ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, April 14, 2016

  Called to Order by Tompkins at 5:05

o Councilmember Novshadyan leaves early at 5:34
Approval of Minutes
o Motion: Raza/ Second: Mayer
Approval of Agenda
o Motion: Carlson/ Second: Hong
Public Comment
o No public comment.
Executive Officer Reports
o President: I met with the Council on the Student Enrollment and Success. In the last quarter of each were we will be focusing more on the student success side of things. Elections are happening, we have a day left and need a lot more people to vote so please vote at so please everyone go vote we have done everything we have. Again please vote, to not reach the quorum would be a catastrophe for our campus.
Special Committee Reports
o International Committee: No report. 
o Parking Committee: No report.
o First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.
o Transfer Student Committee: No report.
Old Business
o Office of the President Budget Report 5:35
 Postponed until after New Business
New Business
o R51-76: Media and Communications Commissioner Adjustment 5:09
 Reynolds: I move to go into discussion on R51-76 Second: Hong
 Vote on R51-76 
o B51-12: Media and Communications Commissioner Payroll Adjustment 5:13
 Baranwal: I move to go into discussion on B51-11 Second: Carlson
 Raza: I move to commit to Finance Committee Second: Carlson
o R51-77: ASUCI By-Laws Revision: Change to Quorum Requirements 5:14
 Hong: I move to go into discussion on R51-77 Second: Baranwal
 Carlson: I move to postpone Second: Hong
Council Intern Program Report
o No report.
Tompkins: If there is no objection we are now in Committee Breakouts for 15 minutes. 5:19
Committees 5:34
o Rules
 We edited R51-77
o Finance
 No report.
o Public Information
 No report.
o Advocacy
 No report.
Khosravi: I move to add a discussion by Associate Vice-Chancellor Dan Dooros to immediate business Second: Hong
Immediate Business
o Discussion by Associate Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Dan Dooros 5:42
 Reynolds: I move to extend time by 10 minutes Second: Hong 5:47
School Breakouts
Final Business
o Khosravi: I want to congratulate Natasha & Mark
Next Meeting: April 19, 2016
Hong: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:00
o Second: Mayer