ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 16, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, February 16th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Baranwal at  5:20
  • Attendance
    • Senator Hernandez arrives late at 6:30.
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Trinh/ Second: Lim
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Trinh/ Second: Jacoby
  • Public Comment

·       Brenden: If you are interested in joining the external policy committee, please fill out the when2meet. Had meeting with campus governmental relations and they mentioned that the deans of each school may have pots of money for students to go on advocacy trips, so if you have a meeting with your dean I would appreciate if you could ask about that. Because we do have a couple of conferences coming up through the office of the EVP which we would greatly appreciate funding for.

  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: We have the mental health conference planning underway. We have sent an email to apply to work on the programming committee. People have been accepted. I am starting to do more president office hours. Right now it’s through appointment only basis. Usually I’m booked every week. For this, I have Wednesday’s 12-1pm. I’m usually in my office any ways. Making public if people want to talk about issues. Hiring committee for student affairs has closed.  Sent out over 13 names to student affairs to let them know what students are interested. They will be reaching out soon. Guidelines state that all chairs must be in attendance for things to be passed. The purpose of these guidelines is to represent your constituents. That’s all for now. Thanks.
    • Internal VP: Hi I am Rafael your Internal VP. Anteater in action successfully hosted ‘Raise the Woof,’ last week. We couldn’t bring therapy dogs because of weather condition but hopefully later in the quarter. Vendor fair this week. New Korean bbq vendor. They are new and we want to get as much feedback as possible. Which ones we can bring next time. To make it even better for next quarter. Currently planning earth week with the sustainability committee.
    • Student services VP: Next week is homecoming week. It will be super fun. Activates on the terrace all week. With people boothing. Homecoming court video should be up very soon. Voting starts Monday at 9:00. Week after is Soulstice. Presale has ended. We sold about 1400 tickets so far. 500 more than last time at this time. If you want to buy, buy now.
    • External VP: UCSA board meeting at Santa Barbara, March 4th and 5th. If you’re interested we do pay for transportation and place to stay. In next couple of weeks focusing on healthy relationships. Also decided to close the student lobby conference 2 days earlier due to logistical issues for booking rooms. So we will have an interview process instead. For our “know your rights” efforts, two of my commissions have teamed up to do “know your rights” workshops. They will be contacting you about your shared interests in bringing these to campus. USSA will be visiting week 8. They will have a town hall. Sid is doing a workshop as well and organizing trainings.
    • Academic Affairs VP: We opened the Diane Guerrero rsvp link and it filled up within 12 minutes. We were able to get a bigger room so we will open it again. We will be giving out scan-trons during finals week. We will also have a shadowing program for ASUCI. Visions leadership class also has openings. We are actually starting through academic advocacy an app competition to build academically relevant apps. Opening next week.
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • 6A Office of the President Budget Report by La

§  La: Thanks for letting me come in to give me by budget report. It is in the by-laws to do it every week 3 and 6.

§  7090 expenditures.

§  16x60 Fall quarter + Winter quarter (didn’t spend anything): 2,143 spent, left over 2,856.91.

§  Art lab 7080 expenditures Fall quarter +Winter quarter, 202.15 spent.

§  Campus climate 7090 Expenditures, left over: 1,741.60

§  Liaisons council Fall quarter + Winter: left over: 2,201.99

§  Recruitment and Retention- left over: 2,200.47

§  SPFB still hasn’t changed from Fall quarter.

§  La: That is all. Any questions?

    • 6B Office of the Internal Vice President Budget Report by Carrazco

§  Carrazco: This is my winter week 6 budget presentation. Much of the presentation is reflected form the changes of last quarter. If you have questions about last quarter let me know.

§  Programming services: 2,255.31 left.

§  Anteater in Action Commission, allocated 3500, we have spent 1900 1599.77 leftover.

§  Sustainability project commission- allocated 1,000, 738.27 left.

§  Student life and advocacy commission- allocated 1,300, left over :1,012.24

§  Legal Clinic Commission- allocated 2,000, left over 1,944.50

§  Garden commission- allocated 1,800- leftover 1,717.01

§  Food security commission- allocated 4,000, leftover 3,037.73

§  Campus task force commission- allocated 1,000; leftover 823.60

§  Carrazco: Any questions?

§  Lu: For the legal clinic commission, since you spend less than 30%, can you give a brief explanations about it and future work?

§  Carrazco: Mostly what it does it to make sure students are put in the right direction when they run into legal troubles. We originally wanted to start a legal clinic. But we are hesitant due to other factors, so much was allocated toward that.

