ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016


  • Called to Order by Hong at 5:10
  • Attendance

o   Senator Castillejos arrives late at 5:47pm.

  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda

·       Trinh: Motion to move item 6b to public Comment/ Second: Tompkins

    • Motion: Abdelrahman / Second: Trinh
  • Public Comment

·       Student Health and Wellness Building discussion/presentation by Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dan Dooros 5:12

§  The need for the services offered by Student Health and Wellness is very high

§  We have a conceptual design for a building and an area.

§  The last wellness building was built a long time ago when there were only 10,000 students. Our facilities are not keeping up.

§  We have statistics and trends showing demand for these resources

§  We want to work with senate on this. We want to asses students per year for the building when it is up and running in 2020.

§  Discussion of Disability Center problems and needs

§  Discussion of expanding Career Center.

§  Senate could help us to write a referendum so that the building should be spared for student use and not administrative space.

§  Lu: Do you have a slide where it shows the current slide compared to the proposed space?

§  Dooros: I will come back to that

§  La: Can senate work to create a list of priorities?

§  Dooros: Yes.

§  Lu: Could we have a slide dedicated to the problems with the CARE Center.

§  Boyajyan: Is there any data showing wait periods and foot traffic which can emphasize the need for it?

§  Dooros: we do have all of that data.

§  Abdelrahman? Where is the location exactly?

§  Dooros: It will be an open space with a parking lot right by the flag poles. Anywhere there is a parking lot, a building can go there.

§  Natoolo: Thank you for speaking. I know that these are so vital, can we create a heavy case that we can present to the student body that can be made for a referendum?

§  Dooros: Definitely. It has been done before for this student center and office buildings.

§  Hong: Will there be disclosure as to the budget for students?

§  Dooros: Yes of course. Right now we are looking at a 65million dollar building. It is almost like a mortgage set up. We will also have donors, like Kaiser, or other health organizations. Their donation will reduce the debt per year. The problem is it takes 3-5years to court a donor like that. If we were to run the referendum and it passed in June, it would take 7 months to plan and 2 and half years to build.

§  Lee: Last spring quarter this referendum tried to pass. What changes were made so it can pass this time around?

§  Dooros: We heard that we should go out and look for additional funding. It would be great space for this campus groups and the students. Assessments will not happen until students get to use the building.

§  Lu: Will there be increases in funding and staffing?

§  Dooros: Office of the president has provided more funding for counseling and health resources. The problem is we do not have space. We had to annex the fourth floor of this building here(student center).

§  Hong: Thank you for your time.

  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: Inclusive town hall meeting tomorrow. Will include different professors and other coordinators at 12pm tomorrow. Student life and leadership reached out and said the student regent will be visiting in January. All students can meet with them and separate meeting for ASUCI will occur. Council of presidents finalizing letter and waiting for feedback. Last event of the quarter was yesterday where we gave out in n out.   
    • Hong: Our student regents sits on the board of UC regents. They get to vote on all the proposals. They are the only student voice we have. This position has been fought for and is elected by students.
    •  Student Services VP: Soulstice talent showcase is Friday January 13th, week one of Winter Quarter in Crystal cove.
    • Internal VP: Vendor fair is happening this week, come and show your support.
    • External VP: I have a budget presentation Thursday post SoCC. Still working with askme3299 to get the workers their jobs back. We are working on a coalition with them for a sanctuary state.
    • Academic Affairs VP: Destressing event for finals coming up. Tomorrow. Will post.
  • Old Business
    • R52-22: By-laws Amendment: Judicial Board Vacancies

§  Orozco: motion to commit to rules/ Second: Tompkins

§  Hong:  R52-22 is committed to rules.

    • R52-24: Formation of Disability Resource Center Committee

§  Natoolo: Motion to move discussion to Thursday, December 1st./ Second: Trinh

    • R52-27: By-laws Amendment: Freshman Special Interest Requirements

§  Orozco: Motion to go into discussion for ten minutes with one minute speaker time/ Second: Trinh

§  Gandall: Point of order, what is the topic?

§  Hong: Reads title

§  Tompkins: Reminder that it is basically just to show the timeline of the freshman special interest seat. It will be appointments rather than election.

§  Trinh: motion to call into question/ Second: Orozco

§  R52-27 passes 11-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Mousa, Lu, Noureldine, Lee, Abdelrahman, Trinh, Bender, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco.

