ASUCI Senate Minutes
Sunday, March 31, 2013

ASUCI Legislative Council Minutes3/31/2016•Called to Order by Kristine Jermakian at 5:10PM•Attendance•Not present: Novshadyan, Miller•Excused: Vuligonda, Heyward, Raza, Aldoghmi, Kejekian•Approval of Minutes•Motion: / Second:•Approval of Agenda•Motion: / Second: Sid Baranwal, Parshan Khosravi•Public Comment•No Public Comment•Executive Officer Reports•President:•Special Committee Reports•International Committee: none•Parking Committee: none•First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: none•Transfer Student Committee: none•Old Business•B51-09 Mid Year Allocation – Passes 14-0-0•New Business•Discussion of Half-Zips:•Straw poll: 2/3rds of people do not care, about 4 people would like it.•Reynolds: seems like people do not care, might as well wait•Bender: we should focus on having this for next year, will be more expensive anyway•Fan: Should create a good legacy for next year, can Public Info start working on this now?•Ono: Public Info can look into that.•Phan: We can’t afford to sponsor all of the apparel for future councilmembers.•Reynolds: I think advertising about open spots is a better use of advertising money.•Jermakian: Workshops are a good use of money•Discussion Tabled•Council Intern Program Report•None•Committees•Rules - – editing archive submissions•Finance•Deciding how much surplus to distribute•Public Information•Compiling all records for council – legislation•Advocacy•Working with Student Health & Wellness Center on a presentation for free STI Testing probably on April 12th or 14th•Immediate Business –•School Breakouts••Final Business•Announcements•Meeting ended: 6:07 due to loss of quorum