ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 15, 2015

Call to order by Sanaa Khan: 5:03pm


* Negar Fatahi will be absent (Personal)
* John Salazar will be absent (Personal)
* Reza Zomorrodian will be absent (Personal)
* Cyrus Lin will be absent (Personal)
* John Beneke will be absent (Class)

Approval of Minutes: Tsai/Guevara

Approval of Agenda: Tsai/Guevara

Public Comment: None

Old Business:

  • Executive office reports.

    • Motion to postpone to after new business: Phan/Tsai

New Business:

  • R50-49: Advocacy Committee Appointments Winter 2015

    • Motion to pull to floor: Phan/Guevara

    • Acclamation: Phan/Tsai.

    • Passes unanimously.

  • R50-50: Creation of Constitutional Revision Ad-Hoc Committee

    • Motion to pull to the floor: Phan/Edmunds

    • Motion to open discussion: Phan/Edmunds

    • Phan: resolution is to formulate the drafting of the constitution. If it is passed, we need to commit advocacy committee.

    • Lima: What are your plans to publicize to UCI?  

    • Phan: we’ve already emailed all executives, chiefs of staffs, legislative council and other asuci members through eee signupsheet and asked members to forward to anyone who is interested (in the uci undergraduate body). If passed, we would have to update the special committee reports at every meeting.

    • Motion to commit to advocacy committee: Phan/Khan.

  • R50-51: Rules Committee Appointments

    • Motion to pull to the floor: Phan/Hong

    • Motion to vote via acclamation: Phan/Tsai

    • Passes unanimously.

  • R50-52: Appointment of Ex-Officio GUSH Representative

    • Motion to pull to the floor: Tsai/Hong

    • Motion to open discussion: Tsai/Guevara

    • Tsai call to question. Hong second.

    • Passes: 13-0-0

  • [Matthew Tsai] Discussion of ASUCI Office Furniture:  

    • ASUCI office was flooded with interns. We would want a couch. I’ve attached pictures uploaded on the Facebook page. The price rage is noted on there also. If we put it through order, it would take 6 weeks. Furniture has to be fireproof as well.

    • All funds would come to the reserves (savings account) but we can’t use it until we get a vote from council members.

    • Furniture/Chairs would be the cheapest ones Stephanie said.

    • I can ask for a different chair that is slightly less expensive or go through with the fireproof chairs.

    • Khan: We will wait until Tsai finalizes to come to a vote.

Executive Officer Reports:

  • Khan: This Saturday, I would be speaking at the campaign for higher education. I will be speaking about student debt. Today is the 2nd of our 5 high school outreach program. We are also working on tabling next week asking what students want to see out of ASUCI.

  • Kathuria: Application to be an AMP mentor is available online. Deadline is Feb. 6. Our hip hop event has been moved to Feb. 4th (not finalized yet). I looked into booking spaces during week 9 for our keynote speaker. I’ve also looked into booking room for other speakers for next quarter.

  • Nguyen: Homecoming Week 4. If you are interested in going to the game, you have to have the ticket loaded on your ID and you have to physically go to the Bren for that. There is an event before the game. Soulstice and Spirit Week!

  • Delshadi: We are trying to get the hip hop event in Feb. The week of Feb 2nd -9th: vendor fair.


  • Motion to break out into committees: Tsai/Delshadi.

  • Rules:

    • We’re working on SPFB and TGIF revisions. Also, make sure you all have your office hours posted on the spreadsheet. Another note, apply for Judicial Board.

  • Finance:

  • Public Info:

    • Alvin mention that Flm&Mda want to take headshots of leg council. It’ll be next Thursday.

  • Advocacy:

    • Pass R50-50

    • International committee is almost formed. We just need a staff member: a real international student.

    • We will working on outreaching to constituents and other UCI students about ASUCI Leg Council.

School Breakouts:

  • Motion to break out into school breakouts: Kathuria/Edmunds


  • Hong: Please volunteer for the Science Olympiad event on Sat. February 14th.

Adjournment of Meeting:

  • Motion to adjourn meeting: Tsai/Khan

  • 6:09pm