ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 23, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

  • Called to Order by Natoolo at 5:11
  • Attendance
    • Senator Mousa arrives late at 6:07pm
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Trinh/ Second: Jacoby
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Orozco: motion to move new business 6C to next Tuesday’s meeting on February 28th. Passes with over 2/3rds vote.
    • Motion: Orozco / Second: Jacoby
  • Public Comment

·       Aldo Laureano: Addressing comments of last Tuesdays meeting. For academic affairs office. All staff are crucial for our processes. Office hours are very important, that’s where all of our publicity comes from. To say that these commitments are not required is not the truth. Without this nothing would get done. We four commissioners requested the termination of Tej Vuligonda. Two others resigned under him working there. We held one event yesterday at 17 weeks of the school year. His poor attendance can no longer be tolerated. His performance has severely hindered speaker commissioner and the Office of Academic Affairs VP.

  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: We have a writing contest coming up with an extended deadline. Regarding mental health. Deadline Friday March 3rd with gift card prizes. Trying to change stigma of mental health on campus. We also have ‘yoga and chill info session’ on Monday march 6th. I had a meeting with Chancellor Gillman on Tuesday. Issues that came up were the 19.5 hour work week max out for campus employees. We found a lot of students were hindered by the 19.5 hour work week. They were not able to receive food assistance. I ended up getting referred back to HR. A lot has to do with the Affordable Care Act and mandates the school has to deal with. Also spoke about parking. We will be ending up with 40,000 students up by 2030. There is already not enough space for parking. This may be part of a future fund raising campaign for UCI. Government may never fund infrastructure for universities again, focus is no longer on higher education. Also supplementary assistance for students affected by the possibility that the middle class scholarship will be cut. We do not know if students not on it yet will receive it. Right now we have the 2nd smallest career center in the UC system. We are working to see if we can engage with alumni to expand.
    •  External VP: Applications for Student Lobby Conference close tomorrow. Please please, please apply. There will be no extensions. I have contacted multiple professors to get it to their students. We think we will have a lot of applications. I really want you all to come to see what UCSA is all about. Introduction of VP staff.
    • Student Services VP: Homecoming is happening this Saturday. So make sure to come out. If you have anything in general to ask, please come talk to me about homecoming or soulstice. We will have a homecoming volleyball rally tomorrow from 5-7p on the tennis courts. March 2nd is soulstice. You just need your ID to get in, but students should register so they can get an idea of how many people will be coming to the festival.

§  Brennan: Legislative Internal Policy meeting tomorrow at 9am. Over by 10.

  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • 5A: Senate Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities

§  Natoolo: Thank you for all the work you are putting in, but we have a lot to do. We have many responsibilities. We only have 2 weeks again. One of the things I’m having challenges with is that we took an oath to represent all these students. We need to emphasize that we show up and show up on time. We have to write resolutions and for the new senators please go and looks at the old resolutions so you can learn. If you are basing on current political atmosphere make sure you cite things and make sure you use words that will not ignite things in the room. Be mindful. Use all your powers to do the research and write the right words. Reach out to others to help you, like Tin Hong or Brennan. Reach out and get help so we can do an effective job in this room. If you want to cancel please only for emergencies. If you can show up, that is key. Only 2 weeks left. Let me know 5pm the day before. The day of the meeting is too late and not fair. Let us be present, let us be attentive. If we have someone speaking and doing the work let us pay attention and be present. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Thank you. And next quarter we will need another president. We will ask some of you to run for office. Please raise your hands when this comes up.

    • Xiao: Motion to suspend by-laws to move items 5C to 5B/ Second: Orozco. Passes by 2/3rds vote.
    • 5C: Office of the Student Services Budget Report

§  Chirigotis: I am available after and throughout the week if you have any questions regarding this.

§  Welcome Week: Budget 67,000, spent 67,000 with 45 dollars left. Very good budgeting. We had advertising and sponsorships, had vendor booth fee income. We spent on advertising, events, like Aldrich after dark, equipment, and programming costs (t-shirts, movies, dodgeballs, etc.)

§  List of sponsors we had. And boothing fee for income.

§  Expenses: Aldrich park after dark stage, same stage for other uses, staff pro (security), marketing (posters, student center marquees, flyers) entertainment costs (Black Bear, buying food for our guests,), world record attempt event (costs to pay Guinness to come out and authenticate the event, we negotiated down from 12,000 to 7,000), we think that maybe a world record event would not be ideal in terms of budgetary stuff for the next few years. Logistically there may be problems. Finding dory screening cost.

