ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


  • Called to Order by Hong at 5:13
  • Attendance

o   Senator Natoolo left early at 6:15

  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Orozco/ Second: Trinh
    • Trinh: Motion to suspend the by-laws add discussion by Taylor to item 6f. Motion passes unanimously.
    • Hong: 6f is added to the agenda.
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: I will have a presentation on the procedure plan. The senate last year had recommendations that were not taken. We are up in our 10 year agreement with Pepsi. Will expire June 17th. A committee is being put together to look at proposals from other companies. Asking for student voices and input on the committee as well. Proposals included: Internships, scholarships, health concerns, athletes. If you have any questions please send them to me. Trying to convene in early January.
    • External VP: SoCC was this past weekend. Still working on trying to get 175 workers to get their jobs back. We have not heard back from who we have contacted. In addition, we will be working with USSA for 100 days of action they are working on.
    • Student Services VP: Talent has been selected for soulstice. We want to extend an invite to come out to the talent showcase. It will be week one of winter quarter. Friday week 1from 6-8pm in crystal cove.
    • Internal VP: National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week went really well. All of our partners are satisfied. We put together over 100 care packages. Collected around 350 lbs of canned food at the basketball game. Over 2000 sandwiches were made. Vice chancellor came out on Friday to show his participation. Still in the works with housing for t-shirt donations and distribution. We will be discussing the pros and improvements for next year.
    • Academic Affairs VP: Academic Affairs presented to UCSA at SoCC. Through academic senate we were able to get mental health resources on course syllabi. We are still trying to make ethnic studies a requirement. Advocacy commission, working on schools developing their own student council. Meeting with deans so all schools can have one. Social ecology will plan on having an application process starting in the winter. We will have a destressing event on Wednesday.
  • Old Business
    • R52-22: By-laws amendment: Judicial Board Vacancies

§  Orozco: I motion to call into question R52-22/ Second: Tompkins

§  La: Object, I would like to speak about the legislation.

§  Orozco: I rescind my motion

§  Tompkins: I move to go into disc for ten mins/ Second: Trinh 5:33

§  Orozco: The legislation was created so we can fill positions that applicants were not able to meet.

§  La: I don’t disagree with the legislation. I just want to point out the miscommunications at the beginning of the year. I think there needs to be more communication and accountability. I was told the wrong information when it came to J-board vacancies. I think that if other branches know we are neglecting or unaware, so they can keep us accountable.

§  Orozco: What would you suggest? We want to get the right people on J-board.

§  Lee: I want to say you both brought up good points. Historically when senate tried to keep executives in check it did not follow through. How can we keep the executives in check? I feel like making senate have this power allows for that.

§  La: We can utilize our exec director as well. I just want to make sure the process is transparent moving forward.

§  Orozco: I think the staff has made it very clear that students are not in their best interest when it comes to this. I don’t think senate and executives should have to rely on pro staff. I think we should come up with a decisions for this.

§  La: I think that if exec doesn’t do their duty in the right amount of time it should be given to senate. But I just want in the future there to be more transparency for how we do our job. I’m not saying we should go to pro staff first.

§  Chanes: I want to second both what Tracy and Grecia said. Our pro staff should not have anything to do with the bureaucratic function. However, I think accountability is a really big issue in ASUCI. Many of you may know this. A different suggestions would be to create a procedure which holds us accountable. Maybe if exec fails their positons senate may call us in to discuss it. In previous years, execs were not held accountable for not going to senate. This year tin has messaged us, I think the accountability is coming.

§  Bender: To clarify, Tracy you are in support? (yes)

§  Gandall: From my knowledge of law, it is usually the courts which deal with this perhaps we allow that to happen. Maybe have some type of hearing. We could have a sub interpretation. We could have a bill or resolution which defines or clarifies the negligence in the law. We could then give J-board the power to hold people accountable.

§  Orozco: I do agree with holding all of us accountable

§  Natoolo: Motion to extend discussion time by 5 mins/ second :Trinh

§  Orozco: I do personally, entrust exec with these procedures, I do not attribute negligence to exec board. I think maybe we should amend these laws to include exec board. I want to ask what we can do to progress together as branches. We should be working together

§  Natoolo: Thakur. Tracy, is there a particular grey area that you would like to point out in the resolution that we may discuss? I think everyone might vote for it, but if there is something we can look at, there is not rush to pass. So that we do not have the same issue next quarter? Maye we can table this and come back to it, so whatever we are doing is effective.

§  Orozco: Ideally, I would like all of exec to discuss their issues, so that senate can come up with a solution that benefits all parties.

§  La: I don’t disagree with this legislation. I think it is a better process than what we had. I just wanted to clarify with what happened this year. I want to avoid what happened this year.

§  Baranwal: Motion to extend time 5

§  La: Object

§  Hong: All in favor of ending discussion: (show of hand. Motion passes, so the objection is sustained)

§  Gandall: I yield my time to a senator

§  Orozco: I would like to discuss what we can do to improve this legislation so we can all benefit from the appointment legislation.

§  Lee: For exec, have we gotten chief accountability.

§  Lu: Motion to move 6f to new business to item 6a

§  Hong: All in favor, show of hands. Passes clearly. Item 6f is now 6a

§  Orozco: I move to table item 5a to Tuesday November 29th. / Second: Trinh

  • New Business
    • 6a: Discussion by Taylor Chanes 5:52

§  Trinh: Motion to close discussion/ Second: Tompkins

    • 6b: Meeting with Student Affair Director by Senator Lu 6:09

§  Baranwal: List of topics covered and orgs met with.

