ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 10, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Natoolo at 5:15
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Baranwal / Second: Trinh
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Mousa / Second: Trinh
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • External VP Chanes: Description of position and duties. Office will be focusing on inauguration and student impact at national level. We will be focusing on making UCI a sanctuary UC and tuition hikes.
  • Special Committee Reports

·       Annette Lee: Problems with disability center committee. The legislation referenced wrong section. Needs to be rewritten and then it will be fine.

  • Old Business
    • Natoolo: Open floor to Assistant Vice Chancellor Dooros

§  Middle Earth Housing Project 5:20

§  Dooros: We would like to give Middle Earth a bit of love and put more buildings in. We have about 600 freshman without space for beds. So they are living elsewhere (Ex: Campus Village). Want to expand Middle Earth by 495 beds. Building on top of Brandywine is the plan. We will have a ground floor with dining and 2nd floor admin offices. That way the fourth floor of this building (student center) can be repurposed. Housing will be on top of the admin floor.

§  Orozco: Question about security and entering the admin building with keys.

§  Dooros: Similar to the mesa building, there will be a separate entrance for the housing than from the dining area.

§  Dooros: Any questions? This will be presented January 25th at the regents meeting. This gives you a bit of what it will look like. We are very excited. We will have the best housing of any UC and hopefully of any west coast college. This has been a challenge. But we are building for the future

§  Trinh: Will there be AC?

§  Dooros: Interesting question. We want to be very environmentally friendly. In Mesa towers there is no AC but a venting system which helps to reduce the heat. Very environmentally friendly. Haven’t heard significant negatives about it. At this point I cannot answer that.

§  Lu: Will this new development help with the population facing housing insecurity?

§  Dooros: Hopefully. We will have two different rates, classic rate and the tower rate. This will allow us to have four different variable rates when the food component is included. Our campus has the second lowest cost for housing in the UC system. San Diego does look lower than us, but their food plan is a point system which changes it. 

§  Baranwal: Do we know how the expansion of the cost will be? Increase?

§  Dooros: 5.2% increase.

§  Hi: Where is the funding coming from?

§  Dooros: All housing is funded by the residents. Right now the Cali is giving us a bond which will sponsor it. It’s similar to a loan on a house.

§  Chanes: Is there any guarantee that these triples will not turn into quads like mesa tower?

§  Dooros: If we look at the square footage we would have 4 students in the same square footage. These are much bigger rooms with private bathrooms and much higher ceilings. I can’t give a guarantee. It’s all based on who the state says we take and how many we take. We still feel a freshman should live a first year on campus.

§  Natoolo: What part would you like us, the senate, to play?

§  Dooros: We have run focus groups with the original architect and student and RAs. We would like your support in understanding this.

§  Barnwal: Going back to the differ prices (classic vs tower).

§  Dooros: There may be a premium for the tower. There will be a difference because of the quality between the new and old buildings.

§  Baranwal: How do we know that this will not contribute to the sense of classism and privilege that this system promotes?

§  Dooros: I’m not sure we can. Brandywine will be repurposed. We want everyone to use these buildings. We do not want to have the haves and have nots. Everyone should use the same facilities. But the rooms will be the rooms. It is hard to compare a brand new room with a 40 year old one. We will try to avoid this.

§  Hi: Will students be able to see the difference in pricing when choosing?

§  Dooros: yes, it is all online on the matrix. They will be able to see the triple vs double and the meal plans.

§  Hassane: I think with the expansion we are hoping that we may be able to carry on a conversation with housing on tackling basic needs especially about the prices and the future.

§  Dooros: Of course. The first five years is all planning and funding. Absolutely. We want to engage you. That’s why we are here.

§  Baranwal: You said new study rooms will be built? Will the university make an effort to make the already existing study rooms equivalent?

§  Dooros: We will have a community center for these rooms. Everyone will be able to use them.

§  Jacoby: What’s the strategy for construction (ie lot 5 dining).

§  Dooros: Strategy: we will using pippin exclusively. The summer before those residents will be fed in student center or in phoenix grill. That way pippin and towers can open up at the same time. Probably 2019. Thank you for your time. 5:41


    • R52-33: Withdraw of ASUCI Membership from UCSA

§  Chanes: We work with UCSA. We have been a part of this association for a little less than a year and a half now, we recently rejoined last school year. We had a partial fee waiver. We hosted the largest conference.Iin 2014 we pulled out. It is cited in the legislation. I can go ahead and read through it again

§  Reading of legislation R52-33 by Chanes 5:43

§  Trinh: I motion to open discussion for 15 minutes/ Second: Baranwal

§  Chanes: Updates on response of UCSA for our grievances. UCSA has offered us a complete fee waiver for the rest of the year. Because they do not believe it is fair that we pay this. This is from the president himself, Ralph. In response UCSA had a board meeting following our last senate meeting. In the first part of the meeting they focused on restructuring and addressing the lack of organization efforts. The other committee that they strated was the SoCC committee to address the issues that arise every year, every year there is controversy. From the background, a lot of the leaders are the ones who take a lot of heat and pain. They expressed their acknowledgement that this happens all the time at this conference. We also have been working on a list of demands for UCSA for the coming year. Ultimately it will take time to see their efforts.

