ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 17, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, November 17th, 2016


  • Called to Order by Hong at 5:12
  • Attendance

o   Senator Noureldine leaves early at 6:29. Senator Hassane leaves early at 6:29.

  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Lu / Second: Trinh
    • Hong: During meetings, please do not open and close the discussions very quickly. We need to give people time to speak. Give a bit of time before it is called into question.
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: Amy Nu SPFB commissioner speaks. Explanation of SPFB, it is the largest funding board on campus. Allocation to student organization on campus, as well as being regulated by the Senate. We would like to have outreach to the students this year to appropriately allocate our funds. We would like to email all the organizations on campus and Facebook post to make people aware of our resource. We have flyers to pass out to student leaders. I would like to reassure you all we are abiding by student guidelines when allocating funding, efficiently and responsibly.
    • La: I had a meeting about our contract with Pepsi. Pepsi had exclusive rights to having their products here. They also offer opportunities like internships. The contract is up June 2017. We would like to get proposals. Some may be from Pepsi or from Coke. We would like student input in these proposals. For example to ask them to make donations for housing security and other resources in addition to their products. SoCC is also this weekend. Internal VP is working on the events for this week, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week.
    • Hong: Thank you for the updates.
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • R52-21: By-laws Amendment- Striking of Voting Records

§  Orozco: Motion to call R52-21 into question/ Second: Tompkins

§  R52-21 passes 13-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Noureldine, Aldoghmi, Lee, Abdelrahman, Shahbaz, Castillejos, Trinh, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco

    • R52-23: By-laws Amendment- Recognition of Senate Interns

§  Tompkins: motion to call R52-23 into question/ Second: Orozco

§  R52-23 passes 13-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Noureldine, Aldoghmi, Lee, Abdelrahman, Shahbaz, Castillejos, Trinh, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco

    • B52-04: Senate Apparel

§  Trinh: Motion to call B52-04 into question/ Second: Orozco

§  B52-04 passes, 13-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Noureldine, Aldoghmi, Lee, Abdelrahman, Shahbaz, Castillejos, Trinh, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco

  • New Business
    • 2017 Winter Quarter President of the Senate Election

§  Hong: Description of President of the Senate given. Any questions before nominations?

§  La: could you speak about your interaction with Judicial Board and other ASUCI offices?

§  Hong: We generally have pretty good interactions. Generally over Facebook. We usually have an in-person meeting once a week. Contact is usually 4-5 times per week. 

§  La: President of the senate will represent senate at the executive board meetings once per week.

§  Lee: Any time there is an issue with legislation I will let the president of senate know about it so we can discuss. This year there has not been many issues but sometimes we will have issues, as there were last year, and we may need to meet more often. Several times a week sometimes.

§  La: Also will be responsible for training the new senators and teaching them Robert’s Rules.

§  Hong: You will train all the people pertaining to senate. Updating office hours. Responsible for maintaining order in the meeting and make sure everyone has a voice.

§  Hong: We will move onto the nominations. People may nominate themselves. You must have been elected in the spring so that you do not term out. 5:29

§  Discussion and Interview begins 5:32

§  Closed Discussion is entered 6:08

§  Senator Natoolo is elected President of the Senate 2017 6:20

  • Senate Intern Program Report
    • No Updates.

·       Orozco: Motion to By-pass By-laws and commit Judicial Board Vacancies legislation to Rules Committee. Passes unanimously and is committed to Rules.

  • Committees
  • Mousa: Motion to go into Committee Breakouts for 10 minutes/ Second: Tompkins
  • Orozco: Motion to extend Committee Breakouts by 5 minutes/ Second: Tompkins 6:34
    • Rules
      • Orozco: We have revised the J-Board legislation, its approved 3-0-0 will be brought up on Tuesday.
    • Finance
      • Lu: We will discuss what can and cannot be publicized from budget reports. We will post about the price.
    • Public Information
      • Trinh: Working on the apparel. The latest we will have them is finals week.
    • Advocacy
      • Natoolo: Going to reach out to SPFB to receive more funds. Tomorrow we will meet with the vice chancellor to speak about getting more funds on disability center. There will be a form filled out to fix the auto buttons. We also have a meeting with the cross cultural center.
      • Abdelrahman: Many engineering students have come to me discussing that they do not have study spaces at night. They need access to programs that they do not have on their own computers. I will be writing legislation about having more 24-hours study spaces.
  • Immediate Business

·       Hong: We need to iron out the kinks for special elections and elections code. The one we passed on Tuesday was not adequate. We need this to be passed on Tuesday. Please come, this is very important.

  • School Breakouts
    • Tompkins: I motion to go into school breakouts for 10 minutes/ Tompkins: Second
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016
  • Tompkins: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:59
    • Second: Trinh