ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 29, 2015


Meeting called to order: 5:09PM

Approval to the minutes: Tsai/Phan

Motion to amend agenda to include furniture discussion—Tsai/Phan

Motion to approve agenda - Hong/Tsai


Councilmember Bill Thomsen (At-Large) will be absent (Personal)

Councilmember Jordan Edmunds (Bio Sci) will be absent (Personal)

Councilmember Jeremy Arkules (Business) will be arriving late (5-10 minutes)

Councilmember Jennifer Lima (Social Science) will be absent (Personal)

Academic VP Kathuria will be absent (Class)

Admin VP Delshadi, At-Large Rep Salazar, Business Rep Arkules arrived at 5:15PM

Guest List:

Sina (OP - Truth & Transparency)


Public Comment:

Truth and transparency would like to film one of the legislations getting approved, to show student body how Council works. Commission will work with Press and Communications to set everything up.—Truth and Transparency intern

New Business:

Intern Program Updates—open discussion (Phan/Fatahi)

Rules will be working today to finish application up by the weekend. Plan to think of ways to keep interns engaged in the program, as well as the feasibility of the program. Also considering the idea of offering fellowships for interns—Phan

What do you mean by fellowship? –Deleon

How long is the commitment? –Nguyen

[discussion closed]

Council Member Duties

Printed copies of council bylaws. Details responsibility to outreach to clubs on campus individually or to do so as a group (2-3 per outreach committee). Should we launch committees for this?-Phan

My club outeach commission has already gone out to clubs starting this week. Maybe organize it to make sure we don’t have the same clubs—Nguyen

My office’s films team can also help if you need it –Zomorrodian

Does this mean that each committee will only have 8 total? –Delshadi

8 total —Phan

What’s the exact purpose of doing this?—Delshadi

It’s in our outlined duties in the constitution—Khan

Purpose is to increase visibility of Council and let clubs know who we are, that we’re there for them—Phan

I think it should be left up to people to decide going individual or as a group—Fatahi

[Straw poll to assess proposal]—vote in favor of proposal

Can we include a formal letter that needs to be signed, to check if members are meeting?—Delshadi

Sounds good –Khan

[discussion closed]

Refurnishment discussion (5min)

Can everyone vote on the four options on the website for the chairs we’re getting for the AS office space? One is a massage chair--Tsai

Not okay with implications of using student fees to purchase a massage chair—Khan


[straw poll—tied to options C and D]

[2nd straw poll between C and D—D wins]

Exec Officer Reports

OP: met with dan dooros yesterday regarding RA policy—looking to transition way to compensate them next year (possibly hrly working basis). My concern is that it puts RA’s in a position where every hour they work goes to food or housing, meaning they would have to work in the office 20hrs/wk or so to pay their fees but cannot take on a second job.

SPFB is doing well, with Commissioner A.J. Organizations are happy with his work, and he’s good on getting funding out there with documentation.

Continuing conversation with UCOP for tuition.

Also, apps for student regent are out. Last one from UCI was Cynthia Flores. I encourage you all to apply.

AS life referenda possibly to come out soon.

SS:  Get homecoming tickets, festival is at the park. Free screening of Big Hero 6, and Soulstice tickets are still on sale.

Admin: TGIF in process of writing grants to orgs on campus. If any clubs have green projects, have them apply. The other thing is Feb 8 is the social for Adults with Autism and their caregivers, in Emerald Bay A to E. with Anteaters in Action.

ED is meeting. more updates to come

Evp: Tuesday is “what is consent” workshop” and Wed a Right to Know workshop called “ lean on me”. Thursday workshop with EVP presenting “yes means yes” about positive consent.  

Acad: ICS game night and ArtLAB collaboration events coming up. Also, Ellen cards are out so please sign them—will send to her to ask for her to come.

Special Committee Reports

International Committee: met yesterday, voted on several representatives and will vote on a chair next week once everyone knows their responsibility. Will start hosting events hopefully Week 8 --Guevara

Constitutional Revision Committee: meeting Monday nights. Need to create a marketing plan. Problem with the committee is that no one new came, when there’s many disagreements within AS and with UCI public. Will need to publicize via New University--Phan

Refurbishment Committee: met and finished. No more committee meets

Motion to break to committees

Committee Reports

Rules - TGIF being revised, apply to J-Board, come to Constitutional Revision Committee, working on revising SPFB & By-Laws

Public Info - sweatshirts are locked in AS Office, will bring next Tuesday, bring $

Advocacy - working on legislation regarding UC Doctor’s strike

Finance - will be assigning members to each office to further inspect everyone’s finances

School Breakouts

Adjournment of Meeting - 6:40PM