ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 12, 2015


Call to order: 5:01pm by Sanaa Khan


John Beneke, Arts Rep, will be absent (Class)

Jordan Edmunds, Bio Rep, was absent

President Reza Zomorrodian, AdminVP John Delshadi, AcademicVPNikki Kathuria were absent (Personal)

SSVP Josh Nguyen was absent (Soulstice)

Approval of minutes: Tsai/Barnoy

Approval of agenda: Phan/Barnoy

Public comment

Old business

New business

Executive officer reports

  • Khan: we are continuing the event series through next week and the week after.

  • John and Nikki are putting a hip hop art lab next week.

  • ICS game night last night went really well. 100 students came out last night.

    • Showcased video games students made.

    • Next week is social ecology event.

  • Social media is a necessary evil.

  • Feb 24th hip hop culture with art lab.

  • Visions apps are still open.  

Special committee reports

  • International student committee

  • Constitutional revision committee

    • We are working on the final draft. We will send it to the council next week and have it sent it to the public.


  • Motion to break out for 20 minutes: Carlson/Phan

    • Exceed by 5 minutes: Hong/Deleon

  • Rules:

    • We reviewed a judicial board applicant and possibly an interview.

    • We are still working on SPFB revisions.

    • If you need a copy of the constitution, let me know.

  • Finance

    • We’re about to approve the bills but waiting on a couple things

    • B50-09: Advocacy Survey Incentives

      • passes committee 3-0-0

    • B50-10: Allocation of Funds for Social Ecology Week.

      • tabled to next meeting

  • Public info

    • We are planning the open house.

    • Who will be here at 4 week 8 on Tuesday?

  • Advocacy

    • We should be sending out the survey. We will probably be having the event Week 1 next quarter.

    • Academic, social issues, and campus climates and involvements for international committee.

School Breakouts

  • Motion to break out into school breakouts for 5 minutes: Salazar

    • Seconds: Phan


  • Fatahi: as all of you now know, social ecology week is next week.

    • It is geared to social ecology students but everyone is welcome.

  • Phan: Intern applications are not out. It is due next Friday.

  • Soulstice tonight! $15 at the door.

Next meeting: February 17th, 2015


  • Motion to Adjourn: Carlson

    • Seconds: Phan

  • 5:39pm