§  Lu: Under the account 6412, what are the dashes, and cost of 229.05?

§  Chirigotis: Sometimes we get invoices from the student center. It costs money to book the park or other things on campus.

§  Shocktoberfest: increased ticket sales to accommodate a demand in entertainment. We increased entertainment budget. We also found out that students were coming to our event a bit more intoxicated, but because of that we as ASUCI provided security for the safety of our students. That’s where some of the increased cost came from. The facilities we charged 25 for ticket sales per ticket, there was 27, but a 2 dollar processing fee from Bren events center. After we spoke with the Bren evens center and the police, they said we needed more safety and security procedures. So that added around 11,000 more in expenses. This 11,000 over is not necessarily ASUCI’s call, but it may be on the police department.

§  Yakub: Does this mean the UCIPD asked for this extra 11,000.  

§  Chirigotis: Yes. If an emergency personnel comes out of our district, then we will have to pay for that or part of it. For instance emergency personnel had to come from LA and we had to pay for part of that. I think this is something we need to discuss with administration. So we can discuss what everyone is doing to make a safe environment for our school. My staff and ASUCI did the best we could with alcohol awareness. We just don’t want to jeopardize people’s safety

§  Orozco: Move to extend time by 5 minutes/ Second: Lim

§  Chirigotis: everyone I spoke to really enjoyed the concert, and they want it to be bigger and better, but that leads to bigger costs. Just for your info.

§  Yakub: Is there a possibility to turn people away if they are too intoxicated?

§  Chirigotis: We already do that. But then they will collapse afterward. And need paramedics.

§  Safady: If someone is intoxicated in public, how come these students are not being arrested?

§  Chirigotis: They are and we are getting charged for it.

§  Natoolo: Can we, is there any way when working for prep for the event, can we ask them not to show up if they are intoxicated?

§  Chirigotis: we already do this, we even gave a list of protocol for safety if one does show up intoxicated. Shocktober generally gets more costs for this because the PD will scout out the performers before hand.

§  Hassane: Move to extend time by 5 minutes/ Second: Orozco

§  Chirigotis: It will get covered. It’s just more about the principle, that if these will get bigger how we will pay for it. We are also competing against other UCs. We are trying to keep up with them and the student experience. And we have to speak with administration about who is really responsible for people coming intoxicated.

§  Athletics: They have a rally so much big budgetary stuff will be happening tomorrow. We have gotten approved for the ‘Defend the Bren Series’, however that will cover the ‘Defend the Bren’ shuttles. That bill has not come in yet, these program costs were t-shirts in bulk and wristbands and other giveaways.

§  Campus outreach: food, spirit day, another sprit day is not yet included

§  Films: prior expenses were covered in last year’s budget. However the screening people sent in there invoice really late. We already paid for it, it just shows up because it the last fiscal year.

§  Soustice not include yet because nothing has been in yet. As well as Summerlands.

    • 5B: R52-45: Safe Campus for Free Speech for All: Condemn Violence at UC Berkeley

§  Jacoby: Motion to bring R52-45 to the floor for 15 minutes/ Secod: Hernandez

§  Trinh: Motion to move into discussion for 15 minutes/ Second: Yakub

§  Lim: After reading it aloud to everyone there were some problems. Especially with the word terrorist, because some people felt it has been used to target black and brown people. Also some of the wording is not sensitive, also there needs to be citations for all the claims made. And a suggestion to change from action, but to change to say ASUCI promotes peaceful protests. Some people might misinterpret it as being against something rather than supporting peaceful protests. Mostly the citing is very crucial and possibly not mentioning antiFa and instead just speak about the violent protests. Also the part about speakers should be more specific. One suggestion was to strike down the request for action because we are not doing something like that.

§  Yakub: For the spelling for antiFa was not coherent for all of it.

§  Orozco: So if after all of these amendments are made, what is the purpose of these resolution again?

§  Safady: It’s to endorse protests but to condemn violence. Some of you know me and what I deal with today because of the violence experienced. I don’t feel like what I live with is justifiable in anyway. I realize it can be a difficult subject when you know something is right and you don’t know how to get there. I just feel like if this school is genuinely going to promote being a safe campus for everyone, then you can come here and protest but you can’t spray mace on someone or gang up and beat them with a metal pipe. Just come here and use this university as it’s intended; to inspire us and teach as

§  Orozco: Just to follow up with this point you made, if it’s true you’re condemning mostly physical violence, is this also condemning verbal violence and emotional violence as well?

