ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, December 01, 2016

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, December 1st, 2016


  • Called to Order by Hong at 5:08
  • Attendance

o   Senator Aldoghmi arrives late at 5:55.

  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Trinh / Second: Orozco
    • Hong: All Public Comments must be addressed to the chair. If you would like to speak you will raise your hands and add you to the speakers list. These are the ground rules.
  • Public Comment
    • Kajica: Previous chief of staff to President Parshan. I am reading a letter on behalf of last year’s chief of staff, Ester Kim. Letter regarding SoCC and the events that took place during the conference which cause controversy. Believes the legislation to withdraw form UCSA is being used as a way to blame UCSA for SoCC. Believes UCSA is being used as a scapegoat. The troubles of SoCC cannot be solely blamed on UCSA but partially on the office of the External VP.
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: You may have a received an email from me about the visit from the student regent. We will have an only ASUCI meeting. There will also be a forum for all students and staff. Please rsvp on the link I sent.
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • Office of External VP Budget Report 5:30

§  Chanes: Thank you to everyone here who allowed me to wait until week 10 for my budget report.

§  For advertising we went over by 2.20cents. I am still under in training and staffing. I have not gone over in my programming costs. There are some missed charges that were supposed to be charged to the office of the president.

§  Have not touched advertising or production of External Budget. We are half way spent through our travel account. Covers costs of sending students to board meetings. Several of our conferences have not happened yet.

§  We are still receiving payments form the UCs for SoCC. We are waiting on other funds which will cover the cost of SoCC. We have closed out our UCSA Congress account.

§  SoCC still waiting for expenditures to come in. we expect for all the accounts to balance out. 5:40

§  Hong: Thank you to Taylor for the presentation.


·       R52-24: Formation of Disability Resource Center Committee

§  Natoolo: Motion to withdraw R52-24/ Abdelrahman: Second

    • R52-32: By-laws Amendment: External Deputy Student Advocate General

§  Orozco: move to call R52-32 in to question/ Second: Trinh

§  R52-32 passes 11-0-0, Yea:  Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Noureldine, Lee, Abdelrahman, Castillejos, Shahbaz, Trinh, Tompkins, Orozco

  • New Business
    • Career Center discussion by Director Suzanne Helbig 5:17

§  Passing around pamphlets showing what the career center provides for UCI. We help all UCI students, freshman, graduate, and alumni. We help them explore careers in all fields as well as internships and job shadowing. Also supplied our annual report showing how many students and employers we engage. We are proud and do a great job. We do have 3 main barriers: Space, Staffing Capacity, and Budget.

§  In terms of us and space, our space is not only a student space but an employer space. We are the smallest career center in the UC system. We have less capacity to bring students and employers into the career center. Employers have lots of choices, and would love to meet the students. They do make choices to go elsewhere when we tell them we have limited interview space or no team interview rooms. Employers want teams to debrief and right now we cannot provide that. These do impact an employer’s choice of where they are conducting their business. As enrollments are growing we would love to hire new staff, but have no place to put them.

§  Secondly, our staff, we have the least favorable staff to student ratio among all 9 career centers. This means we have diminished capacity to serve students one on one or in groups. UC Berkeley has double the staff which made them able to give customized services. We are not currently in a position to do that.

§  Thirdly, our budget challenges. We have a blended budget, part from campus and part we generate and raise ourselves. The part we generate is based on employer’s needs and the economy. Right now the revenue that we generate goes toward paying staff salaries and student staff salaries. It is very dependent on external forces.

§  If we had what we needed, we would have a much more prepared anteater workforce. More experiential opportunities and internships opportunities. We could have more competitive students. If we had the right amount of space and staffing to have customized services.

§  Hong: When I went to the career fairs, they were always wanting to interviews at Starbucks.

§  Helbig: This is because we ran out of room and could not afford space rental.

§  Natoolo: With the plan to build a new structure to house all these resources, what is your take on this and what would you want for us to be part of this?

§  Helbig: I think it is an amazing opportuning for UCI students. Bringing it all together will help so much. In terms of the career center, we would like in a new center, my vision is for a much larger venue space for larger networking events or a dividable space to have more than one event at a time. Or a place more appealing to employers. Or maybe a locker room to change into interview attire from school clothes.

§  Orozco: Will outreach to potential employers be more spread across the state?

§  Helbig: We want to serve all students. Who want to work here or even internationally.

§  Hong: Thank you for coming.


§  Legislation read by Chanes.

§  Baranwal: Motion to go into discussion for 10 minutes with 1 minute speaker time/ Second: Trinh

§  Lu: Motion to call R52-34 in question/ Second: Trinh

§  R52-34 passes 11-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Noureldine, Lee, Abdelrahman, Castillejos, Shahbaz, Trinh, Tompkins, Orozco.

