ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Natoolo at 5:07
  • Attendance
    • Senator Abdelrahman arrives late at 5:19. Senator Shahbaz arrives late at 5:37.  
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Mousa / Second: Trinh
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Mousa: Motion to suspend the order of the agenda/ Second: Trinh
    • Motion: Lu / Second: Hassane
  • Public Comment
    • Hong: I have a gift for the senate. It is a gavel for the president.
  • Executive Officer Reports
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Wellness Building Update by Dan Dooros 5:11

§  Dooros: We would like to discuss the nuances of the Wellness and Health building. Doctor Holmes has not seen this presentation. We gave it today with the chancellor and the CFO. In terms of what we discussed last week regarding Middle Earth, we want to replace Brandywine with a living space for close to 500 students. We plan on freeing up some space on the fourth floor of the student center because they will be put into the new middle earth project. That will free up 9,383 square feet. The wellness building is necessary because there is strong need for mental health services. There have been several buildings constructed since 2007, but most are academic and not student services related. We are thinking of where to place this building. There is a space crunch in terms of the student services I section. Also it is very close to a fault line. We also considered parking lot 2. It does create some reduction in parking, but that can be handled elsewhere. Parking lot 2 is the best option. We have a diagram of what it will look like. Certain student services will be moved from this building (Student Center) into the new building. This will free up additional space in this building. We would also like to place the student health center and disability services center in this new building. We may also consider moving the veteran center form here into this new building. The new building would be about 65,000 square feet.

§  Bender: For the veterans, it says inclusion subject to capital availability, can you clarify?

§  Dooros: Yes we need to see if they fit. We would love to put them in there. But it may be moved to other freed up spaces.

§  Dooros: Everything that moves out of the Student Center will free up space. We will in total free up 44,907sqft. We do need 64,000sqft. So if this plan still happens we will still need compromises. We would like the reuse for this freed up space to still be used for student services.

§  Orozco: Regarding mental health care services and expansion, what is the budget and how many people will be hired? Will students have input?

§  Holmes: We have hired 6 new people who will be a part of the mental health department. We will have all mental health specialist and administrative assistants. We will hire people who will be doing data and research as well. Data will be on monitoring appointments and wait times. We also have training directors and other types of directors. We are listening to what students want. We are getting someone who has LGBT expertise because that is what students wanted. We also will have people specializing in African American mental health. We are listening to what people want. Also looking for people who have experience with those who have had trauma. We are always open to hearing whatever areas people think we may have a deficiency in.

§  Orozco: I know we have gotten a C- in terms of mental health, in terms of wait time. What are we doing about this? Will it be enough?

§  Holmes: I do not know about the grading happening. I do not know the methodology. But will it guarantee anything? We do not know. We want to have an appropriate student to counselor ratio. We want 1 counselor to 1000 students. We are getting close to that. I have handouts for people. We want to advertise services to make sure people know we are here. It is a double edged sword because we want more people getting these services but it will lead to more people needing to be hired and go back to longer wait times. We think that this wellness building is a good plan in terms of projected growth.

§  Dooros: I think we have to look at it in how if we don’t do this what will happen? The situation would get worse because there will be more students here.

§  Lu: Will the conversation regarding mental health also included a care manager to help with / CARE office?

§  Holmes: That was my priority. Part of the reason why the CARE office cannot expand is because there is no room. If the counseling center hires a couple more people they will run out of room. Ideally we want expansion of the CARE office and more advocates.  Has anyone been to Disability Services Center? The trailer? I think it sends a message that they are not part of the services center. And the trailer is 33 years old. They do the best they can. But I think we can do better. The students deserve better. The numbers have gone up from 2,000 to about 6,000 tests that they need to be administered through the DSC. DSC does not have the space and they have to spend money to rent out space. We want space where students do not have to take exams in unfamiliar locations. We are looking for growth there. I am a psychologist so I am consumed with those that are struggling most. The truth is most of you won’t go to the DSC or CARE Office. But most of you want jobs after college. So 100% of you should be utilizing the Career Center. They are struggling too. We have the least favorable student to staff ratio among the UCs. Employers will not come if facilities are not impressive. There are challenges to overcome if there is insufficient space. We don’t have a place for catering events or skype interviews. We do not want students to be disadvantaged because of the facilities. I’m thinking about the future when I say this. We want to have facilities to create a real 21st century career center. Think about the occupants of this building. A clear picture of 10 years from now. That’s why I’m here. I want to advocate for more space for my folks to do the work they need to do. Any questions?

