ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 10, 2015


  • Called to Order by Fung at 5:07
  • Attendance
    • Councilmember Vergara arrives late at 5:36, VP Leng arrives late at 5:44, Councilmember Carlson arrives late at 6:09, Councilmember Olvera arrives late at 6:22
    • VP Fung leaves early at 5:40, Councilmember Barnoy leaves early at 5:46, Councilmember Heyward leaves early at 6:26
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Phan: Motion to add R51-29 Resolution for the Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day to New Business Second: Khosravi
      • Vote by acclimation to add R51-29 to the agenda Passes 9-0-0 Yea: Heyward, Barnoy, Phan, Arkules, Baranwal, Hong, Fatahi, Raza, Tunggal
    • Approved
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Khosravi / Second: Hong
  • Guest List
    • Taylor Chanes
    • Vice-Chancellor Dan Dooros
  • Public Comment
    • Taylor Chanes (Million Student March): Please show your support online for the Million Student March and show up.
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: We have had a number of different programs that are coming up including art lab and mental health forum. The Republican and Democraticc primary debates are going on now and showings of them are being hosted by the College Republicans and College Democrats respectively. The issue of bikers and biker safety has been brought up to me and we are looking into that. Additionally, we are looking into dancing spaces. Finally a huge portion of my time has been put into the Strategic Plan which has an imminent deadline.
    • Admin Affairs: AIA and I have the honor of attending the Donate Life Campaign which has the purpose of urging people to register to become an organ donor. Additionally there is a Donate Life walk that many thousands will be attending. We are still planning the California Food Summit. Bren Board legislation will appear soon.
  • Special Committee Reports
    • Parking Committee: We are working on boothing Week 7 and we have our meeting today from 7 to 8pm.
    • Refurbishment Committee: We spoke with Stephanie and Aaron and the refurbishment is taking traction so progress will begin to show soon.
    • MyUCI Committee: We are currently looking for students to lead this committee
    • Constitutional Revision Committee: I will send out a copy of the revised constitution and we will finish revisions by Election time.
  • Old Business
    • No old business
  • New Business
    • R51-29 Resolution for the Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day 5:17

Fung passes chair to Phan

      • Fung: On behalf of Executive Cabinet, Administration Affairs strongly supports this.

Phan passes chair to Fung

      • Vote on R51-29 Passes 3-0-6 Yea: Hong, Fatahi, Raza Abstain: Heyward, Barnoy, Phan, Arkules, Baranwal, Tunggal

·         Raza: Motion to reopen discussion on R51-29 Second: Hong

o   Khosravi: Abstention is the worst form of participation and it reflects poorly on us and reflects poorly on our student government.

o   Barnoy: I know for one I was uncomfortable with voting on this because of the way it was shoehorned in and it seemed forced and rushed.

    • Khosravi: Motion to table R51-29 Second: Baranwal
      • Vote by acclimation passes 8-0-1 Yea: Hong, Fatahi, Raza, Heyward, Barnoy, Arkules, Baranwal, Tunggal Abstain: Phan

o    Academic Vice-President Budget Report 5:55

  • Council Intern Program Report
    • We are currently looking at doing recruitment for more interns. And I am looking into having the interns run some projects.
  • Fung: If there are no objections we will go into committee breakouts for 10 minutes 5:39

Fung Passes Chair to Phan 5:39

    • Phan: Motion to extend discussion by 3 minutes Second: Hong
      • Vote by acclimation Passes 8-0-0 Yea: Heyward, Vergara, Arkules, Baranwal, Hong, Fatahi, Raza, Tunggal
  • Committees
    • Rules
      • No new updates.
    • Public Info
      • We will start publicizing the flier for Strategic Plan town hall.
    • Finance
      • No new updates.
    • Advocacy
      • No new updates.
  • Fatahi: Motion to go into school breakouts for 10 minutes Second: Hong 6:30
    • Vote by acclimation Passes 10-0-0 Yea: Olvera, Carlson, Vergara, Arkules, Baranwal, Hong, Fatahi, Raza, Tunggal, Phan
  • School Breakouts
    • Social Science: I me with the Dean and he seemed very responsive. We talked about the strategic plan and specifically about the student to faculty ratio.
  • Khosravi: Motion to add Legislative Writing Time for 10 minutes to Final Business Second: Hong 6:21
    • Vote by acclimation Passes 10-0-0 Yea: Olvera, Carlson, Vergara, Arkules, Baranwal, Hong, Fatahi, Raza, Tunggal, Phan
  • Announcements
    • Fatahi: The School of Social Ecology will be adding a new Minor in Poverty.
    • Hong: The school has been running a Canvas Pilot and there will be a broader Pilot later this year.
    • Khosravi: Advocate General Rosales and I met with the Provost and we decided to focus on the strategic plan expansion into an Honors College. We want to talk more about and find a solution to online education. Lastly, we are going to have a discussion on a semester system verses a quarter system.
  • Arkules: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:35
    • Second: Carlson