ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Call to order: 5:03pm

Approval of minutes: Hong/Edmunds

Approval of agenda: Phan/Hong


Admin VP John Delshadi will be absent (Personal)

Services VP Josh Nguyen will be absent (Class)

John Beneke (Arts) will be absent (Class)

Public comment:

Old business:

  • R50-53: Creation of ASUCI Refurbishment Ad-Hoc Committee

    • Motion to pull to the floor: Phan/Tsai

    • Rico: We will accept revisions. We will add Tin Hong and Negar Fatahi as council members.

    • Tsai: Meeting is set for tomorrow 3pm. Some exec will be there and also Chief of staff. We will also have a discussion scheduled for next Tuesday.

    • Motion to call to question: Phan/Tsai

    • PASSES: 14-0-0

New business:

  • Food Pantry Presentation by Alexander Fung (SOAR and EVP)

  • Legislative Council Photoshoot by Zach Ferguson (OP)

Executive officer reports

  • Khan: Working on the food pantry.

  • Admin Affairs: publicizing Run UCI on Jan. 28. 12-2.

  • AMP applications now out.

  • Academic Affairs: events from week 6 and onwards.

    • ICS game night.

    • Social Ecology week: Week 7.

  • Reza: I have a meeting planned with Dan next week regarding the new RA’s. We will talking about the DUE outreach. Focus right now is 60 by 16. Issuing on settling the date. WE have another Presidents conference call by the end of this month.

  • Josh: spirit day was a great success. Homecoming week next week. Soulstice tickets on sale. If you want floor seats, you have to buy on the Bren website.

  • Khan: the color laser is broken in the AS printer.

  • International student committee:

    • Parshaan: this Tuesday night, we had a very preliminary meeting. We have a whole idea of what we’re going to do. I will have more updates next week. Right now, we’re just in the process of finalizing the members.

  • Constitutional revision committee

    • Phan: we have our meetings Monday at 6. We invited all AS members and UCI public to come. Hopefully we’ll get it passed.

  • Reza: two committees: finance committees. The student co-chair is Melissa who is the internal vice president. Those committees will be discussed in the referendum. I don’t know how long it’ll take though. For some of you who are going to continue, keep in contact. Spaces can be administrative spaces now. This Friday: chief of staff organized a meet-up for AS referendum. If interested, contact us. Friday at 11.


  • Motion to break out into committees: Carlson/Barnoy

  • Rules

    • Dealing with the Constitution Revision and Judical Oversight

  • Finance

    • We’re still working on publicizing the budget and cleaning our manner. We talked to public info about graphics.

  • Public info

    • Discussed business cards. We want to do a straw poll in who wants business card.

    • It costs a bit more than what we anticipated.

    • It’ll work similar to sticky notes in which we write our own information.

    • We can’t afford the one with the seal.

    • Another option is using a piece a paper with our signatures and information.

    • We are discussing if we still want the business cards or not.

    • Final decision: no business cards.

    • Sweatshirts will be coming in tomorrow. I will write a bill regarding the rest of the cost.

  • Advocacy

    • We are looking for 2 at large members for the committee.

    • If you know any international students, please let us know.

School Breakout

  • Motion to break out: Lima/Salazar.


  • Phan: legislative intern program on the way. We don’t have a lot of resolutions coming in so please write some.

  • Kathuria: if you want to do an event, please let me know. We can help.

  • Tsai: Run UCI, Soulstice tickets.

Next meeting


  • Motion to adjourn: Tsai/Salazar

  • 6:22pm