ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 09, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, February 9th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Natoolo at 5:14
  • Attendance
    • Senator Mousa arrives late at 5:17. Senator Pourmand arrives late at 5:26. Senator Yakub arrives late at 5:27. Senator Aldoghmi arrives late at 5:34. Senator Trinh arrives late at 6:00. Senator Hernandez arrives late at 6:20.  
    • Senator Yakub leaves early at 6:02.
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Jacoby/ Second: Lu
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Orozco/ Second: Castillejos
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: Sorry I am late. I was crafting the Women’s Leadership Caucus agenda. We have it this weekend, Friday through Sunday. I have been contacted by student affairs because there are 2 vacant positons. We already have 9 students interested in being a part of the hiring committee. If anyone is interested please let me know. It is a low time commitment, probably only 1-3hrs per week. The director of research and evaluation and special assistant to the vice chancellor are who we are looking for. Right now they academic affairs is discussing how they will move forward with providing the governor of California about how UCI will be effected by the enrollment increase. By up to 40k by 2023. So the UC is trying to figure out how they will lobby the new governor in 2018 for funding with this increase.
    • Student Services VP: Updates, we have two big events. Homecoming and Soulstice coming up. We have selected our homecoming court. Check out on our Facebook page; additionally, voting will occur homecoming week of February 21st through the 25th. They are making videos right now and they are making a marketing campaign. Presale tickets are on sale for Soulstice right now for ten dollars. If you’re interested talk to Lydia or talk to myself. We can try and figure something else out. They will be fifteen after Monday.
    • External VP: Student Lobby Congress applications are open, we help create a policy agenda and we take requests from our group about what we lobby on. The applications close on February 26th. They are found under EVP on the ASUCI website. 5:35
    • Internal VP: I am your internal VP, Rafael. I normally have class at this time. My anteaters in action commission have an event tomorrow, a DIY project called “Raise the Woof”. Putting together dog and cat toys to donate to shelters. We also have my sustainability commission hosting an even next Monday where they are collecting recyclables to make a Valentine’s Day gift out of.
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • R52-40: No Ban No Wall Resolution

§  Natoolo: It came to my notice that the resolution has two issues and we cannot do that. We have been asked to separate them. And if you can go back and follow the exact executive order wording. Go back and research and find out what the President wrote and that is how you give the title. Another senator can work on the wall resolution. Anette can also chime in on the wording. The monetary part was mentioned, anything monetary is a bill. You cannot put finances in the resolution. This is for the new Senators.

§  Lee: I agree with Lydia. Especially about the financial part with what it says in the by-laws, it must be a bill. And just with the wording, we are making a public statement, we need to make it clearer exactly what is happening on campus. A lot of times the media will blow it out of proportion. So what was brought up to my attention is the word ‘attack,’ I understand where it comes from, but some people may think about it as an actual physical attack. Think and try to use another word that changes the meaning a bit. Think back to the problems we had with the flag ban legislation.

§  Castillejos: Do you suggest specifying what the ‘attack’ is?

§  Lee: Try to use a more specific word like “what are the negative impacts” or show them. Attack is too broad. Making it more specific will have more power. This will make the legislation stronger.

§  Natoolo: Also about the word ‘demand?’ What other words can we use? Instead of demanding?

§  Orozco: I do not think the word ‘demand’ should be an issue because it has been in prior legislations. I understand the language needs to be assessed. But at the same time it is a demand.

§  Natoolo: Yes, I just don’t want it to be brought back.

§  Orozco: I’d rather it be brought back the way the writers intended. Not so that the meaning will be changed.

§  Castillejos: I think that if we try to change it without the author it will change the meaning and we can’t do that.

§  Lee: This is all a suggestion because I do not know what the other justices think. I am trying to pull up past legislations to see exactly what the problem with the last one was.

§  Lim: I think we shouldn’t try and detract from what the author tried to say. But for ‘attack’ I think we should be more specific, because it can be spun a lot of ways. So I think it should be modified.

    • Connect Experience

§  Natoolo: I noticed that some people cannot make it on Friday. So I asked if we could maybe instead of having meeting we could have this dinner in its place on a Thursday.

  • New Business
    • R52-42: Formation of Rules Committee

§  Noureldine: Motion to bring R52-42 to the floor/ Second: Orozco.

§  Xiao reads the legislation.

§  Jacoby: Motion to bring R52-42 into discussion for one minute/ Second: Lim.

§  Abuzeid: Motion to call R52-42 into question/ Second: Lu

§  R52-42 passes 17-0-0, Yea: Mousa, Jacoby, Baggia, Erikat Noureldine, Lim, Abdelrahman, Abuzeid, Castillejos, Xiao, Pourmand, Bender, Safady, Hassane, Orozco, Yakub

    • R52-43: Formation of Advocacy Committee

§  Abdelrahman: Motion to bring R52-43 to the floor/ Second: Jacoby

§  Legislation read by Mousa.

§  Lim: Motion to bring R52-43 to discussion for one minute/ Second: Jacoby.

§  Noureldine: Motion to call into question/ Second: Lim

§  R52-43 passes, 17-0-0, Yea: Lu, Mousa, Jacoby, Baggia, Erikat Noureldine, Lim, Abdelrahman, Abuzeid, Castillejos, Xiao, Pourmand, Bender, Safady, Hassane, Orozco, Yakub,

  • Senate Intern Program Report
    • Amir: My co-commissioner are thinking about how we will change our application for new senate interns.
  • Committees
  • Orozco: I move to go into committee breakouts for 20 minutes/ Second: Jacoby.
    • Rules
      • Orozco: We are currently working on the by-laws amendment for our current agenda because it is not up to date with Robert’s Rules. We are working on striking the power the president has to strike voting laws. We need to strike the latter half. Also working on amending by-laws so all resolutions go through committees before being passed.
    • Finance
      • Jacoby: We submitted the bill for office supplies. ASUCI will present their budget during week 6 and we will figure out how to take that and present it to the public and students clearly.
    • Public Information
      • Lim: We decided we want wind breakers for our apparel and it will be maroon. We are thinking of taking money from the budget to buy snacks to get more people to come out for public comment. I will start emailing school departments so we can start letting your constituents know who you are. There is also a section to attach your photo. But if you would like to not that is fine. You don’t have to.
    • Advocacy
      • Noureldine: We are writing the disability center committee legislation this weekend. I wanted to get names of people that are interested in joining it.
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
    • Mousa: Motion to go into school breakouts for 15 minutes/ Second: Trinh
    • Noureldine: Motion to extend time by 5 minutes/ Second:  Aldoghmi
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
    • Natoolo: Please write a resolution before the end of the quarter and someone has to second it.
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 14th, 2017.
  • Noureldine: Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 6:30
    • Second: Abdelrahman