§  Lu: Can you go back to the slide regarding the financial aid and the space?

§  Dooros: The Financial Aid office is not a part of this building. But they also are in need of space. Financial Aid and Admissions. Now we have 100,000 students applying; only a few years ago it was 60,000. Now these applications need to be read twice. So there is a lot of work which goes in. the admin folks do an amazing job but the projections show we are under served. In terms of financial aid, when we have this many students applying it is inherent that the need will increase. Hopefully with the freed up space these needs would be met.

§  Lee: Regarding the old space, who takes ownership of the space, does it fall under the student services? Will student orgs need to still rent out the space or will it be different?

§  Dooros: Yes we need to work with you all on this. We hope to repurpose this for student success. We hope students have a say in what the space is used for. We hope the referendum will say the space will be repurposed for student affairs. They have this direct relationship with student government.

§  Holmes: We want to hear from you about more needs. Like dreamers or the needs of undocumented students. There is still on-going conversations about where these spaces are going.

§  Dooros: Some considerations: Ballot name and language? What should it say? How can we work with you to get student engagement? With the new constitution one of you could help us lead this referendum. And if something isn’t clear let us know. We’d love to work with you and hope you think this is good as we think it is. Contacts us on the 4th floor. 5:42

    • Office of Academic Senate: Monthly Report by Academic Affairs VP Nand and Angela Phan, Academic Affairs Commissioner.

§  Phan: We represent student voices on many meetings and advocate for students in these meetings with the administration.

§  CEP is the only one with voting power for students.

§  List of all the meeting academic senators sit on.

§  Council on Educational Policy

§  GE requirements review. It’s a 3 year cycle.

§  Review of proposal: If e-sports scholarship recipients students should have priority registration. CEP decided no at this time. Can ask again in a couple years, because we need more data on this.  

§  Faculty teaching off module courses to benefit their schedules as opposed to students. CEP is asking if these course off module are useful. Getting more data from associate deans.

§  Monday/Wednesday classes are currently at 50 minutes; talking about extending to 75 minutes. Collecting student perspective on this. This may benefit humanity courses and not STEM courses. I want to collect survey on this. Mixed messages.

§  Questions?

§  Bender: Why would the humanities courses benefit from 75 minutes compared to STEM classes?

§  Phan: I’m not sure, I know since I am a biology major, I know that people lose attention after the 20 minute mark. I think they benefit from the Monday, Wednesday, Friday of 50miutes because of the amount being covered. Not sure though. I will be giving these updates once a month. If there’s anything for your respective schools you’d like to bring up please let me know. Thank you for your time.

  • Senate Intern Program Report
    • Amir: First meeting will be this week and then we will discuss which interns want to work with which committees.
  • Committees
  • Trinh: motion to go into committee breakouts for 10 minutes/ Second: Orozco.
    • Rules
      • Orozco: We are currently discussing an amendment to finally not allow the RAs to run for this positon do to meetings they have and time constraints.
    • Finance
      • Jacoby: Working with Robert to publish an online budget of what the public is allowed to see.
    • Public Information
    • Advocacy
      • Mousa: We are still trying to continue our meeting with the Cross Cultural Center. Planning on reaching out again to orgs like BSU and DSC.
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
    • Natoolo: Please set a date to meet with your dean. We know they are all very busy.
    • Orozco: Move to go into school breakouts for 5 minutes/ Second: Trinh.

§  Trinh: Planning to send out an email to the executive assistants for my dean.

§  Bender: Have one person running for social ecology senator and look forward to meeting with her.

§  Orozco: We will be emailing the dean this week for a meeting

§  Jacoby: Working on getting the 3 points together to bring to the dean.

§  Shahbaz: Working on emailing my dean.

§  Abdelrahman: Meeting with dean, working on visiting council for school of Engineering.

§  Hassane: Working on emailing my dean.

§  Noureldine: Trying to still meet with my dean; they keep pushing it off.

  • Final Business
  • Announcements
  • Next Meeting: Thursday, January 19th, 2017.
  • Trinh: Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 6:20
    • Second: Orozco