ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Legislative Council Minutes – January 13th, 2015

Call to order by Sanaa Khan: 5:01pm


·      Councilmember Ariel Barnoy will be arriving late (Personal Reasons)

·      Councilmember Cyrus Lin will be absent (Personal Reasons)

·      Administrative VP John Delshadi will be absent (Personal Reasons)

Guest List

1.     Parshan Khorsavi (EVP Office)

2.     Tracey Onyenchao (CCC)

3.     Mark Deppe (ASUCI)

4.     Dan Dooros (Student Affairs)

Approval of minutes: Hong/Edmunds

Approval of agenda: Phan/Edmunds

Public Comment: None

Old Business:

a)     B50-05:

a.     Pull to the floor: Hong/Tsai

b.     Louie: Finance committee unanimous pass 3-0-0.

c.     Tsai call to question. Seconds: Phan

d.     Passes: 13-0-0

Executive officer budget report:

New Business:

a)     R50-43:

a.     Pull to the floor: Phan/Hong:

b.     Phan: motion to call to question by acclamation. Second: Hong

c.     Passes unanimously.

b)    R50-44:

a.     Pull to the floor Phan/Tsai

b.     Motion to open discussion: Phan

c.     Phan: we wrote this legislation because the cross cultural center appointed the seat but if they don’t do it, the seat will be left open. This resolution is striking that the seat must be selected by the end of week 5.

d.     Tracey Onyenchao (CCC): the SPFB was not chosen but when he was chosen, he became ill and was unable to take on the process. I took on the role. I was standing in front of the meetings. I selected Jessica Figueroa

e.     Phan: legally, we’re not allowed to appoint anyone after week 5. This resolution is to strike that rule.

f.      Motion to end discussion and call to question: Tsai/Hong

g.     Passes: 14-0-0

c)     R50-45:

a.     Pull to the floor: Phan/Khafagi

b.     Motion to open discussion: Phan/Tsai

c.     Motion to call to question: Kathuria/Phan

d.     Passes: 14-0-0

d)    R50-46

a.     Pull to the floor: Phan/Salazar

b.     Motion to open discussion: Phan/Edmunds

c.     Motion to call to question via acclamation: Edmunds/Phan

d.     Passes unanimously.

e)     R50-47

a.     Pull to the floor: Phan/Salazar

b.     Motion to open discussion: Hong/Guevara

c.     Motion to make friendly amendment: Spelled Rosales? Wrong.

d.     Nguyen accepts

e.     Motion to vote for acclamation: Tsai/Edmunds

f.      Passes unanimously

f)     R50-48

a.     Pull to the floor: Phan/Edmunds

b.     Motion to open discussion: Phan/Edmunds

c.     Sidney: is this supposed to pass by a unanimous vote?

d.     Khan: we have to.

e.     Sidney: is this our only way for dialogue.

f.      Phan: judicial board has finality. This committee will have one leg council board member, one member of judicial board, and one exec. of ASUCI

g.     Motion to call to call to question: Phan/Lima

h.     Passes Unanimously: 15-0-0

g)     R50-49

a.     Motion to postpone to Thursday: Phan/Guevara

h)    R50-50

a.     Motion to postpone to Thursday: Phan/Guevara

i)      R50-51

a.     Motion to postpone to Thursday: Phan/Guevara

Executive Officer Reports

-       Khan: tomorrow, we have both or student regents visiting AS. They will be in the conference room at 11 and will be at the cross cultural center doing a presentation. We are currently going through national gratitude applications? Next week, we are currently booking tabling spots for next week: questions such as “how are you feeling?” “what can we do for you?”

-       Mark: folks have spoke out to a lot of students on campus but not a lot of people know. If you want to meet with them, please let me know and ill set up a time.

-       Nikki: global eaters went really well. All clubs sold out pretty fast. CCC and International Center had a lot of students as well. WE have another event coming up. I asked for the date and they haven’t gotten back to us on it. They are working with Art Lab for this event. On the 27th, AMP has class from 5-8 and they requested to have leg council representatives to talk to students. Please let me know if you are interested.

-       Josh: athletic rally went well. Next week wed. 12-2: spirit rally of the quarter (homecoming spirit rally edition). Soulstice tickets on sale until wed. week 3. If you are interested in applying for stage crew, they are due Friday.

-       Khan: admin affairs: john has been sick so if you need anything, it’ll be forwarded to chief of staff.

Special Committee Reports


-       Motion to move into committees: Hong/Tsai.

a)     Rules

a.     Make sure your office hours are posted in the spread sheet. It will be posted on the door of our office.

b.     I would like to thank John for cleaning our office.

c.     We are going through all the binders and giving all the old papers to our committee chairs.

d.     We need people to apply for judicial board. Must be sophomore standing.

b)    Finance

a.     Public info stuff. We will make the public available on the ASUCI front desk and making it available on the website.

c)     Public Info

a.     We discussed more ideas in getting our name out there. One thing we thought of was using tables at the student center making our office hours available to the public.

d)    Advocacy

a.     We are still working on the international committee.

School Breakouts:

-       Motion to go into school breakouts: Phan/Tsai


-       Nikki: if anyone wants to be interviewed for visions or wants to come talk about leg council. Please let me know by 8am.

-       Tsai: please check with your constituents to see if they still have trouble booking rooms in the student center.


-       Motion to adjourn meeting: Edmunds/Hong.

Meeting Adjourned at: 6:12pm