ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, February 23, 2016

 ·         Called to Order by Fung at 5:14

·         Attendance

o    Councilmember Phan arrives late at 5:19, Councilmember Heyward arrives late at 5:21, President Khosravi arrives late at 5:49, Councilmember Chavarin arrives late at 6:24

o    Vice-president Dizon leaves early at 5:54, Vice-president Leng leaves early at 5:57

·         Approval of Minutes

o    Fung: If there are no objections the minutes are approved

·         Approval of Agenda

o    Motion: Reynolds/ Second: Chung

·         Guest List

o    Shea(CALPIRG)

o    Student Services Concerts Commission

·         Public Comment

o    Shea (CALPIRG): We are back on campus after an absence of a couple of years and working on several projects. More information at

o    Jane (Concerts Commission): We are here to ask for more funds for our budget. We currently have currently $28,000 in or budget and have sent out offers totaling $48,000 to afford the artists. We expect to get 2,100 students to generate $22,000 or more.

·         Executive Officer Reports

o    Student Services: We sold out Soulstice.

o    Administration Affairs: Night Market is Thursday. AllASUCI meeting next week. AllASUCI SkyHigh social is coming up Week 9.

o    EVP: The applications for the Student Lobby Conference are out currently, apply if you are interested.

·         Special Committee Reports

o    International Committee: No report.

o    Parking Committee: We have a survey out now please share it.

o    First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.

o    Transfer Student Committee: No report.

o    MyUCI Committee: I have the MyUCI language available now which I am going to pass out now.

o    Constitutional Revision Committee: The final draft is going to be finished tonight.

·         Old Business

    • No old business.

·         New Business

    • R51-57: Appointment of Elections Deputy Commissioners 5:32
      • Baranwal: I move to amend the legislation fixing the language Second: Khosravi
        • Vote by acclimation on amending R51-57 Passes 14-0-0 Yea: Heyward, Carlson, Phan, Mayer, Ono, Khandadash, Baranwal, Hong, Vergara, Cheng, Bender, Raza, Reynolds, Miller
      • Vote on R51-57 Passes 11-0-3 Yea: Phan, Mayer, Ono, Khandadash, Baranwal, Hong, Vergara, Cheng, Bender, Raza, Reynolds,
      • Abstain: Heyward, Carlson, Miller
    • Speaker Elections 5:35
      • Tin Hong elected as Council Speaker.
    • Food Pantry Presentation 6:07
      • Fung: I pass my chair to Phan. 6:07
      • Food Insecurity: Inability to get access to proper food quality or food quantity due to financial limitations.
      • Phan: I pass my chair to Fung. 6:20
    • Mid-Year Reallocations 6:27
      • Fung: I pass my chair to Jermakian 6:48

·         Council Intern Program Report

    • No report.

·         Khosravi: I move to go into an open discussion on fee referendums Second: Phan 6:50

·         Jermakian: I pass my chair to 6:51

·         Next Meeting: February 25, 2016

·         Hong: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:56

o    Second: Carlson