§  Natoolo: In addition to the legal clinic, especially with the recent political environment with undocumented students, because you have funds here is there something we can do to rally and get resources and more help for the student here? Looking into it?

§  Carrazco: Yes we are look into that, we are working with others to get to know the resources students have because right now we don’t have any concrete data.

§  Natoolo: Motion to go into recess for 5 minutes/ Second: Jacoby

§  Chair passed to Natoolo

    • 6C Office of External Vice President Budget Report

§  Chanes: Hi everyone. You just saw 2 budgets that are not as large as the EVP budget. I am trying to show you exactly where everything goes.

§  EVP internal programming 6,800.45 left

§  UCI Decide 1,525.11 spent

§  National organizing staff spent 38.34

§  High School outreach branch- spent 81.10,

§  External affairs budget 87,303 spent

§  Income- received 41,660, waiting on about 29,000

§  Travel, 11,000 budget, spent 383. USSA board retreat spent 3,890. UC external travel spent 38.07. UCSA board meeting, 516 spent. 299 for December UCSA board meeting. January UCSA board meeting, 359 spent. Program cost 271.20 spent. USSA congress- 50 spent. UCSA summit- 3,000, 12 students going. UCSA membership- 5,472.13. Negotiating fee waiver, SOCC, budget of 37,950.

§  Income for conference was 41,660

§  Chanes: Any questions? Can be confusing.

§  Bender: Some of the items that can be reused such as the mega phones, how are they stored so they can be reused?

§  Chanes: So we have a check out system with a binder and people’s names. The rest of the mega phones are kept in a box.

§  Xiao: is there a report for the assets that the EVP has? Like the mega phones? Things that can be reused?

§  Chanes: Probably the only thing you can reuse that we have bought is the mega phones.

§  Lim: What do you do with the extra stuff from SOCC?

§  Chanes: We generally do giveaways or donate them and supply other places. You can pick up the pens in the office.

§  Recess entered due to loss of quorum

§  Quorum is regained

§  Natoolo: Thank you so much Taylor. This is information for the new senators you cannot leave the room while we are in the process, because then we may lose quorum.

    • 6D Internal Student Advocate General Updates

§  Baranwal: Introduction and explanation of Soffice of the SAG. We represent students in meetings regarding student conduct and other information. We have been able to expand it to have two sides of it. We have external and internal. I am a kind of HR, so if you have any troubles with ASUCI, you can come to me or file a complaint online and I take care of it. We receive grievances related to ASUCI and we take action to remedy such grievances. We are working on a training program which came out of the campus climate that really surged into chaos after November 8th 2016. After that a lot of hate crimes came about on campus. Students were put into the positon of being bystanders or intervening. We think the students should be trained in learning how to mediate situations of conflict especially politics related. It will probably be a 1-2 day thing. All paid members of ASUCI with have to go to this training. They will give a 16 hour lecture on how to be a good mediator and training on cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. And how to react in situations where conflicts regarding social issues are presented. And the resource awareness week is kind of like the kick starter to that training program that I am calling it. That week is going to be comprised of a 5 day event series where we bring different departments on campus to educate students to know the rights they have. That’s the idea. Resource awareness week will have one hour events each day of the week and come down and teach students what they do and teach students what rights they have and policies that effect the students and what they should be aware of. Bigger picture is to have a safer campus climate. This is not encouraging any type of political stance. The main point of this is know to mediate and stop conflict from arising. We do not want to take a political stance, just a goal of safety. As mentioned before when SAG became more detailed we created an entire side in charge of finding remedial measures and taking care of complaints in relation to ASUCI. In structure and policies. Looking at this and kind of what we are being told to do, I decided to look into the office of congressional ethics. The OCE review allegations of the House of Representatives. They investigate and write reports. Similarly my vision for this is that I’m going to follow their model in terms of conducting an investigation or writing reports. If we feel that we have enough info to report, so we can lead on one side or the other.

§  Xiao: Motion to increase time by 5 minutes/ Second: Trinh.

§  Baranwal: There is a form to report complaints under the SAG tab. There is an anonymous google form that will be sent directly to me and I will let you know what happens.

§  Jacoby: Motion to go into closed session for the remainder of the meeting

§  Chanes: Move to vote by acclimations/ Second: Orozco; No objections. So closed session is entered 6:52.

  • Senate Intern Program Report
  • Committees
    • Rules
    • Finance
    • Public Information
    • Advocacy
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 21st, 2017.
  • Orozco: Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 7:00p
    • Second: Jacoby