ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, March 01, 2016

 ·         Called to Order by Fung at 5:06

·         Attendance

o    Councilmember Reynolds arrives late at 5:35, Councilmember Tompkins arrives late at 5:54

·         Approval of Minutes

o    Fung: If there are no objections the minutes are approved

·         Approval of Agenda

o    Motion: Hong/ Second: Baranwal

·         Guest List

o    Dan Dooros

·         Public Comment

o    Dan Dooros (Associate VC of Student Affairs): I want to talk about the fee referendums that have been presented to you. We are thinking of students in the future. The student center referendum will be a continuation of fees with no increase. We are asking the student for money because there are no other funding sources; the state only funds educational buildings.

·         Executive Officer Reports 5:24

o    President: Each executive cabinet office has reviewed the constitution and will send their concerns to the committee.

o    Student Services: We have an opportunity for students to go to the Brothers Grimsby so make sure to sign up for that.

o    Admin Affairs: We will be hosting the AllASucI SkyHigh Social this week on Friday.

·         Special Committee Reports

o    International Committee: No report. 

o    Parking Committee: No report.

o    First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.

o    Transfer Student Committee: No report.

·         Old Business

    • No old business.

·         New Business

    • R51-61: MyUCI Fee Initiative (Requires 2/3 vote) 5:30
      • Fung: We are now in discussion on R51-61 for 5 minutes
      • Vote on R51-61 Passes 15-1-0 Yea: Heyward, Carlson, Chavarin, Phan, Mayer, Chavez, Khandadash, Aldoghmi, Novshadyan, Baranwal, Hong, Vergara, Cheng, Bender, Reynolds Nay: Olvera
    • R61-63: Student Center Fee Initiative (Requires 2/3 vote) 5:39
      • Fung: We are now in discussion on R51-63 for 10 minutes
      • Vote on R51-63 Fails 9-1-6 Yea: Heyward, Carlson, Chavarin, Novshadyan, Hong, Olvera, Cheng, Bender, Reynolds Nay: Phan Abstain: Chavez, Mayer, Khandadash, Aldoghmi, Baranwal, Vergara
    • Discussion on Modern Language GE Requirement 5:51

·         Council Intern Program Report 6:13

    • We are conducting our interviews this week. I will share the days and times so you all know when the interviews are taking place.

·         Hong: I move to go into committee breakouts for 20 minutes Second: Carlson 6:13

·         Fung: I pass my chair to Baranwal 6:14

·         Committees 6:33

o    Rules

      • I have relinquished my chair ship, Hannah Tompkins is now Rules chair.

o    Finance

      • We are talking about midyear allocations.

o    Public Information

      • No report.

o    Advocacy

      • We discussed free HIV testing.

·         Immediate Business

o    Phan I move to reconsider R51-63 Second: Heyward 6:41

§  Vote on R51-63 Passes 15-0-0 Yea: Heyward, Carlson, Chavarin, Chavez, Khandadash, Aldoghmi, Novshadyan, Baranwal, Hong, Vergara, Cheng, Bender, Reynolds, Olvera, Tompkins No Vote: Phan

o    B51-06: Support of Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Council’s Career Day 6:51

§  Vote on B51-06 Passes 11-0-4 Yea: Heyward, Carlson, Chavez, Novshadyan, Baranwal, Hong, Olvera, Vergara, Cheng, Bender, Tompkins Abstain: Chavarin, Khandadash, Aldoghmi, Reynolds No Vote: Phan

o    B51-07: Reimbursement for Club Leadership assembly Expenditures 6:52

§  Vote on B51-06 Passes 15-0-1 Yea: Khandadash, Aldoghmi, Reynolds, Chavez, Novshadyan, Baranwal, Hong, Olvera, Vergara, Cheng, Bender, Heyward, Carlson, Chavarin, Tompkins Abstain: Mayer No Vote: Phan

·         Next Meeting: March 3, 16

·         Olvera: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:56

o    Second: Carlson