§  Safady: No because I think we have a right to listen to each other because I think that can lead to silence.

§  Orozco: On Sep 2016, this speaker [Milo] said that Islam brings negative aspects. And we have many students on campus that are Muslim, undocumented and women. Because that is violent speech, and you are not thinking about your constituents.

§  Safady: He is allowed to speak up. He has been challenged. He has responded. And he has not done these things. I would say that not everyone agrees with you on some of the things that you are saying and not all immigrants or Muslims would agree with you and if anything, I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says. But I personally I feel like all of this is just an opportunity to challenge and find truth instead of allowing violence.

§  Person from the public: In regards to the legislation, I just want to speak about it to the Milo event on campus and the violence it affected on students of color and trans students. The language on this legislaton is white supremacist language. Milo attracted hate against trans students and outed undocumented students and put their lives at risk. People lives are endangered, these are student who pay to go to Berkley. No legislation has been helped for queer or trans students on campus. His presentation spews nothing but hate and violence. Two of the students protesting were assaulted by supporters. There were police but they did nothing to the help the assaulted students as expected by their treatment of black and brown people. I’m just amazed that broken buildings and broken windows are more important the lives of colored people and trans people. This legislation portrays antiFa as prejudiced when it literally just means being antifascists. This violence is happening every day and the legislation does nothing and I don’t want it to represent me as a person.

§  Lim: I think this legislation was trying to do, maybe the wording is not the best, I think the initial intention was to say that we don’t condone protestors who physically act in violence and that we would want peaceful protest. I don’t think it was really about the group or speaker, but that ASUCI believes that protesting should be in a non-violent fashion. And that we should support peaceful protest. I do think that some of the wording can be misguided at times. I still believe in the initial intent of the legislation but the wording could be revised.

§  Chanes: I kind of want to talk about this, it is a similar conversation we had with the UCSA board of directors. I want to remind us that as representatives we do need to represent students. We haven’t has student speak out and condemn the actions at Berkeley. Please bring me a student that has asked for this legislation. Students haven’t had this. We have no place to speak on this subject. This is not our community. We do not need to condemn people for the way they protest we just need to…

§  Mousa: This legislation has no place at UC Irvine. I have not had a single person come up to me or even mention this. We have no positon to call anyone a terrorist. As a Muslim student this is offensive to me. All it does is perpetuate Donald Trump’s rhetoric. The only violence is against black and brown people. We do not even see the institutional violence. It’s not about the language. The legislation is violence in itself. They were fighting for what they believe in. If we condemn anything it is Milo himself.

§  Safady:  Muslims aren’t terrorist. Muslims are the most peaceful people on earth. Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence in the pursuit of political aims. And that is exactly what’s been going and it’s occurred at UC Davis and Berkeley and at a variety of colleges where people have been assaulted and what bothers me is that police have been letting it happen. And what you described it here and the police did nothing. And if someone is assaulted we cannot condone that. But terrorism is when you use violence and intimidation in pursuit of political gains. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you dress; terrorism is terrorism.

§  Hong: I’ll try and keep it short. It is true that the legislations that you write don’t have any power. What matters is what you do with them afterward, don’t let the perfect legislation be the enemy of the good. Everyone has a different story to tell. The hardest thing is to be with people who think differently than us. We are mostly all progressive people, some more than others. We are a college we want to think out of the box. Perhaps going after those who have good intentions is not the best. And everyone has a different opinion. We may need to try and see where everyone else is coming from. And it’s important to know I don’t think anyone goes in this world thinking that they want to make this world a worse place and make people feel unsafe. Most people just want to make themselves happy and their families happy we shouldn’t try and make this dirty. You guys could and should be friends.

§  Brennan: Hey all. I don’t really have too much to add. Mostly just a couple things. Has anyone in favor of this legislation spoken to anyone from Berkeley and if you have their student government has not condemned this. At the UCSA board meeting they did not want to make any kind of positon on this. It happened. Why don’t we take our lead from the Berkeley leadership. Third, going by the definition offered of terrorism, its sounds an awful like what Milo does when he threatens undocumented students and trans students.