§  First department was campus records and the arc and their primary aspects. I hope you have all been to the arc. We met with the director of the arc. We asked them about all of their problems and how we can help them with student input. We spoke about enrollment numbers and staff fees. A big issue experienced by all departments is regarding budget. Among the issues that Jill told us is parking, because everything that is the second floor and above is owned by ACC housing. This is causing a big problem for them because people coming cannot park there. Also the staff is paid out of the generated income. Want to figure out how ASUCI senate can help to improve the situation.

§  Next we met with Doug, the director of Student Wellness and Health Promotion. We asked how we as student senate can help them. One of the problems they are experiencing is budget. Because in 2011 their budget was cut and they are only running on student reserves. They are barely making it by. They are a very important service on campus.

§  Lu: Their program impacts the lives of 14,000 students through all of their work we should really consider the effort they put in and how many students will be impacted if the program is cut.

§  We spoke with Andrew about lecturer rights. We spoke about the faculty who do not have a union so they cannot make their voices heard. They are looking for stronger contracts, which are being reconsidered for the coming year. We can get together and discuss.

§  Lu: we also met with the career center. They did give us some statistics but they were very small numbers so we have to consider that. We want to advocate for custom services for international and graduate services. We also want more focused counseling teams.

§  Also met with CARE. Main issue is space. One positive note is that their space is under the student center so their space is very neutral and destigmatized. Temporary position for a counselor so they cannot turn away victims. Issue is that they will run out of funds. They are unlikely to get the third round of funds. ASUCI can help CARE by promoting their green dots initiative.

§  Also met with the registrar. Did not really have any complaints. There was a proposed document fee. There will be a onetime fee for new students and then free for the rest of the life. It’s a very common model for private schools. Has happened at 3 UCs. She said that this is the average amount that students would pay for transcripts and other documents. This proposal is in the process of being drafted. May be seen in fall 2019. If you are not an incoming freshman then you will not have to pay this fee but will still get all the benefits.  

§  Lu: Closing remarks: We realize there are a lot of problems. But there are a lot of senators so we can tackle this problem. Any questions or comments?

§  Sandy: Parking at arc? Are they thinking about other areas to park? Or buying out the parking from ACC parking?

§  Lu: She is suggesting that we can add parking or have new parking because she understands the parking is already allocated. We just want to move forward to hear what students need to move forward.

§  Gandall: Are we paying 100k per employee? For just 3 employees? Do we know their official rolls?

§  Lu: I am unsure.

§  Gandall: Are they considering cutting their budget so they can keep all the staff? Are they considering cutting down on wages to fund their programs?

§  Hong: These people are already do this job for a lot less in comparison if they went to the corporate sector. It’s a fine line.

§  Discussion ends.

    • R52-24: Formation of Disability Resource Center Committee

§  Legislation read by Noureldine.

§  Abdelrahman: Motion to open discussion for ten minutes with speaker time.

§  Hong: Point of order, this legislation is good, but it is not a standing committee. Can you go back and read how to make an ad hoc committee because that is what falls under advocacy. J-board will strike the legislation down as it is.

§  Noureldine: Lydia met with vice chancellor and other and they support our efforts.

§  Trinh: Motion to table until next Tuesday/ Second: Orozco

    • R52-26: ASUCI Elections Code Revision

§  Legislation read by Tompkins.

§  Orozco: Motion to bring into discussion for 15 mins/ Second: Trinh

§  Hong: This will be moved to rules and needs to be passed today.

§  Trinh: Motion to commit to rules/ Second: Tompkins

o   R52-27: By-Laws Amendment: Freshman Special Interest Requirements

§  Legislation by read by Tompkins.

§  Trinh: Motion to open discussion for 10 minutes/ Second: Orozco

§  Orozco: This legislation allows first years to represent actual first years.

§  Tring: Motion to commit to rules/ Second: Tompkins


o   R52-28: Special Elections Timeline

§  Legislation read by Hong

§  Trinh: Motion to go into discussion for ten mins/ Second: Tompkins

§  Trinh: Motion to move roll call vote to immediate business/ Sec: Orozco

  • Senate Intern Program Report
  • Committees
  • Trinh: Motion to move into committee breakouts for 5 mins/ Second: Tompkins
  • Tompkins: Motion to end committee breakouts/ Second: Trinh
    • Rules
      • Tompkins: R52-26 and R52-27 passed 2-0-0.
    • Finance
      • Lu: Waiting for Robert to send October budget report. He will create a budget book for us.
    • Public Information
      • Bender $12.50 by next Tuesday for apparel.
    • Advocacy

§  Noureldine: Legislation on Standing Rock is coming.

  • Immediate Business

·       R52-26 passes 10-0-0, Yea: Lu, Noureldine, Lee, Abdelrahman, Trinh, Chavez, Bender, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco.

·       R52-28 passes 10-0-0, Yea: Lu, Noureldine, Lee, Abdelrahman, Trinh, Chavez, Bender, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco.

  • School Breakouts
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
    • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Next Meeting: November 29th, 2016
  • Tompkins: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:50
    • Second: Trinh