ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 10, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, November 10th, 2016


  • Called to Order by Hong at 5:19
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Lu/ Second: Mousa
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Orozco / Second: Mousa
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: Power Point presentation. Discussion about informal complaint policies. Many students did not know they had the option of filing a complaint. You can file complaints so that you can change classrooms or other options to get away from your perpetrator. The perpetrator may also be able to take education training class. This is all through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity. You do not have to go to the Police. Please spread this message to people that have been attacked and do not want to have to file a formal complaint. This is for those that may want to file an informal complaint.

§  Discussion on establishing UCI as a Sanctuary Campus. This may restrict UCIPD from collaborating with I.C.E. 

§  Discussion of DACA. DACA may be discontinued under the new presidency. We are working on moving undocumented workers to a stipend so they can still receive payment or campus jobs.

§  Hassane: Can you send the information on the informal complaints.

§  La: The way it works now is through a phone call. They will need to work on updating the website.

§  Discussion on reaching out to faculty to discuss the impact of the elections, on student’s mental health and well-being.

§  Discussion on Election Day and Early Voting at UCI, we had over 600 votes cast. This is a huge jump from 2012. There were a lot of issues on election day, 1 in 3 orange country ballots have not been counted yet These all affect UCI students. Many students casted provisional ballots and did not get to vote on local positions. Many students casted invalid ballots because they were not registered in Irvine. Issue of Mayor being backed in millions by developers. He is currently in the lead. This will effect UCI students.

§  Discussion on “Feminine Product Initiative” Collaboration with Center for Student Wellness and Health Promotion. Possible pilot program to give out feminine products. We will send out a survey to see how large the need is.

§  Discussion on Council on Planning and Budget

§  ASUCI UROP Project is due by the end of this week. Let me know if you have any questions.

§  Natoolo: Are we reaching out to the students on their mental well-being?

§  La: A lot of departments on campus have been hosting their own events. Has not been published largely due to fear of students who do not agree and may infiltrate the space. I have not contacted students directly. I feel a collective feeling that we all need to get things done, but if you need time to get together that is fine. We are all human.

§  Gandall: as Pres Obama said, as leaders, the senators should consider being the storng ones because people look up to them

§  La: I agree with that. There needs to be a balance.

    • Orozco: Motion to extend executive officer reports by 15 mins/ Second: Mousa
    • Academic Affairs VP Nand: My office is working on creating prep classes. For LSAT and MCAT. This was approved and we will be hosting it in the spring. We have also been trying to list mental health resources on all syllabi that professors give out. This was also approved. During week ten we have a sexual assault speaker who will come and share her story.
    • Student Services VP Chirigotis VP: Eric Goldberg will be coming to give a talk about his movies. He is a big deal in the animation world. He will be here to speak. He has worked on Aladdin, Pocahontas, and even the Simpsons. There was an RSVP linked, but it is closed now.
    • Internal VP Carrazco: Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week is next week. We have been working very hard on this. We finally got all of our resources together. SOAR is hosting their free farmers market this Monday. I recommend going and taking a grocery bag. We will be collecting t-shirts that have been gently used or hygiene supplies to be packaged for the community. We will have events going on throughout the week hosted by several orgs on campus. On Friday of that week we will have an activity where students can express what they are thankful for and can take a picture with Peter the Anteater. It has been great working with all 13 of our campus partners. I recommend coming out and supporting this event. We had a discussion, Senator Natoolo, and others on the automated buttons and the maintenance of the auto buttons. The facility managers told us about a form that students can fill out to check on maintenance. I brought up how they should make the forms more visible for students. Big takeaway is that the committee of student leader will have to convene to stress to the administration on how important these issues are. We will be in contact.
    • Hong: Senator Natoolo is doing a great work with VP Carrazco on this disability services center. If everyone could chip in that would be great. If you could let Lydia know, so the work on this could get done a lot faster. We walk through these doors all the time and don’t think about it. If we work together it will be great.
    • Orozco: Maybe each senator can look around their respective schools.
    • Carrazco: One quick update. Facilities management is working on putting in the colored strips so the stair cases are more identifiable for students with vision problems.


  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • US 2016 Election Result Discussion 5:46

§  Hong: This issue has grabbed all of our attentions and the nation’s attention. We need to all remember that each of us has a different narrative and we need to be respectful we need this to remain a civil discussion. We will have speakers list. Please do not talk out of turn.

§  Gandall: I was a little shocked on both sides. On the right we have trolls without strong republican reason. I did a little investigation. I have a lot of right tendencies but I was shocked about who was coming out. As a senate I would encourage us to move forward and not turn into Santa Barbara or Berkeley. I assume at some point ICE will show up. The federal government might not be funding certain things for school aside from the residency, we do know the house and not incite any violent tendencies.

