ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 12, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, January 12th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Natoolo at 5:22
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Trinh/ Second: Baranwal
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Mousa: Motion to add discussion by President of UCSA, Ralph Washington on R52-33 to A of New Business/ Sec: Trinh
    • Motion: Baranwal/ Second: Trinh
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports 5:43
    • President: On Tuesdays I will no longer be able to attend senate meetings. We will be having a Women’s Leadership Caucus. We are organizing speakers right now. We have a couple lined up. We have workshop proposals opened. We would like to hear from all of you. We need volunteers as well. Attendance will be small only, 100-200 students. Last year about 70 people attended. There will be other delegations from other UCs as well. We are asking for 3 hours per day from volunteers or a workshop facilitator.
    • Student Services VP Chirigotis: Homecoming is February 22nd or 25th. There is a homecoming court. Encourage seniors to apply. We are looking for a few more people. We will have activates throughout the week to get students pumped. There will be an event with UCLA. Saturday we will have a big festival in the park. They are really looking for campus organizations to connect with old alumni and booth. I can forward the email to anyone that is interested. There will be a homecoming game at CSUN later that night. We are still working on Soulstice, happening march 2nd. Tomorrow we have the talent showcase. It is an opportunity for the talent to perform for the other talent as well as members of ASUCI. It is to show kind of what the show entails. There is about 16 acts with a wide variety. 6-8pm in Crystal Cove auditorium, tomorrow. I will also be unavailable to be coming to senate meetings on Tuesdays as well.
    • External VP Chanes: My office is focusing on a couple of things. Working with UCSA on actions leading up to the inauguration. We will have call ins and twitter storms. On the 18th we will be supporting ask me and delivering a letter to chancellor regarding a sanctuary campus. If you are interested let me know. We are starting recruitment for the national student power summit. Happening during the second half of spring break and student lobby congress first half of spring break. Working with ask me on contract for workers on campus and uplifting student workers.
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Chanes: We will have Ralph, the President of UCSA speak on the issue of R52-33 and the previous meeting.

§  Natoolo: More about the dialogue on holding UCSA accountable and what we discussed on Tuesdays meeting

§  Chanes: I encourage you all to ask questions and then we can speak about moving forward.

§  Hassane: We would like to hear UCSA’s version of the story regarding SoCC and what happened afterwards.

§  Ralph: The main thing that is worth recognizing is that there was a lot of harm and blame thrown around. There were many mistakes made. Not just UCSA or UCI. But on many participants. These are not things that were inevitable. They were a result of people not taking responsibility or supporting. We are not in a perfect situation and sometimes we lose sight of why we have meetings every Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-7pm and why we stay up late working to represent our thousands of students. We need to take this representation seriously. We need to make sure these improvements happen buy accountability. People have not provided a mechanism to show effective progress. I’m optimistic about the accountability and the effectiveness. My perspective and UCSA’s perspective is that we need to do better advocacy and to make a safe space to not cause harm.

§  Orozco: Besides the proposed fee waiver for UCI, and more training for cultural competency, what else are we doing at the UCSA board level to train these people on these certain subjects that there still seems to be struggles with? What is being done?

§  Ralph: The first thing done this year to resolve conflict on UCSA board is that we had an extra board meeting in Davis during December. It was very productive and helpful. We reflected. We had presentations on anti-blackness and white supremacy. We will have more direct representation. Considering the fact that the function of the board is dependent on the executive committee, it is important the higher-ups participate. We need to make sure that there is this direct participation in any conference and for our other responsibilities. We may change the by-laws so that the executives can check in and see if there is a way to support. The last thing in regard to reasonability and solving problems. We have an ad hoc committee on it and a survey/feedback form. We will do everything we can to solicit feedback and do our best to do better in the future.

§  Orozco: These updates will be utilized in the upcoming conference I assume?

§  Ralph: Yes

§  Trinh: Have you seen the recent proposed amendment to withdraw form UCI?

§  Ralph: Not yet today. But I have been told you are waiting to vote on it later. Spring quarter.

§  Lu: In regards to transparency and accountability would it be possible to have a written document regarding this, like a list of problems and solutions and when these items are being competed. We need to know if all of these propositions will actually happen. What mechanisms are we using to see if these things are working?

§  Ralph: We will definitely be doing that. Thank you for the suggestion.

§  Castillejos: I agree. We are here today because it did not work out. UCI and others are exhausted from the micro aggressions. This is a big deal to the mental health of the students here. And these can be fixed. Senator Lu is right that this will be a good way to hold accountability.

§  Trinh: motion to extend time by 10 minutes/ Second: Mousa

§  Chanes: Updates in conversations between Ralph and I, we spoke about the list of demands we have been drafting with community members and student leaders. It will be at the next board meeting submitted and presented. If anyone is interested in attending it will be at Santa Cruz on February 4th and 5th. Contact me if you would like to meet the board. Thank you to Alison (Lu) for the idea of tracking accountability.

§  Natoolo: Anyone else have any questions or comments? Taylor or ralphs any closing comments?

§  Ralph: I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you all. I appreciate the optimism and that you believe that change can be made. It is great because all of us working together is effective for all of those in the system. And I am here to comeback if you would like to discuss other things.

§  Natoolo: Thank you to Ralph for coming and working into your schedule. Thank you to Taylor as well.

    • Discussion on Representative for Anteater Express Bus Love Advisory Board

§  President La: We will be expanding bus love. We will be gaining more buses, jumping from 15 to 18. The board would like a representative from senate. We did not have that last year. Last year there were only 4 students. We would like one of you to serve. There are committees. One of which is marketing, another is survey committee, and another is the budget committee. Raphael would like representative from you all. First meeting is next Tuesday, 2-3pm. If you have questions let me know.

§  Natoolo: It would be good to have an election process for the student representatives regarding this. Does anyone feel like they can take over this leadership position? I think people should know this is why we are here. To represent our student body in meeting like this. I would like to have this taken care of.

§  La: Maybe a senator can nominate themselves and then have an official appointment process.

§  Lu: Nominates herself.

§  Closed session is entered 5:54 for interview process

    • Exit Closed Session 6:03
    • Election of President Pro-Temp of the Senate

§  Natoolo: We will have nominations. Description of job.

§  Orozco: You have to be prepared to do Lydia’s job if she was unable to be at meeting. When Tin was unable to, I helped him with agendas. I would help to right legislations. Basically, up to what the President needs. The most important thing is to know Roberts rules and how to write legislation.

§  Orozco: I nominate Lu.

§  Lu: I will accept it.

§  Lee: I would nominate Orozco.

§  Orozco: I will respectfully decline.

§  Mousa: I nominate Elsie.

§  Castillejos: I accept.

§  Shahbaz: I nominate senator Hassane.

§  Hassane: I will decline.

§  Trinh: Motion for two minute recess/ Second: Orozco.

§  Trinh: Motion to return to discussion/ Second: Orozco.

§  Closed discussion is entered for interview and ballot process. 6:13

§  Senator Lu is elected as President Pro-Temp 6:43

  • Senate Intern Program Report
  • Committees

·       Natoolo: We will discuss forming of committees based on last quarters.

·       Committees are formulated.

  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
  • Next Meeting:
  • Jacoby: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:49
    • Second: Mousa