    • R52-35: Resolution for a formation of a Special Committee for the Disability Resource Center  5:48

§  Natoolo reas the legislation.

§  Trinh: Motion to go into discussion for ten minutes with one minute speaker time/ Second: Tompkins.

§  Orozco: Suggest amendments to change from legislative council to senate, so it does not get stricken down.

§  Natoolo: Motion to change the wording of ASUCI legislative council to ASUCI senate. Passes Unanimously. Change will be made.

§  Lu: Motion to call R52-35 into question/ Second: Orozco.

§  R52-25 passes, 11-0-0, Yea: Natoolo, Lu, Mousa, Noureldine, Lee, Abdelrahman, Castillejos, Shahbaz, Trinh, Tompkins, Orozco.

    • R52-33: Withdrawal of ASUCI membership from UCSA  5:53

§  Legislation read by Chirigotis and Chanes.

§  Trinh: Motion to go into discussion for 10 minutes with one minute speaker time/ Second: Orozco.

§  Orozco: Yields speaker time for Caroline.

§  Orozco: Motion to go into recess for 5 minutes/ Second: Trinh.

§  President of UCSA is contacted via video Chat- Ralph Washington.

§  Ralph Washington: Good evening. I hope you had a nice day. I believe you have legitimate merit about how UCSA represents you. I was the chair if the UC Davis graduate student association last year where we rejoined UCSA. We had the same concerns as you do. The thing that changed for me, that convinced me that we should participate once again is that there were earnest people who were willing to participate. I think that organization is the important way to overcome the expected Trump presidency and the discrimination in the country. You want everyone participating in these crucial decisions you have to make people know it’s worth their time to show up. I want to give you my earnest commitment to make this the case for the future. Your concerns are important but in order to resolve them, we need you there we need your direction. I want you there.

§  Caroline: I am speaking strongly in favor of UCSA. I was able last year to take many students to UCSA board meetings and they really enjoyed it and felt empowered by it. Many students were highly influenced by UCSA, even a change of career courses. I believe this is possible for many other people. My own experience with UCSA back in 2013 when I attended a student lobby conference.

§  Trinh: yields speaker time.

§  Caroline: I first started going to UCSA board meetings and conferences due to the #Howareyou campaign. I would like to say that UCSA has achieved a lot through their mental health campaign. They do offer help through

§  Lu: I yield my speaker time.

§  Caroline: passes out flyers showing UCSA involvement. #HowAreYou is the mental health campaign by UCSA. Last year UCSA conducted evaluations statewide on CAPS centers and gave them a grade. For UCI the director has been here for 30 years and has been very set in her ways. When I told UCSA when I needed to meet with her, the UCSA stepped in and helped and came to the meeting. The director was very receptive of this. This is an example of how UCI was helped by UCSA. Also through the help of UCSA there are students involved in hiring CAPS clinicians. Other accomplishments is that clinicians are being hired at a rapid speed and students are keeping an eye on this and was made possible through UCSA. UCSA also participated in an important mental health policy day where students presented and were able to connect with other UCs. The next achievement from UCSA helped with an all-CAPS conference where they discuss the best practices and the first time ever student reps were able to submit workshop proposals. Any Questions? Last thing, is in regard to SoCC. I was not on the steering committee so I do not know what happened. Historically, SoCC was the responsibility of the hosting campus. The grievances I think are not relevant to UCSA. The grievances are valid, but they are not UCSA’s fault, and even if they were, they do not negate all the good things of UCSA and all the good that has come out of this membership.

§  Trinh: yields time for Gandall.

§  Gandall: I am not informed on how the organizations functions in its entirety. Is there a possibility of the grievances being fixed and how is it being fixed? The structural issues of UCSA pertaining to SoCC. Is there something being done in a reformative manner?

§  Caroline: I do not think it is a structural issue, I think it is a case by case issue per campus. I think the alleged claim that UCSA is not committed to SoCC is not true. Our president Ralph, in a situation has written legislation in support of Students of Color in the past.

§  La: Motion to extend discussion time by 20 minutes/ Second: Lu.

§  Chair passed to Baranwal.

§  Hong: If I’m hearing this, there is a case that every single UC did not come and discuss what was going on. Then it is not the fault of our branch and not UCSA? How was this coordinated? Or 13 delegations did not give us their agendas and I was wondering if something deeper went one?

§  Caroline: Like I mentioned before, the programming is the responsibility of the host campus. I spoke to UCSA about this and I was told that they had weekly calls with the EVP. UCSA was not involved in logistics of the conference. It is not their fault because they did not organize these logistics.

