ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 27, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, October 27th, 2016


  • Called to Order by Orozco at 5:10
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Tompkins / Second: Hong
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • R52-15: By-Laws Amendment: Senator Stipend Issuances 

§  Hong: Motion to call into questions R52-15/ Second: Tompkins

§  R52-15 Passes 11-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Aldoghmi, Lee, Hong, Castillejos, Trinh, Bender, Tompkins, Hassane,

  • New Business
  • Senate Intern Program Report
    • Hong: all the interns now have placards.
  • Committees
  • Hong: Motion to go into committee breakouts for 20 minutes/ Second: Tompkins
  • Tompkins: motion to end committee breakouts/ Hong: objection
  • Orozco: Vote by Hand, 8 for ending, 2 for no ending breakouts.
  • Orozco: Committee breakouts end at :25
    • Rules
      • none
    • Finance
      • Lu: The financial analyst said the reports should be available after the 25th.
    • Public Information
      • Bender: The logo for the senate apparel is completed. Will introduce it on Tuesday and have a vote on it.
    • Advocacy
      • Mousa: MSU legislation for interfaith trailer to accommodate for all religions and all- inclusive for all students. We have reached out to cross cultural center director to work with the center as a whole to help the minority population further who are not in the cross clubs.
      • Natoolo: I had a meeting with the director of disability center. Some problems facing students are the doors to the classrooms and accessibility. Also the stairs and visual problems of where the stairs stop and start and putting a yellow strip by the stairs to let them know. Also the office is in a trailer and the wood is really old and it’s very shaky and there are rodents that die under the trailer. They want to have their own office or building. Also increase of students with disability and the center can only accommodate for around 50 students.
      • Orozco: Did senator Natoolo meet with BSU?
      • Natoolo: I was not able to. But now we will be focusing on the entire cross cultural center.
  • Immediate Business

·       Lu: Point of interest, can we discuss the Center for Disabilities issues?

·       Lu: Motion to suspend By Laws to add discussion of disability center / Hong: second

·       Orozco: Passes, 10-0-0.

§  Natoolo: Many students need testing and they have to rent space for almost 1000 dollars per week for the testing center.

§  Carrazco: I am meeting with a student with a disability that brought the concern of accessibility up to me. I will meet with them in early November and I will update the senate. Especially the heavy doors and the accommodations with a button are not all functional

§  Natoolo: In a case of emergency these students have no way to get out of the building.

§  Gandall: Would there be a call to build a new building or is there one in mind?

§  Natoolo: I think there is space in some of the buildings around us. Will have to go to administration to know.

§  La: This issue has been around a long time. The building is not working right now. But our campus is having a space crisis. We are running out of space ideas. But we are required to have this center, so we will have to find funding for it.

§  Hong: The major problem is where there is space available is going to be far from UCI. The space at UCI is premium and highly wanted. If we build up then there is not a lot of extra space. This was a problem with the student center as well.  

§  Orozco passes chair to VP Chanes.

§  Natoolo: I think there are some things to alleviate the heaviness or to put the yellow strip by the stairs, would not cost a lot of money. The automatic push button may cost a lot of money.

§  Orozco: would there be a way to change that space with all the trailers into a permanent building?

§  Hong: Engineering is planning on taking the space for more room for classrooms. Perhaps, Senator Natoolo, you would like to create a special committee for this?

§  La: Carrazco has been working on this and maybe we can do a joint effort with us like a commission.

§  Carrazco: We need something to facilitate a safe space for these students. That’s why my commission came into the picture to advocate for them.

§  Lu: Are you aware of previous efforts to address these problems because it has been going on very long?

§  Carrazco: I only came in last year. The main concern brought up to me is that it’s only a service center and needs to transition into a resource center that has emotional support.

§  Hong: motion to extend time by 5 minutes

§  Carrazco: Right now the Disability Center does not have resources to get funding for the improvements requested by students.

§  Lu: What can we do through senate so that this problem does not persist?

§  La: The administration has known for a long time. The trailer was supposed be temporary. The problem is many students do not know that the center even exists. We need outreach to show it is a concern. I think that if the administration knows the students care then they will recognize that.

§  Castillejos: For Greek Songfest we are giving all the money to UCI

§  La: Motion to extend by 2 mins/ Second: Lu

§  Castillejos: I do not know how UCI will choose to use the money.

§  La: That is worrisome, because if that is just for UCI it can be used for anything.

§  Castilejos: maybe we can demand for this. Go to admin to demand and hold them accountable and not try and find funds.

§  Hong: we can attack this problem from several fronts, Greek front, Natoolo can work with the execs front, and any other senators that would like to get involved should speak to Senator Natoolo. We may need to create a special committee and it can get taken off the ground so we can actually do something.

  • School Breakouts
    • Hong: Motion to strike school breakouts/ Second: Mousa
    • La: Motion to suspend By-Laws to add executive officer reports
    • Orozco: Passes with no opposition.
    • President La: I have been collaborating with UROP. I want to encourage undergraduate research, I want to propose and idea to engage more students to do research. ASUCI and UROP collaborated. We have several projects in the eec right now. But I would like to extend this out to senate to make a joint committee. With Tianna, I am working on one that goes into mental health. I would like to hear you all out. Would anyone be interested in doing a UROP project from senate?
    • Trinh: What are the topics?
    • La: Can be anything. Should be research projects though.
    • Lu: Would be interested. Don’t have specific initiative in mind.
    • Hong: Post on face book page. So everyone can see this proposal 5:53
    • La: Want to set up the projects and then inviting other students outside of ASUCI to join in
    • Baranwal: what is required of the participants?
    • La: They would be part of the research conducting implementation.
    • Carrazco: They don’t take any sort of leadership in terms of research development, but they can partake in the research and work with the entire group.
    • La: ASUCI and senate would be part of the developmental portion of the research.
    • Hong: Contact president La if you have any other questions.
    • Chirigotis: Shocktoberfest went really well.
    • Carrazco: The Garden Committee is working on MOU with ASUCI and GRC. Will be hashing out details in the coming weeks.
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
    • Baranwal: The Internal Governance and Policy joint committee were supposed to have a meeting with those who were mandated to be on the committee. Only Carrazco showed up. No senators showed up. I emailed everyone to show up or send in a proxy. This was disappointing. We could not meet quorum and could not approve the academic senate appointees. I know there was miscommunication. Location may have been my fault. I never received an email. We could not hire about three unfilled positions. We are meeting next Thursday 12-1pm. I will send an email confirmation. Next week is crucial because next week is academic senate and campus board.
    • Baranwal: We will be amending the elections code again. I am also hiring interns.
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
  • Hong: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:11
    • Second: Mousa