§  Orozco: Based on this information you have given us, will this legislation be amended or will it be withdrawn?

§  Chanes: It is still on the table. I would like to amend it so that we stay with UCSA for the rest of the year so that at the end of the year with all the senators here they can see and make an educated decisions. So, I amend that it be resolved, that ASUCI reviews its ASUCI membership status during the end of spring quarter, upon a detailed analysis of its actions and commitments to UCI students during the next few months. 

§  Bender: To clarify, basically we are postponing until the spring senate is here, and that is when a decision will be made?

§  Chanes: Next years the EVP will be able to decide if we want to pay into UCSA 30k a year. We should make a decision and listen to students that have benefitted from UCSA. We want to hold UCSA accountable to see if they come through with the changes. I would like to offer this as an amendment. But I know the senate has their own positions.

§  Natoolo: I know there is a couple conferences that are scheduled. Maybe we can have them opened up to the senators so they can see it for themselves.

§  Chanes: Yes definitely. We would like to have a very large delegation

§  Bender: So are we voting or are we tabling to postpone for the spring?

§  Barnwal: Suggestion: let’s table it indefinitely and then resubmit it in the spring. Because if we table it now we can only table it until next meeting

§  Chaes: I want to be very explicit and clear with the students. I want to make it clear to UCSA and show that we are serious about UCSA. That’s why I wanted to offer an amendment.

§  Lu: After you make the amendment would it be possible to present this for the new senators?

§  Chanes: I move to amend that it be resolved, that ASUCI reviews its ASUCI membership status during the end of spring quarter, upon a detailed analysis of its actions and commitments to UCI students during the next few months. Amendment passes.

§  Chanes: Move to strike “Resolved, That if in the future, the ASUCI External Vice President finds that UCSA has indeed shown a re-commitment to the values represented by UC Irvine, they may recommend rejoining UCSA to the ASUCI Senate; and.” Amendment passes.

§  Baranwal: Move to extend time by 5 minutes /Second: Orozco

§  Bender: Before we officially acknowledge it, I think we should have another call with the UCSA pres. So we can hear both narratives. We need to hear both sides.

§  Chanes: We can definitely have another call with Ralph. But these are a lot of student grievances. I think it is important to recognize and validate it. We had half of our steering committee quit. I do want to recognize that Ralph has validated the student’s experiences.  

  • New Business
    • Leadership Connect Experience by Natoolo
    • Chair passed to Baranwal

§  Natoolo: I asked the Senate and Exec team where we can have a leadership connect experience. I am working with Jennifer to connect with the culinary center. We can work together and cook a dinner. And be in one space without agendas. And just getting to know everyone. Like a Friday evening or Saturday lunch, within budget. I want to open this up to see how you feel. If you have any ideas or feelings about it

§  Orozco: To clarify, your idea is to go to the ARC and cook our own meal and we can do it?

§  Natoolo: Yes we can. I just have to call. We can discuss leadership and how we can work together effectively. I think it will help us to recognize our differences. We need to bring out ideas to the table because of the thousands of students we are representing. We may be able to get a speaker for this. If you have any ideas.

§  Trinh: Who is it open to?

§  Natoolo: It will be with senate and exec and judicial bored so we can work together

§  Mousa: I like that Idea.

§  Noureldine: We should invite Tin Hong to be the special guest.

§  Annette: There is a professor in the school of business that discusses happiness and she would be great.

§  Natoolo: I would like to set a date now. I would like to do it with in the next two weeks.

§  Orozco: Do we know approximately what the budget is?

§  Natoolo: I do not know but we will find out soon. We will maybe to Friday with in the next two weeks. We will have a when 2 meet sent out

§  Chair passed to Natoolo

    • R52-36: Sanctuary Campus for Undocumented Students

§  Catillejos reads legislation R52-36

§  Castillejos: Move to go into discussion/ Second: Trinh.

§  Castillejos: The tone of this legislation was originally intended to call out chancellor Gillman in regards to the situation because he had not made any statements. But after the legislation was written he did have a statement saying that UCI would not cooperate with ICE agents. I would like to change some of the language on the legislation because of this update.

§  Castillejos: I move to table until our meeting on Thursday, January 12th./ Second: Orozco

  • Senate Intern Program Report
  • Committees
  • Natoolo: We will restructure committees on Thursday.
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
    • Natoolo: Please reach out to your deans as soon as possible.
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
    • Natoolo: It will be a heavy quarter. Be on top of your game. I would love for someone to run for president pro tempore on Thursday. We need to prepare ourselves for the next team coming in. Special election is week 2. Office hours, please send your availability.
    • Nand: We will be working on helping schools who do not already have councils to get them one. And for those whose schools do have one, to try and get you a seat on them.
    • Natoolo: Please come on time. We all want to be out of here by 7. Thank you.
  • Next Meeting: Thursday January 12th, 2017.
  • Trinh: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:33
    • Second: Bender