ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 05, 2015


Call to Order: 5:03pm by Khan


  • Ariel Barnoy absent (Personal)

  • John Beneke absent (Personal)

  • Tin Hong absent (Personal)

Approval of Minutes: Phan.

  • Seconds: Fatahi

Approval of Agenda: Thomson.

  • Seconds: Carlson

Public Comment:

  • Myron Lozano (Judicial Board Vice-Chair): I am leaving the judicial board as of Saturday. I’ve emailed the supervisor and the chair with the proper procedure of what needs to happen now. Until one more person is elected to the Judicial Board, all legislations will be blocked.

Old Business

New Business:

  • [John Salazar] Presentation on Jennifer Laude

  • R50-54: Addition of a MENA Ethnic Classification on the US Census

    • Motion to move to next meeting because author is absent: Phan

    • Second: Edmunds

Executive Officer Reports:

  • Sanaa Khan: There is an event at 7 tonight. Please come out.

Special Committee Reports

  • International Student Committee

    • Rico: I was not at the meeting so I do not know any news about the committee.

  • Constitutional Revision Committee

    • Edmunds: we have been receiving a little bit of feedback from emails. Revisions will be taken account in the next meeting. Please email us anything that needs to be changed or revised. Thank you all for helping.


  • Motion to break out into committees: Phan.

    • Seconds: Carlson

  • Rules: I’ve already scheduled an interview for the applicant for Judicial Board. There are still three open seats for judicial board. Any open official is welcome to recommend people for judicial board. We really need to have people in judicial board so please apply.

  • Finance: none

  • Public Info: Bill brought up the idea when elections open up week 8, we can have an open discussion. We should also have a description of the positions.

  • Advocacy: we’re just waiting for the bill we submitted for the housing incentives.

Motion to move into Jennifer Laude presentation for 10 minutes: John Salazar

  • Second: Edmunds

School Breakouts:

  • Motion to break out into school breakouts for 5 minutes: Lima

    • Seconds: Salazar


  • Carlson: by the end of tonight, we should have office hours listed in Mesa Court and Middle Earth. We will try to get it on campus village and arroyo vista later this week.

Next Meeting:

Adjournment of Meeting:

  • Motion: Carlson

  • Second: Salazar

  • 5:52pm