ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 04, 2016


·         Called to Order by Phan at 5:08

·         Attendance

o    President Khosravi arrives late at 5:11, Councilmember Tompkins arrives late at 5:12, Councilmember Miller arrives late at 5:12

o    Councilmember Ono leaves early at 6:27, Councilmember Fan leaves early at 6:27, Councilmember Tompkins leaves early at 6:27, Councilmember Baranwal leaves early at 6:27

·         Approval of Minutes

o    Motion: Hong/ Second: Mayer

§  Phan: If there are no objections the minutes are approved.

·         Approval of Agenda

o    Baranwal: I move to postpone R51-52 until Tuesday Second: Vergara

§  Phan: If there are no objections the amendment was approved.

o    Motion: Vergara/ Second: Ono

·         Guest List

·         Public Comment

o    Jeff Weiss: CEO of My Open Road transportation app.

·         Executive Officer Reports

o    President: As of yesterday we were informed that courtyard study lounge will be annexed and turned into counselor’s space. We have 5 new counselors coming in in the next few months and nowhere to put them. We are concerned about how they did this and why they did not include students in the discussion.

·         Special Committee Reports

o    International Committee: No report.

o    Parking Committee: We have started circulating surveys on parking.

o    First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.

o    Transfer Student Committee: We have solidified a deadline for when we would like to circulate a survey.

o    MyUCI Committee: We are working on campaigning.

o    Constitutional Revision Committee: We meet Tuesdays 7-9pm.

·         Old Business

    • No old business

·         New Business

    • BSU Demands Team Presentation 5:17
      • Olvera: I move to go into a recess for 3 minutes Second: Baranwal 5:19
      • The Black Student Union created a petition requesting to abolish the UCI Police Department it can be found here:
    • Khosravi: I move to go into a 5 minute recess Second: Baranwal 5:49
      • Phan: If there are no objections we will go into a recess for 5 minutes.
    • Discussion on UCI Student Center – CSL 5:54
      • The University has annexed the Student Center Courtyard Study Lounge to make room for 5 new counselors who have already been hired and have no offices.
        • Khandadash: I move to extend time by 25 minutes Second: Carlson 6:16
    • R51-52: Resolution to Protect Academic Freedom and Integrity
      • Postponed

·         Loss of quorum at 6:33, meeting adjourned.