ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, April 19, 2016

 ·         Called to Order by Jermakian at 5:08

·         Attendance

o    Vice-president Dizon arrives late at 5:51

·         Approval of Minutes

o    Motion: Baranwal/ Second: Hong

·         Approval of Agenda

o    Motion: Baranwal/ Second: Carlson

·         Public Comment

o    Alex Silver: Apparently some election results have been disqualified due to apparent violations in elections code. As many of you know our elections code is a complex and some of them are very peculiar and seem out of place to me. Things such as computers at booths or discouraging people from voting. Finally, I think that seeking petty ways to get people disqualified is unethical in my opinion.

o    Elena Parwood: I was asked to help out with Tiana’s campaign ad we were unaware that she was put on tentative warning. We were never aware that this was the case despite following ASUCI media outlets.

o    Tiana: I was someone who ran in this last election and I would like to bring up several campaign violations involved in notifying the public and the candidate of their disqualification of placement on tentative suspension. There was a lot of miscommunication took place and because of that we did not have a fair election.

o    Parshan Khosravi: I would like to specify that even when this council approves the minutes that these issues will still be reviewed by Judicial Board.

·         Executive Officer Reports

o    President: We have had a relatively quiet week since elections have closed. Last week Vice-chancellor Dooros announced that the UCI Bookstore will be outsourced officially but there have been no updates.

o    EVP: We sent a delegation to Sacramento this weekend where we lobbied on several legislations and the Student Lobby Conference. It was a very positive experience collaborating with the other UCs toward similar problems. I did also experience the disrespect UCSA has for UCI. Next week we will be having workshops about sex positivity and sexual harassment.

o    Academic Affairs: We put on Celebrate UCI and will be putting on an event next week on Wednesday.

o    Administrative Affairs: We are having Donate Life awareness week this week and will be doing a walk in Cal State Fullerton. ASUCI Banquet is Week 10 so come by. UC President Napolitano has granted each UC campus a minimum of $150,000 to promote and help prevent food insecurity.

·         Special Committee Reports

o    International Committee: No report.

o    Parking Committee: No report.

o    First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee: No report.

o    Transfer Student Committee: No report.

·         Old Business

    • B51-11: Administrative Affairs Payroll Reallocation 5:30
      • Jermakian: If there are no objection we are no in discussion on B51-11
      • Vote on B51-11 Passes 16-0-0 Yea: Carlson, Chavarin, Mayer, Fan, Khandadash, Aldoghmi, Novshadyan, Baranwal, Hong, Olvera, Vuligonda, Cheng, Bender, Raza, Reynolds, Miller

·         New Business

    • R51-78: Ratification of Spring 2016 Elections 5:34
      • Jermakian: If there are no objection we are no in discussion on R51-78
      •  Khosravi: I move to extend time by 15 minutes Second: Mayer 5:44
      • Carlson: I move to extend time by 10 minutes Second: Reynolds 5:55
      • Khosravi: I move to end discussion and call the question Second: Baranwal 6:01
        • Reynolds: Objection
          • Vote by acclimation to call the question fails.
      • Khosravi: I move to extend time by 5 minutes Second: Fung 6:05
      • Khosravi: I move to extend time by 10 minutes Second: Khandadash 6:10
      • Reynolds: I move to censure Councilmember Olvera for personal attacks Second: Carlson 6:11
        • Hong: Objection vote by acclimation on objection fails
        • Vote on Censure Passes 10-6-0
      • Vote on R51-78 Passes 8-2-7 Yea: Chavarin, Fan, Aldoghmi, Baranwal, Hong, Cheng, Raza, Reynolds Nay: Novshadyan, Olvera Abstain: Carlson, Mayer, Khandadash, Kekejian, Vuligonda, Bender, Miller
    • Khosravi: I move to go into recess for 10 minutes Second: Raza 6:16
      • Jermakian: If there are no objections we are now in recess

·         Council Intern Program Report 6:23

    • After elections our next project is club leadership assembly. Additionally our interns will shadow a councilmember to learn legislation writing.

·         Jermakian: If there are no objections we are now in Committee Breakouts for 20 minutes 6:25

·         Committees

o    Rules

      • No report.

o    Finance

      • No report.

o    Public Information

      • No report.

o    Advocacy

      • No report.

·         Next Meeting: April 21, 2016

·         Meeting ends due to loss of quorum at 6:33