ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 18, 2016

 ·         Called to Order by Fung at 5:09

·         Attendance

o    Councilmember Raza arrives late at 5:14, Councilmember Olvera arrives late at 5:21,

·         Approval of Minutes

o    Fung: If there are no objections the minutes are approved

·         Approval of Agenda

o    Hong: I move to put item a of New Business after Executive Officer Reports Second: Vergara

o    Motion: Baranwal/ Second: Hong

·         Executive Officer Reports 5:11

o    President: We are finalizing the last metrics of the strategic plan.

o    Admin Affairs: We are going to UCSC for food security training. Night market next Thursday 5-7pm on the Student Center Terrace. There is a Food Security Town Hall going on right now. We are hosting an AllASUCI meeting next Wednesday. On Week 9 there will be an AllASUCI Skyhigh social with tickets subsidized by our office.

·         Special Committee Reports 5:36

o    International Committee: No report.

o    Parking Committee: No report.

o    First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.

o    Transfer Student Committee: No report.

o    MyUCI Committee: We are presenting at the AllASUCI meeting next week.

·         Old Business

    • No old business

·         New Business

    • Office of Information Technology: Presentation on EEE-Canvas 5:14
    • Council Roundtable 5:37
      • Report from Council Speaker
        • Judicial Board met and struck down the appointment of Michael Bender.
      • Dean Meeting Updates
      • Call for Support

·         Next Meeting: February 23, 2016

·         Khosravi: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 5:49

o    Second: Carlson