ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, December 01, 2015


  • Called to Order by Fung at 5:05
  • Attendance
    • Councilmember Carlson arrives late at 6:04, Councilmember Olvera arrives late from an excused absence at 6:14, Vice-president Jermakian arrives late from an excused absence at 6:25
    • Vice-president Fung leaves early at 6:25, Councilmember Tunggal leaves early at 6:35
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Approved
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Phan: I move to amend the agenda adding  R51-35 to item a of New Business Second: Vergara
    • Fung: if no objection this motion passes
    • Motion: Phan/ Second: Baranwal
  • Guest List
    • Dan Dooros
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: There was an Art Lab; it was pretty successful especially considering there was a last minute room change. Academic Planning Group is now looking into metrics of the Strategic Plan.
    • Administration Affairs: We will be focusing half of the office on Food Securities The week 3 Food Summit stud center planning is underway and we are looking for volunteers. If you are interested go to Vendor Fair will hold a night market in February.
    • Academic Affairs: We have finished application for the visions leadership course.
    • Student Services: No report
  • Special Committee Reports
    • International Committee Reports: We are finalizing our proposal for UROP, and we are really happy with it. Once we are done a copy will be provided to council.
    • Parking Committee: We just submitted out research proposal so we are waiting for approval.
    • First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: We had our first meeting last week and it went very well. We have another meeting after council today.
    • Students with Disabilities Committee: No report
    • Transfer Student Committee: No report
    • Refurbishment Committee: Everything is progressing well.
    • MyUCI Committee: We are looking for council input on the fee before we begin writing legislation. I have provided council with the ASUCI fee in comparison to the other UCs.

·         Fung: I will entertain a motion to go into recess for 5 minutes to look over this information.

o   Phan: I move to go into recess for 5 minutes. Second: Hong 5:15

      • Khosravi: I move for a straw poll to see support for the MyUCI fee Second: Vergara

·         Fung: I now recognize the student head of Anteater TV 5:23

o   Earlier this quarter I was approached by President Khosravi to help with Legislative Council transparency. I was unaware that some of you did not know about this. It takes a lot of work to do this task, including setting up the camera, monitoring the camera, taking the film to edit and upload the video. I am willing to have a member of ATV here at every meeting to monitor and take care of the camera.

    • Constitutional Revision Committee: I will be sending out a packet to everyone showing what the changes are for you all to look over. One of the other contentions issues is the presidential veto power. If there are any questions please direct them to Rules Committee.
  • Old Business
    • No Old Business
  • New Business
    • R51-35 Appointment of Associate Justice to Judicial Board 5:30
      • Phan: I move to adopt R51-35 Second: Hong 5:30
      • Phan: I move to amend R51-35 changing all instances of Annette to Annette Lee Second: Hong
      • Phan: I move to amend R51-35 fixing the language Second: Vergara
      • Vote on R51-35 Passes 8-0-1 Yea: Heyward, Chavarin, Phan, Khandadash, Baranwal, Hong, Vergara, Tunggal Abstain: Raza
    • Speaker Pro-Tempore Election 5:34
      • Baranwal: I nominate Alvin Phan
        • Phan: I accept
      • Raza: I nominate Frank Heyward
        • Heyward: I accept
      • Phan: I nominate Tin Hong
        • Hong: I accept
      • Vote for Speaker Pro-Tempore 5:51
        • Alvin Phan Wins by majority vote.
    • Executive Officer Budget Reports 5:52
      • Office of Administration Affairs 5:53
      • Office of the Executive Vice-president 6:51
    • Anteater TV Discussion 5:59
      • Hong: I move to take a straw poll on whether the Anteater TV camera. Second: Vergara
  • Committee Breakouts 6:05
    • Hong: Motion to go into Committee Breakouts for 10 minutes Second: Vergara
    • Fung: If there are no objections we are in Committee Breakouts for 10 minutes.
    • Baranwal: I move to extend time by 5 minutes Second: Carlson 6:15
  • Committees
    • Rules
      • We are interested in implementing an absence penalty.
    • Finance
      • No report.
    • Public Information
      • We are making progress on shirts and sweaters and we are also looking into nametags.
    • Advocacy
      • We talked to President Khosravi about the MyUCI fee and we believe that this being on the ballot would increase voter turnout
  • Council Intern Program Report

·         Phan: I move to add a 25 minute discussion on Legislative Council attendance immediately Second: Olvera

·         Fung: I pass my chair to EVP Jermakian 6:25

  • Immediate Business
    • Discussion of Legislative Council Attendance 6:25
      • Phan: I move to hold a straw poll on this issue Second: Vergara
  • Phan: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:59
    • Second: Heyward