§  Orozco: This is a difficult time for our constituents. I believe that they are in the right to be grieving because the person who won this election based on hatred and bigotry. I believe that some people can’t move on. There are people whose lives are on the line. We cannot silence those voices, they have every right to be angry. I stand with the protestors in solidarity. As a student and as a student leader.

§  Boyajyan: I think we need to have the protest in a civil matter. I saw many people doing this. I also believe there are some who incite hateful speech and aggression and think that some people use the election as an excuse. I think you can maintain the disagreements in a respectful manner. I think it is great that we as college students are questioning. We need to have protest that do not trigger further violence.

§  La: I think as elected or appointed leaders, I think it is important to spread the message of civility. But I do not think senate should be involved in saying what the correct language for free speech is. We should emphasize that people should be able to speak what they want.

§  Mousa: I agree with Tracy. There is no need for us to [olice anyone language Obviously physical violence is not okay. Esepecailly coming from a minority population that is tagerted by the hate speech, I think if protesting is a way of grieving that is fine. As long as there is not physical violence

§  Tompkins: I do not think we should tell people to move on. I think as student leaders we should help people to move forward, we can help people get involved in their community. The only positive aspect of the election is having people get involved.

§  Natoolo: Thank you for having this discussion. I speak as an immigrant and a minority. A lot of people say it is so easy to move on. It is one thing to say that when you do not know how this effects someone. We all grieve difficulty. The protestors are coming together. We as a leadership should find ways to support those who are grieving. We can only share so much of what we go through. We have to go to class. The mental health, it will effect a lot of student. They want to be present, but they are thinking about if they will be safe in the streets. We have to watch out for our friends. We as leaders need to reach out and be each other’s brothers and sisters. Also to be slow to speak about moving on, because for many it is not okay yet.

§  La: Based on what Lydia said, as student leaders before we say to move on we need to understand why students are feeling deeply affected by this. We need to try and understand their actions. I think we need to educate ourselves and other on the actions and feelings of students. I am challenging you all to do this and hope to see its.

§  Gandall: One quick thing, discourse is important. It is important to make sure people understand things like that. ICE will eventually show up. We can get a sanctuary thing. We should be doing more that giving people a place to talk. We need to give them legal resources. I don’t think a sanctuary will be a long term solution. People cannot stay locked up in university for so long. These kids need legal resources, especially if they have family that is not at UCI.

§  La: I want to argue that there are many different methods to move forward. We can’t knock any out. A sanctuary is important, historically. We can help to provide resources for when they graduate.

§  Mousa: I agree. A lot of students are emotionally distressed. Two of my discussions with professors went over this, many students are not showing up. We need to start with emotional supports. I know that resource centers do have help for undocumented students. We need to create a safer environment for those who do not feel safe on campus.

§  Gandall: A previously old topic, we need to talk about funding based off the election. The UC system relies on federal funding. If the congress wants to meet their ideal, they may need to cut funding in education. We need to consider proactive steps in education funding.

§  Chirigotis: As students we have been advocating for years and years in terms of cutting costs. We students have been working on these funding issues and have been having meetings regarding it.

§  Tompkins: Motion to extend time by 10 minutes/ Second: Orozco

§  Gandall: I realize what we are doing now is very important. If the administration doesn’t listen to us we need to go to the students. We need to cut out the unnecessary. We have many problems that will affect the pocketbooks of students. I know that Tracy has spoken with Napolitano. But these elites do not care because they are in a place of power. I agree that there have been changes.

§  La: Thank you for bringing up the point about gentrification and tuition increases. If you have questions about this attend the next regents meeting on the 16th and 17th. They will not have this on their agenda but you can come and bring it up. The next meeting will be in January.

§  Chirigotis: There is a vacancy in the chancellor of Berkeley and Davis. UC students making their voices heard. I think we should let students express how they feel and step up.

§  Gandall: I want to clarify that there needs to be a multilateral front. Wiping out individuals does not work because there will always a replacement.

§  La: We were at the meeting with Napolitano, we asked that there should be more student representatives in the election of the next chancellor. By March two of the regents terms are up. Council Presidents is sending a letter to Governor Brown regarding this.

§  Hong: I want to echo Kimo’s point in that this will be a tough time in the coming days, I as the president of the senate ask that you all try to remain a little bit stronger to provide support for the rest of the students to feel like they are included in the system. I ask that you do this if they need you. I understand that everyone has certain priorities. This would be important for discussion with your deans. Discussion closed.


  • Senate Intern Program Report
    • Khazand: No new updates.
    • Hong: Discussion of club leadership assembly. Contact the future president of the senate if you would like to get involved with that.
  • Committees
  • Orozco: Motion to go into committee breakouts for 10 minues/ Second: Tompkins.
    • Rules
    • Finance
    • Public Information
    • Advocacy
  • Immediate Business

·       Winter Quarter Elections are still going to happen.

·       There will still be a town hall meeting regarding the lay-offs from 6-7pm

  • School Breakouts
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 15th, 2016
  • Tompkins: Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 6:26
    • Second: Orozco