§  Ralph: Why did 13 not provide their itinerary to you promptly? The answer to that is ineffective communication. Sometimes people have different motivations and do not understand the necessity of providing certain information to you. I think this is a habitual matter. I do not think it is an inherent problem of the association.

§  Abdelrahman: I will read a section of the legislation. I have 2 concerns, where it says that UCSA only received one campus visit and it says they are supposed to come regularly. Also another issue, where at SoCC there was anti-Black and immigrant rhetoric used by staff and the staff received no formal training and there was no disciplinary action? What are your thoughts on reforming this what are you all doing about it?

§  Ralph: What are we doing about a lack of cultural competency and how UCSA staff only visited once in fall quarter? I think Patty would be very hurt by this statement due to her regular presence due to voter registration drives. I believe there was UCSA presence more frequently than once on the UCI campus. The staff members who made those offensive statements, as long as I understand, no longer work at/for UCSA. I think that when you identify a problem you need to be specific and when you take responsibility you must recognize what you can do better in the future. We may need to bring more staff to UCI to support it and make sure staff does not use offensive rhetoric. I do believe things have improves significantly since 2014.

§  La: This is in response to Abdelrahamn. I want to let you all know how much of support Patty was to me. She is a UCSA member. She came here continuously in the fall and even in the summer to support me and CAs living in AV. She was there, not just once. It is not only one time that UCSA has provided assistance.

§  Caroline: I want to mention that our EVP and Patty have always had a great relationship. I know that even jokingly she said she wanted to create an office for Patty in Irvine. I do not know where these grievances are coming from.

§  Natoolo: Thank you everyone, thank you ralph for being here virtually. I am so grateful Taylor for the work you put in, I am also grateful that ralph mentioned the current political atmosphere. We live in a world where people will do the worst to you. We are experiencing that right now. I so strongly feel that we cannot see the change we want to see until we work together. We have to continue to speak about these issues. Of course being a new member of ASUCI and with UCSA it is not just about the one event, especially with Caroline’s testimony. We need to look at the umbrella. We cannot step away from the struggles. We can tell them what they did was not right and how can we make it right.

§  Castillejos: Why are people that did not organize the event belittling the mental health of those that did. Secondly there wasn’t sensitivity training or cultural competency training?

§  Ralph: What kind of training does the staff receive? Our current staff goes through much professional development. They directed us through communication with identification of power and privilege and cultural competency. This was is so they could adequately lead us all through a workshop. If you want I can get you a list of all the training they have had, so that you can accurately assess the problems.

§  Baranwal: I would like to make 2 points. I would clearly state my option that opting out of UCSA is illogical. These campaigns for our students are crucial and concern all our students and all college students in California.  These bills come off as suggestions. UCSA helps us in these efforts to advance these bills to the political level, it is commendable and we should acknowledge their effort of serving UC students and all California students. It not just about the 240k UC students but about all the student’s in the nation. Of course we are concerned with the UCs, but we need to comprehend us leaving this organization in the current situation/Trump era, it is very touchy. The only way to target the important Campaigns and issues, which will need much support due to the feeling of the new President-elect, that these campaigns will need a collective effort, rather than a single effort as just ASUCI. I am in high support that we should be united right now so we can work on these issues together. Another point brought up was.

§  Chanes: This is for the purpose that y’all meeting ends in ten minutes. I am not the sole pusher for this legislation. This is from the steering committee for this conference. I have been a part of the UCSA for a very long time. My first board meeting was the one where we pulled out in 2014. This is coming from saying that we see this issue time and time again. We were treated very poorly by other UCs. I don’t think we should focus on an association where students don’t feel like it is representing them. These grievances in the legislation were coming directly form the steering committee. We can talk about all the great work that was done, but what about the great work that should have been done through reignite? We can say it is the students but what about the leadership?

§  Orozco: I would like to thank everyone here speaking on behalf of UCSA and the very good work that has definitely occurred. I do want to reiterate again that there has been great work and I do see there is value in uniting. I do want to see us work together. I do see these grievances are valid and we need to make sure our students are not left out and those that were traumatized to be heard. UCSA should address.

§  Chrigotis: How many of you heard about UCSA before you came to senate? The problem with UCSA is that students do not know what UCSA is about; we are supposed to pay them $16400. And yes Patty was here and did good work. But with16k we could have gotten other resources with this money. We could have done so much more than what UCSA did. This is only a half waver. It’s actually a full 33k. We are in a budget crunch and I don’t think moving forward.

§  Chanes: Motion to postpone this until week one of winter quarter

§  Baranwal: Objection

§  4 continue… 6 for postponing. Abstain. Postponed.

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  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 10th, 2016.