ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 08, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


  • Called to Order by Orozco at 5:07
  • Attendance
    • Senator Hassane arrives late at 5:12. Senator Mousa arrives late at 5:14. Senator Aldoghmi arrives late at 5:17.  
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Chair is passed to Hong
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Tompkins / Second: Orozco
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • R52-18: Appointment of ASUCI Representatives to the e-Tech Advisory Committee          

§  Trinh reads legislation R52-18

§  Baranwal: motion to go into discussion/ Second: Tompkins

§  Miller: Motion to call in to question R52-18/ Second: Orozco

    •  Academic Senate Presentation by Angeline Phan:

§  Phan: Academic senate is the representation for students with concerns about academics. We work with faculty and students. We represent students at faculty meetings. There may be a representative for each major. These are usually advisory board meetings. There are voting boards. These committees are on the academic senate website. Introduces Academic Senate Interns.

§  Intern: Council of Education Policy updates. Reviewed majors with low enrollments. No actions were takin at the meeting, but there was outreach done toward representatives of majors. Discussion of international students and a possible preparation summer program for those that need help transitioning, with help of educational program. Some students need help with learning the language.   

§  Lu: Can you please discuss UCI Writing resource center. There is problems booking appointments. Housing writing center especially.

§  Intern: I will bring that up at the next meeting. Last time he did not mention it was understaffed, so I will bring it up.

§  Phan discusses majors and the discussion of requirements needed by students to graduate or change major. Two department name changes were discussed. Some schools want to change, but non consensus.

§  Hong: Honors program for the school of drama? Was there Student input?

§  Phan: We can do a survey to find out. There are already special honors programs.

§  Phan: New dean in education. Will be changing some of the curriculum. Interdisciplinary Teaching Support Award Pilot Program ended its 1st year. May continue on to a second year.

§  Intern: Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom meeting was attended on October 11th. Review revision of APM15 and APM16 Policy. Now there is no time limit on reporting sexual assault involving faculty. Even alumni can report this. Chancellor has three years to take action.

§  Orozco: On the chancellor can taking action, why is it three years?

§  Intern: It was unclear how long the chancellor had. They have discussed this and think that is an appropriate amount of time.

§  La: Do you have any data from title 9 office that supports this?

§  Intern: No, they did not address this.

§  Intern: Oct 20th Council on Research Computing and Libraries. Professional master degree programs discussed. The school of engineering, computer science, and humanities are demanding these. UC Berkeley and UCLA also requesting this. We do not have a timeline of this. This program would work in that the school host the classroom but the program is self-funded.

§  Orozco: Self-funded for professional master degree?

§  Intern: They are not strictly tied academically to the school because they are for the work force. UCI is responsible for proving resources while the program is responsible for paying faculty.

§  Phan: Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience on October 3rd. LCFF (Local Control Funding Program). Discussed. Academic advising and how to help impacted schools. Transition to Canvas, from Triple e. Most professors trying to use canvas. There is data on how teachers and students feel. Incoming enrollment is increasing. Trying to make sure students have smaller class size etc. we are trying to restrict it this year so UCI can keep up. Discussion of online courses to reduce classroom size. Issue of testing and accountability.

§  Phan: Council on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with school updates on October 11th. Discussion of undergrad admission and discussion of

§  Nand: Subcommittee on Courses and Continuing, part-time, and summer session education updates. Discuss how humanities wants to remove one of the upper division writing courses. They do not have the resources for faculty to teach an upper division course and having a non-faculty member would not be fair for the students. I want you all to be aware of this so you can find out how students feel about this. This meeting votes on every single course and votes to put them in or in hiatus. All of the deans there thought it was okay for them to remove this course. They were also discussing bringing a course back.

§  Hong: Could talk with senator Castillejos on the humanities portion. You could speak to me or senator Abdelrahman about the engineering requirement about the units.

§  Phan: If you have any questions let me know. I shared this with senator Hong. So he can share it with you. The information on the slides. If senate has questions let me know. Thanks for your time.

§  Hong: Thank you for coming. It is important that we hear that. I do not think I have been privy to this before. Thank you for coming. I appreciate you all for taking the time for you to speak to us about this critical information about how our schools function.

  • Senate Intern Program Report
    • Khazand: No new updates. Still planning club leadership event. Week 8.
  • Committees
  • Baranwal: Motion to go into committee breakouts for 15 minutes/ Second Tompkins 5:48
    • Rules
      • Orozco: We submitted all By-Laws amendments.
    • Finance
      • Lu: Finally got financial audits from Robert. Just from July through September. Going to find out what we can share with the public
    • Public Information
      • Bender: Legislation will be introduced on Thursday regarding the apparel. Everyone understands we will have to pay 50%. Estimated total per person will be around $14. Please let us know if you object
    • Advocacy
      • Natoolo: Met with UCI campus management. Spoke about the disability center and access to buildings with visually impaired students and others with disabilities. The person in charge needs to find out how many doors need to be repaired. Maybe we can get a team of interns to help with this. Needs to be done ASAP. So we can fill out the form required. Noureldine and I will be meeting with Jan for more information on how to help the disability center.
  • Immediate Business

·       Tompkins: Issues with payment

·       Baranwal: Speak with Miriam in payroll.

·       Hong: Let Stephanie know as well.

  • School Breakouts
    • Lu: Motion to go into school breakouts for 10 minutes/ Second: Mousa
    • Orozco: Motion to end school breakouts/ Second: Topkins
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
    • Hong: President of the senate elections happening next week. Start thinking about why you want to run.
  • Next Meeting: Thursday, November 10th, 2016
  • Tompkins: Motion to adjourn meeting at Tompkins 6:20
    • Second: Orozco