§  Hernandez: I am a student of social ecology. Did you write this with the intention of protecting all student free speech or protecting Milo’s free speech? Or just Republicans? Or not so much of people of color or Hispanics?

§  Safady: Truthfully and honesty one of the things I am most passionate about its destroying prejudice. I loathe prejudice. For more than anything this is just to prevent prejudice and to promote more peace. I just I know its corny, I just want us all to get along. Just growing up in an abusive family I know there is no talking, there is no listening when you’re being violent with someone. For me the violence and its effects are the biggest issues here. We have to think about other people.

§  Yakub: I was the one who suggested that you focus more on the peaceful protest than the condemnation. No one wants the violence against the students or on protestors. So if violence in protest is something you want to condemn then maybe you should write legislation generally to condemn violent protest and support peaceful protests. I understand where you are coming from promoting peace, I think for the best interest…

§  Nourelidne: Motion to extend time by 10 minutes/ Second: Jacoby

§  Yakub: Just make sure you write a general legislation for peaceful protests. I respect your point regarding hatred against campus.

§  Orozco: If you really want to condemn violence we should condemn speakers that promote violence. We had this violence happen at our campus. You have to pick all violence or none at all. I have had constituents who told me last year they did not want to go to the Milo event because it was scary and was advocating for violence. Be mindful that you don’t pick and choose because that is being prejudiced against a group of people.

§  Safady: Anyone that would violently protest on campus I would be against. But second, I also forgot to mention antiFa specifically. I have seen them cited for many outlets that they specifically have been implicated for many assaults across the country I realize anti fascist is very broad and that most people would protect peaceful protest and that there are a few that may ruin it. I found that when I listened to Milo I honestly didn’t come to the conclusions that everyone else was saying about them, maybe it’s because I’m a lefty and I read things in a different way. Less literally than others. Some of the things he said applies to me. I realize some things are inflammatory and if that invokes violence than that sucks then let me know.

§  Lim: I think it is a better idea to focus on the non-violence and not the specific group. But going over this it’s pretty easy to miss your message. Again, to reiterate, I think it’s better if we don’t go after one group or one incident but in general that we want our campus to be safe. That we don’t condone any acts of violence. I think that it is your true intent and then people won’t misconstrue it

§  Mousa: This whole fixation on the violence of the protestors, by doing so you are oppressing any student that isn’t Milo’s demographic. I have research on this. I know you think that Muslims are not terrorists but that’s not what the rest of world thinks or other people on this campus think. There’s so much scholarship on this. In the 21st century, Muslim is synonymous with terrorism. Within this, this legislation is violent to other people. This legislation is in support of milo. Having this legislation pass on this campus shows UCI in support of Milo. It will basically tell students of color, trans, queers, LGBTQ+ that this campus is not for them. The campus will now be a hostile environment for them. Especially the black and trans students on this campus and undocumented students.

§  Mousa; I motion to close the speakers list/ Second: Orozco

§  Chanes: A couple of things, no matter the intent, the impact is very different we should not pass any legislation where the intent is not 100% clear. Flag incident 2015. That’s all I’m going to say. If your intent is not 100% clear. Look what can happen. You are a legislative body representing 27,000 students. You are a deciding voice of the organization. Intent is one thing and we have to be very conscious before we present these things to the floor. I have been pushing for a sanctuary UC, and it took 7 months of conversation to come out with one letter. Please take this very seriously. This is a serious resolution, people feel serious about.

§  Xiao: Regarding Milo. I think you are focusing on the wrong issue here. Milo is just one man, his influence is limited. Rather I think what we should be concerned with is the people supporting him and the people that go out and vote for Trump and other candidates. The point is in establishing peace.

§  Jacoby: Motion to extend time by 2 minutes/ Second: Lim.

§  Xiao: The point is that when you have violent protest it is used to promote propaganda on the other side. It marked for such bad propaganda to have this.

§  Mousa: I call this legislation into question/ Second: Yakub

§  R52-45 does not pass, 0-16-2. No: Lu, Mousa, Jacoby, Baggia, Erikat, Nourelidne, Aldoghmi, Lim, Abdelrahman, Abuzeid, Pourmand, Trinh, Safady, Hassane, Orozco, Yakub, Hernandez; Abs: Xiao, Bender.


  • New Business
    • 6A: R52-46: Formation of Public Information Committee