ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Call to order at 5:01pm by Sanaa Khan

Approval of Minutes: Hong/Carlson

Approval of Agenda: Tsai/Hong

Guest List

Mark Deppe (ASUCI)

Public Comment:

  • Mark: One of the things the advisement thinks is a challenge with is squishing the training process of incoming campus leaders. We are going to try to bring current campus leaders to council to share with you what they do and their important roles.

    • If there are folks around campus or topics you are interested in, let me know.

    • Share this information with your colleagues as well.

    • This will be part of the training process.

Old Business:

  • R50-50: Creation of Constitutional Revision Ad-Hoc Committee

    • Motion to pull to floor: Tsai/Hong.

    • Motion to open discussion: Phan/Tsai.

    • Tsai: this legislation was read last meeting. It was tabled to advocacy committee. Advocacy committee passed.

    • Motion to call to question: Tsai/Carlson

    • PASSES. 12-0-0

    • Khan: We will have a new committee: Constitutional Revision Ad-Hoc Committee.  

New Business:

  • R50-53: Creation of ASUCI Refurbishment Ad-Hoc Committee

    • Motion to pull to the floor: Phan/Tsai

    • Motion to open discussion: Tsai/Salazar

    • Tsai: I did find a lot more affordable chairs on Amazon, Walmart, and target has fire resistant chairs. Also, I talked to Mark about different options as well.

    • Mark: The staff here wants ASUCI to be the best out there. I personally believe it’s best to have a good workplace. We talked about having the main conference room a smart room. It would be good to have a mural or some sign or sticker to label the open space. I would like to see what we want to have it look like. Anything you guys want, I’ll be happy to listen and will be eager to help you.

    • Fatahi: how will the committees be made?

    • Tsai: I was going to have a straw poll.

    • Tsai: If you can’t make it the meeting times, don’t be alarmed because the bill has to pass.

    • Motion to commit to advocacy committee until next meeting: Phan/Tsai

Executive Officer Reports:

  • Josh: Spirit day is tomorrow. Homecoming is next week: get tickets starting Monday.

  • Nikki: this past weekend, we had the social event and went well. The AMP application is available. The visions class is now going on: we are looking for people who are involved in ASUCI, CCC, and Greek Life. We have a lot of events that are happening towards the end of the quarter.

  • John: Discussion about the ASUCI fee. Discussing our students to pay more so that we’ll have more events next year and the following year. Flyer is sent through Facebook about all of our upcoming events.

  • Sanaa: Retreat coming up this weekend. We are not having new events until week 5. There is a special event this Wednesday at 7.

Special Committee Reports: NONE

  • Members of the international committee is absent.


  • Motion to break out: Hong/Carlson

  • Rules: SPFB governing guidelines. Still have applications for J board members.

  • Finance: we’re working on the public info campaign to present graphs and tables.

  • Public Info: On Thursday, Flm&Mda is coming to take our picture. Wear your sweatshirts. For people who don’t have sweatshirts, they should be coming in this week. With regards to office hours, I will try to get office hours posted on Mesa Court and Middle and such.

  • Advocacy: International committee was officially informed. We will be meeting after council. Hopefully we’ll set up a structure and when we will meet. We approved R50-53.

School Breakouts

  • Motion to break out for 2 minutes: Edmunds

  • Straw vote. Motion carries.

  • Motion to extend for 8 minutes: Arkules

  • Straw vote. Motion carries.


Next Meeting

Adjournment of Meeting:

  • Tsai/Phan: 5:54pm