  • New Business

·       Freshman Special Interest Senator Precedent Discussion by Hong

§  Hong: Since they are not elected, we will have to every year in fall an appoint of a new special interest senator. We should set a precedent for applications. I feel like the location of the application is too hidden. I’m wondering how we can get the application more out there, without taking away.

§  Bender: Can we centralize the link and then put it on the home page on the revolving “what is going on” feature.

§  Trinh: We can email too.

§  Orozco: Get in contact with RAs or those who are working closely with Freshman. I know that will not be ideal for commuters but with email we can contact them.

§  La: It could be on the ASUCI news page.

§  Hong: another thing, as I currently have the application, it is basically the same an appointment application. I think we should have specific questions for a freshman senator. The general senate as a whole will choose by a ballot vote post interview process.

§  Baranwal: Talk to student life and leadership. Contact them and they can send the application out too.

§  Orozco: Should we have another branch to check our appointments because they will not be elected by the student body. Maybe we should have other input.

§  Natoolo: What are their responsibilities? That way if we know so we can ask special questions.

§  Hong: As of right now they don’t have any extra responsibilities aside from regular senator responsibilities. This is why I want a precedent system so we can expect things out of them and it is clear.

§  Gandall: Will there be a shadowing process?

§  Hong: The problem with that is that at the end of their term and at the beginning for the new freshman senator term will not be a freshman anymore.

§  Hong: We would like that freshman to be a first year. As of right now anyone can apply. I would like to set a precedent that they will be a freshman. I would like the freshman senator to live on campus or have access to the dorms, because that is where the majority of the freshman are.

§  Tompkins/ Baranwal: Can this be made into By-laws amendment?

§  Hong: Straw poll all in favor of making the precedents made into a By-laws amendment. 2vs7 result 9By-laws amend in favor)

§  Hong: We can have a By-laws amendment made. But it’s out of my hands because I am terming out. Can someone volunteer to work on this amendment

§  Senator Tompkins and Castillejos and Senate Intern Gandall volunteer.  

§  Hong: Freshman special interest senator will meet with at large and not specific school.

    • R52-29: Appointment of President of the Senate for Winter Quarter 2017

§  Reading of legislation by Trinh

§  Mousa: Motion to go into discussion for ten minutes with one mine speaker time/ Sondec: trinh

§  Baranwal: I motion to amend legislation by replacing the word him with the word her./ Second: Trinh

§  Amendment passes unanimously.

§  Tompkins: Motion for 5 minute recess/ Second: Mousa

§  Trinh: Motion to call into questions R52-29/ Second: Orozco

§  R52-29 passes 11-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Lee, Abdelrahman, Castillejos, Trinh, Bender, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco

    • R52-30: A Resolution in Solidarity with Standing Rock 6:11

§  Reading of legislation by Hassane

§  Baranwal: Motion to go into discussion for ten minutes with one minute speaker time/ Second: Mousa

§  Baranwal: Motion to call into question/ Second: Orozco

§  R52-30 passes 11-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Lee, Abdelrahman, Castillejos, Trinh, Bender, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco

    • R52-31: Approval of Revised Student Center Guidelines

§  Legislation read by La.

§  Natoolo: Motion to go into discussion for 10 minutes with one minute speaker time/ Second: Orozco

§  Orozco: The whole guidelines was revised?

§  La: So, it had been revised last year by legislative council. But the guideline was not approved by chancellor. This is a slight revision of what was approved before.

§  R52-31 passes 11-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Lee, Abdelrahman, Castillejos, Trinh, Bender, Tompkins, Hassane, Orozco


·       R52-32: By-laws Amendment: External Deputy Student Advocate General

§  Reading of legislation by Orozco.

§  Baranwal: Move to go into discussion for ten minutes/ Second: Trinh

§  Orozco: Just allows SAG to be officially non-voting member.

§  Natoolo: Motion to commit R52-32 to rules/ Second: Orozco

  • Senate Intern Program Report
  • Committees
  • Mousa: Motion to go into committee breakouts for 15 minutes/ Second: Orozco
  • Orozco: Motion to extend breakout time by 5 minutes/ Second: Trinh
  • Orozco: Move to end committee breakouts/ Second: Mousa