councilmember Edmunds @5:20PM; GUSH Representative Matt @5:22PM; Councilmember Beneke @6:22PM


Motion to approve minutes-Lin/Salazar

Motion to approve agenda-Hon/Lin

Public Comment:    

            -Braden Buckle: please say “off record” if necessary for NEW U purposes

Old Business: none

New Business:         

a) Executive Officer Budget Reports

                        i) Office of the President

                        ii) Office of the Executive Vice President

                        iii) Office of Academic Affairs Vice President

                        iv) Office of Student Services Vice President


            b) Discussion on Office of In Aid and Scholarships

                        -Motion to have open discussion for 10 min @5:38–Phan/Tsai

Phan: will be contacting Brice from Student Affairs with information/topics he can bring to council to talk about

Hong: What will be the future of middle class scholarship; heard conflicting reports

VP Khan: will not know for sure until state assembly passes or governor responds; How does everyone feel about invitation of office?

                        -discussion ended @5:40PM

                        -Motion to add interview of GUSH rep to agenda, for 5 minutes.

                        -Motion to close session @5:42PM—Phan/Kathuria.

                        -Motion to end closed session @ 5:47PM—Tsai/Edmunds

Executive Officer Reports:


-organizing event with 60x16 in regards to youth turnout with Dean Chamerinsky. Focused on local community.

-Referendum language being drafted to be sent to council soon


-high school outreach branch bringing in juveniles for mentorship program, starts today

-going to UCSA board meeting this weekend

-great results/turnout at all staff yesterday.

Admin: N/A


            -Monday had first all staff. First social on Friday

            -Visions started yesterday, AMP Monday, and Global Eaters to be launched next Tues.

Student Services:

            -athletics commission—rally at 6-7:30 for the Beach game. Free giveaways.

-Club Outreach—President’s Roundtable, and will also be going to clubs to ask/survey major concerns/expectation for ASUCI

            -Concerts—Noontunes starts Week 5; planning Summerlands also

-Festivals—homecoming spirit day Week 3 (UCI apparel gets you free items). Homecoming Week 4 w/performances on terrace. Kickoff festival January 31st.

-Films—planning 2 advance and 2 regular screenings

-Soulstice—tickets on sale today; $12 until Week 3, then $15. Accepting Apps for Stage manager/crew. Apparel still on sale.


Special Committee Reports:

            International Student Committee: meeting with International Director

Motion to commence Committees @5:57 (end: 6:17 )—Hong/Phan

Motion to extend 5 minutes –Hong/Tsai (end: 6:23)

Left early: VP Sanaa Khan, VP Reza Zomorrodian, VP Josh Nguyen, Arts Rep

Committee Reports:

Rules: preparing internship program; may shift rooms in ASUCI office. SPFB resolution failed (0-4-0), new ones pending.

Finance: met with Robert to work finance over; approved Global Eaters (unanimous 3-0-0) with minor revisions.

            Pub Info: encouragement to use ASUCI office for office hours; publicizing Global Eaters

Advocacy: International Committee to be formed; plan to include extension and other international programs

Motion to strike School Breakouts –Salazar/Hong           


            Matt—Global Eaters reminder to come out!

Meeting adjourned @6:32PM. Tsai/Hong