ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, April 12, 2016

 ·        Called to Order by Jermakian at 5:08

·        Attendance

o   Councilmember Tompkins arrives late at 5:12, Councilmember Miller arrives late at 6:10, President Khosravi arrives late at 6:12

o   Councilmember Olvera leaves early at 5:19, Vice-President Fung leaves early at 6:07

·        Approval of Minutes

o   Motion: Carlson/ Second: Khandadash

·        Approval of Agenda

o   Motion: Carlson/ Second: Olvera

·        Public Comment

o   Person

·        Executive Officer Reports

o   EVP: SLC is this week and our organizing branch will be having lots more events soon.

o   Academic Affairs: Our next event will be a screening in Aldrich park 2 weeks from now.

o   Admin: We are doing donate life weeks for the next two weeks. There will be a walk at Cal state Fullerton. RAR is doing an open house. The banquet is possibly pushed back due to flooding in the Student Center and room availability.

o   SS: Wayzgoose/Celebrate UCI will be soon and we have a baseball rally as well. As Elvis mentioned we will be doing a screen on the green showing Interstellar. Summerlands artists have been booked and will be released after Coachella.

·        Special Committee Reports

o   International Committee: No report.

o   Parking Committee: No report.

o   First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.

o   Transfer Student Committee: No report.

·        Old Business

    • No old business.

·        New Business

    • Discussion on ASUCI Elections 5:14
    • UCI Housing Games by Aiden 5:38
      • Delayed waiting for presenter.
    • Executive Office Budget Reports 5:19
      • Student Services 5:19
      • Executive 5:24
      • Administration Affairs 5:29
  • Jermakian passes chair to Leng 5:31
      • Academic Affairs 5:34
    • R51-75: A Resolution in Support of Indexing Student Fees 5:48
      • If there are no objections we are now in discussion. 5:50
      • Vote on R51-75 Passes 9-0-3 Yea: Carlson, Mayer, Khandadash, Aldoghmi, Hong, Cheng, Tompkins, Raza, Reynolds Abstain: Chavarin, Fan, Baranwal
    • B51-11: Administrative Affairs Payroll Reallocation 6:02
      • Reynolds: I move to commit B51-11 to Finance Committee Second: Hong

·        Council Intern Program Report

    • We have been boothing for the Constitutional Revision so please sign up to help out. Club leadership assembly is soon.

·        Jermakian: If there are no objections we are in Committee Breakouts for 20 minutes. 6:09

·        Committees

o   Rules

      • We’re working on writing legislation.

o   Finance

      • We passed B51-11 through finance.

o   Public Information

      • We’re working on gathering photos for archives. We also are resuming work on council apparel.

o   Advocacy

      • We will have a campus health and wellness meeting on the 19th so please attend.

·        School Breakouts

o   Jermakian: If there are no objections we are in School Breakouts for 15 minutes. 6:34

·        Next Meeting: April 14, 2016

·        Miller: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:47

o   Second: Carlson