ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 03, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016


  • Called to Order by Baranwal  at 5:08
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Trinh/ Second: Lu
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Trinh / Second: Hong
  • Public Comment
    • Person (Organization/Department): Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: Not much of an update. Second student government luncheon will be Sunday at 12.
    • Internal VP Carrazco: Ants in Your Plants Garden open house tonight 7-8pm, by the ASUCI garden commission.
    • Student Services VP Chirigotis: The Soulstice applications closed. Auditions are this weekend. Many singing groups and band acts, magic acts, and a clown. Also there is a basketball game on Saturday, first three hundred students in attendance get a drawstring bag.
    • External VP Chanes: SoCC applications for workshops closed, but you can still submit them and it will possibly be taken into consideration. Volunteer applications still open. Delegate members applications closed. We will notify those people this weekend. Thursday the 10th, 5-7pm town hall meeting, on 17th day of action with UCSA to get the workers their jobs back, action to demand tuition roll back. UC regents meeting on 16-17th  the tuition roll back
    • SAG Baranwal passes chair to Senator Hong.
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • Office of External VP Budget Report:

§  Chanes: It is the same as last time. Move to suspend By-Laws to show the budget report after SoCC. For transparency to see how this big event will affect my budget.

§  Second: Trinh

§  Hong: The budget report is moved to Tuesday of week 10.

    • Office of Internal VP Budget Report:

§  The budget has not really changed, but I will discuss impending changes.

§  Anteater in Action committee is budgeting 500 dollars for National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

§  Sustainability budget will change very soon, however we don’t have solid number yet.

§  Legal Clinic Commission spent around 100-200 dollars

§  Garden Commission is purchasing materials for a garden, shovels etc.

§  Food Security Commission will be the most impacted by the end of this quarter, for week 8 for National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

    • Office of Student Services VP Budget Report: 5:19

§  Many pending expenditures. Waiting on invoices for Shocktoberfest.

§  Welcome week budget: Still waiting on minor expenses. Waiting on police bill for Aldrich Park After Dark. Waiting on vice chancellor funding request.

§  Soulstice:  50 dollars for advertising flyer, 70 dollars spent for applications

§  Films: for give-away for go-pro, for screen on the green. We have not had a camera for them to do film work, this year we will be getting a go pro and they are using it for film recaps, making something for Shocktoberfest as well.

§  Shocktoberfest: Still waiting on a ton of invoices. We only have entertainment paid so far. For entertainment we have to pay them then and there, right when the performance is done. At the same time they don’t get a paycheck unless the performance is done.

  • New Business
    • VP Chanes: We are part of UCSA and we will be hosting SoCC. We have Ralph Washington here who is from UC Davis, he is the President for UCSA. We brought him here for you all to ask him any questions about UCSA, especially regarding the resolution that made us paying members of UCSA.

§  Ralph: There are differences on campuses in programs, but working together through UCSA is important. I was chair of the Graduate Student Association at Davis last year, when we re-joined UCSA. Does anyone have any questions about UCSA?

§  Hong: Thanks for coming, on behalf of senate, what are your priorities for UCSA as an organization, where do you see us going?

§  Ralph: We need to see everyone as people. The council of presidents and the UCSA are generally at odds, but last year we had a lot more positive interactions, this year I am optimistic. We need institutional compassion. I would like to increase access of students to administrators. We need to open up conversations between people that would not ordinarily have conversation

§  Gandall: How do you pragmatically want to go about doing these things?

§  Ralph: The first step is to talk about it all the time. I want people to work well with each other and I want other people to also see this and want this. I believe that we are collectively invested in working well with each other this year. We need to remind people of the collective commitment. It is important that we work on both goals without coming at odds, even if on paper it seems we are diametrically opposed. Increased access for students that don’t have it through Stars Program, provide access to students without elected positions to speak with regents.

§  Ralph: UCSA wants to create a structure and space, to make all the schools feel included. We need people to recognize that the change has occurred, an accountability is needed. Need to recognize the concerns of others may be trivial to you but very important to them.

§  La: How do you plan on increasing the relations between campuses and UCSA?

§  Ralph: We need to have more campus visits. I can call for joint meetings for the leaders of school governments and the chancellors.

§  La: Last year, UCI was not a full member of UCSA, now we are a paying member, how can students see that there funds are making a difference?

§  Ralph: When associations are contributing a lot of money, we will do what we can to assist them. UC Santa Barbara had an idea to do public private partnerships, creative solutions for funding.

§  Ralph: UCSA has a lot of staff that offers all types of trainings, communication, intergroup connection and dialogue, staff can come around at any time to provide that to schools.

§  Bender: What is the reasoning for some schools paying more and some playing less?

§  Ralph: There is a minimum and some schools have elected to pay more. Some schools want greater investment in UCSA and for historical referendum of schools wanting to pay more.

§  La: On top of extra funding, what is the process with SAGE?

§  Ralph: We are still pursuing SAGE. SAGE is an initiative to make the budget of UCSA more soluble. We want to accomplish this by running a system wide referendum. For this we would need to get official recognition as a student government. We are continuing to get feedback about what concerns them most about SAGE, and so we can have SAGE happen legally. We will have staff come and discuss SAGE further with you all.

§  Trinh: What is the most significant contribution of UCSA?

§  Ralph: Started as a UC student lobby, the lobby was responsible for getting students to become regents. In recent years, things like SoCC. We need to remember in associations like this, sometimes the outcomes are more intangible, but are incredibly important, ie: SoCC. It is hard to say tangibly what comes out, but the empowerment of thousands of students of color over decades is amazing. Also, many campaigns, ignite, #howareyou, Fund the UC, pressure on regents, housing Initiative

§  Hong: Thank you for your time 5:57

  • Senate Program Report
    • No reports
  • Committees
  • Baranwal: Motion to go into committee breakouts for 10 minutes/ Second: Lu
    • Rules
      • None
    • Finance
      • None
    • Public Information
      • Bender: Financially, embroidery will not be a good idea. If you would like to have embroidery you can do that on your own. Do to the high cost of the quarter zip we would like everyone to pay 50% of the cost. Also will be shipping and tax costs.
    • Advocacy
      • Natoolo: Sent out email to Jan(disability center) to get more details for disability center. Elsie is reaching out to see what type of funding we can get.
      • Hong: I think a special committee should be made to handle this.
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
    • Miller: Motion to strike school breakouts./ Second: Mousa
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
    • Baranwal: Who all went to the all ASUCI meeting?
    • Castillejos: I went.  
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 8th, 2016
  • Miller: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:27
    • Second: Mousa