ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017


  • Called to Order by Lu at 5:07
  • Attendance
    • Senator Mousa, Senator Erikat, and Senator Abdelrahman arrive late at 5:19. Senator Aldoghmi arrives late at 5:32. Senator Shahbaz arrives late at 5:47.
    • Senator Safady leaves early at 6:47. Senator Abdelrahman leaves early at 6:49.
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Public Comment

·       Member of the Public:  Opposes proposal for new student wellness building.

Believes it is unreasonable especially after the tuition increase. How much will it increase next year? How can we ask students to pay for this at such an uncertain time. This shiny new building will solve none of our problems with or current health system. Have any of you senators had a good visit to the student health center? They off cheaper services for a reason. Because they have designed the system to completely insolate themselves from external forces. There is no incentive for the student health center to provide a better service. This sends a clear message that it is okay for them to provide bad service. This student health office is the second least courteous office on this campus. They view us as cash cows. They should reimburse the additional costs for students. This would actually increase quality of care without increasing parking prices. This plan is in favor of staff over students. This is being asked to be funded at a time we cannot afford it. Locks in a system of low quality care. I encourage you senators to push back on this proposal to create a plan that will hold faculty and administration accountable.

  • Executive Officer Reports
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • Workshop for Creating Student Councils by Annette Lee 6:07

§  Lee: Introduction and description of Judicial Board.

§  Introduction of current and new Senators.  

§  Lee: Getting an Ex Officio seat on these councils will allow you to better represent your constituents. You can actually be there when they are discussing important issues. You can all pull it up on the google doc. We want a concept over view paper to brainstorm this. This will be about how you will achieve different objectives or how to create a council. Lydia will be discussing the deadline further, but we do want to get this moving.

§  The drive also have a section that can track your progress and what you are working on. There will also be another doc with a timeline. Everyone this week should be working on the proposals and concept paper. There may be changes made by Thursday.

§  Lee: Any questions?

§  Lu: A note from Tianna, please get the week 3 agenda done by Friday. Also please email your dean and their assistants to get a meeting with them. There will be more done by committee meeting.

§  Zheng: As an international senator, who should I contact?

§  Lee: Maybe talk to the international student center and get in contact with them and introduce yourself and let them know you’re there to help them. Same to the transfer representative, speak with the transfer student center and build that relationship.

§  Lu: Please try to make sure you are on the facebook senate page because these docs will be through there. You need to use your senate email to access the google doc. Make sure to speak on this during school breakouts.

§  Lee: During school breakouts, this is what you should be working on. Any other questions?

§  Noureldine: If our school already has a council what should we do?

§  Lee: Try and get the Ex Officio seat so you can have a voice even without a vote. And so you know what’s going on.

§  Yakub: If you’re already on the council how does that work?

§  Lee: That’s great, but think about a separate position for future senators because it’s supposed to be a long term thing.

§  Lee: Thank you.

§  Bender: Motion to end discussion / Second: Orozco


    • Baranwal: Motion to postpone R52-39

§  Orozco: Objection, this has been postponed multiple times. I think it should take no more than 15 mins.

§  Baranwal: I retract my motion.


    • R52-39: Appointment of Anteater Express Board-Senate Representatives 2016-2017

§  R52-39: Legislation read by Orozco.

§  Jacoby: Motion to call into discussion for 5 minutes/ Second: Bender.

§  Bender: Motion to call into question/ Second: Trinh

§  R52-39 passes 24-0-1, Yea: Mousa, Jacoby, Chavez, Baggia, Erikat, Noureldine, Aldoghmi, Lim, Abdelrahman, Abuzeid, Shahbaz, Pourmand, Alazani, Trinh, Danesh, Bender, Safady, Hassane, Orozco, Yakub, Hernandez, Hasan, Zheng; Nay: none; Abstention: Xiao.

  • New Business
    • Roles and Responsibilities of a Senator- Roberts Rules by Hong 5:21

§  Former President of the Senate Tin Hong gives a lecture on Roberts Rules and asks senators why they are here and what they want to work for.

§  Discussion with various senators and what improvements they want for their select schools.

§  List of Senatorial responsibilities is read out to current and new senators.

§  PowerPoint of Robert’s Rules is given.

§  Orozco: Motion to extend time by 10 minutes/ Second: Trinh.

§  Lecture on Robert’s Rules is continued

§  Trinh: Motion to extend time by 5 minutes/ Second: Baranwal.

§  Lecture continued.

§  Orozco: Move to end discussion/ Second: Trinh.

  • Senate Intern Program Report
    • No New Updates
  • Committees
  • Lu: Can the chairs give brief description of the committees so new senators can get a better idea of how they work.
  • Each chair gives description of their committee.
  • Orozco: Please submit the survey for committees by Noon tomorrow.
  • Noureldine: motion to suspend by-laws and strike committee breakouts/ Second: Zheng.
    • Rules
    • Finance
    • Public Information
    • Advocacy
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
    • Baranwal: Motion to go into school breakouts for 15 minutes/ Second: Jacoby.
  • Final Business

·       Lu: We will have 6b here.

·       Brennan: Description of the legislative and external policy committee.

§  We discuss federal and state legislation and local ordinances and how ASUCI may take a stance on something. It gives us more backing when we bring these to UCSA. So we can show this is what the students want. We have many things to discuss like governor’s budget, would like to have this meeting this week because the UCSA meeting is this weekend up in Santa Cruz. You can email me for more information.

§  Orozco: If a legislation were made for this committee to be created, by when would you need a deadline?

§  Brennan: Depends on how formal you want it, but if a bunch of people want to just join, I would probably need it by Thursday.

  • Announcements
    • Lu: Please fill out the form that Tiana wants by Friday.
  • Next Meeting: Thursday, February 2nd, 2017.
  • Orozco: Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 6:53
    • Second: Zheng.