ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, February 09, 2016

 ·         Called to Order by Fung at 5:12

·         Attendance

o    Councilmember Vuligonda arrives late at 5:20, Vice-President Leng arrives late at 5:20, Councilmember Baranwal arrives late at 5:30, President Khosravi arrives late at 5:30, Councilmember Reynolds arrives late at 5:32

o    Advocate General Rosales leaves early at 6:00, Councilmember Vuligonda leaves early at 6:25, Vice-President Fung leaves early at 6:25

·         Approval of Minutes

o    Fung: If there are no objections the minutes are approved.

·         Approval of Agenda

o    Motion: Carlson/ Second: Hong

·         Guest List

o    Catherine Lui: Professor of Film & Media Studies, UCI School of Humanities

·         Public Comment


·         Executive Officer Reports

o    President:

o    Student Services: We had the rally against USC last week. Now we are just publicizing Soulstice.

o    Admin: We are working on the ASUCI Open House, there will be free food and drinks so please come to show support. Also we appreciate you all keeping your offices clean. Night Market is Week 8. We are taking a small delegation to the Food Security summit at UCSC. AllASUCI meetings are on Wednesday for the next two weeks. Sky High social hosted by RAR will be coming Week 9.

o    EVP: Please apply for the student power summit in Washington DC finals week.

·         Special Committee Reports

o    International Committee: No report.

o    Parking Committee: No report.

o    First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.

o    Transfer Student Committee: No report.

o    MyUCI Committee: No report.

o    Constitutional Revision Committee: We are meeting tonight at 9pm to vote on some issues.

·         Old Business

    • No old business

·         New Business

    • Discussion regarding DCF and the UCI School of Humanities, with guest Catherine Liu 5:18
      • Olvera: I move to extend discussion by 5 minutes Second: Vergara 5:43
      • Reading Time for two Letters from members of the UCI Community
    • R51-52: Resolution to Protect Academic Freedom and Integrity 5:46
      • Hong: I move to pull R51-52 to the floor Second: Carlson
      • Fung: If there are no objections we will go into open discussion for 10 minutes. 5:50
      • Hong: I move to go into recess for 5 minutes second: Baranwal 5:52
      • Vote on R51-52 Passes 15-0-0 Yea: Heyward, Carlson, Phan, Fan, Ono, Aldoghmi, Novshadyan, Kekejian, Baranwal, Hong, Olvera, Vergara, Vuligonda, Cheng, Reynolds
    • Interview of Social Ecology Representative 5:59
      • The interview will be a closed discussion.

·         Council Intern Program Report 6:23

    • The application for interns our out for the next week.

·         Baranwal: I move to go into Committee Breakouts for 5 minutes Second: Cheng 6:25

·         Committees 6:39

o    Rules

      • Our intern and council apps are out.

o    Finance

      • We discussed the club leadership assembly. We are planning to bring executive budgets up to the exec officers

o    Public Information

      • We have decided to do quarter zips for council apparel.

o    Advocacy

      • We are looking into creating a fund for low income students specifically to provide funding for official transcripts

·         School Breakouts

    • Carlson: I move to go into school breakouts for 5 minutes Second: Hong 6:43

·         Next Meeting: February 11, 2016

·         Carlson: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:49

o    Second: Heyward