ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, March 16, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, March 16th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Natoolo at 5:17
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Motion: Trinh/ Second: Safady
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion: Jacoby / Second: Lim
  • Public Comment
    • Baranwal: Introduction as the Internal SAG. I would like to address a few remarks made about my position. I would like to speak on the points made. One remark made was that I had disrespected the president of the senate and I would like to defend myself, that as in the past 2 quarters, that I have not had a conversation with the president of the senate, with Tin or Lydia, that have been disrespectful. We always go home with happy intentions and a good heart. I am always open for conversation. Shoot me a message. I am open to having conversations regarding this. Because my goal as Internal SAG is primarily that this whole organization is held accountable and everyone is treated fairly. In terms of breaking Robert’s Rules, most of my time is senate is providing clarity and interpretation of constitution. I don’t really go out of my way to speak. Last time I did was regarding UCSA. I don’t know where breaking Robert’s Rules comes from. Most importantly, is manipulating the senate. In my job description it says I can remark remedial recommendations for the senate. I’m sorry if I came off as manipulating, but I don’t find that my case is concerned with manipulation. It is presenting conclusions with the findings that I got. Sorry public. It was a case against a commissioner. I’m just going to speak in general terms, commissioners make up a huge case in our paid office. If I had made another case against another paid member, I would have made an initiative against their actions and any work they’ve done, but in this case, it’s weird that ASUCI can’t hold their people accountable. It saddens me that the EVP is unhappy with my performance. It is my job to make sure everyone is accountable, not to make anyone happy.
    • Aldo Laureano: Thank you for having me. I’m here to question why no one in senate has done anything regarding the speaker’s commission. It has come up to my attention that the Internal SAG has come under a lot of criticism. I find it horrible that the senate nor J-board has taken any responsibility. What more will it take for anyone to step up. We as an organization do not have a good reputation. This is all disappointment, that student government follows the real government. Politicians do nothing but collect their stipend.
    • Chanes: I will make this very quick. I’m not here to argue the validity of that case. I would like to uplift Aldo’s concerns. He did come to talk to senate and you have not done anything. I am also coming to senate and asking things that only you can act on. I suggest creating an ad hoc committee. Not only has our government come under attack by outside students but by other members. I advocate that Aussia Eaton become the chair of said committee. I do want to say that it is just not about one Internal SAG member but also J-board member. I have not invalidated that Tej and others have not done their job. I said also investigate my chief of staff. This is a holistic issues that should not be targeted at one person. Internal SAG has had a lot of complaints. Where do they complain to regarding the Internal SAG.
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President La: We had to finalize the application process for our nominees for J-board vacancies. You will be interviewing and confirming this. I ask that you prioritize this because otherwise almost half of our J-board will be vacant. I want to tell you all that ASUCI voted in support of the referendum, our AGS did not. You can talk to me or Grecia regarding this. If you have any questions, direct them to Grecia. I have been working on trying to get student voices on the student fundraising campaign. If you haven’t heard, Future of UCI campaign reached 1 billion dollars. Happens every few years. They are doing it again this year. We are trying to work on getting student rep on this so they know what we want. I’m not meeting until Friday. And then ill update again in early spring. Fee referendums need to be approved by AGS and ASUCI. It’s a campus wide fee so it counts on them as well.
    • Internal VP: I have three updates. Programs event one of my commissions threw. When life gives you lemons. Care packages. 60 of them in minutes. We handed out free lemonade. It was regarding stress management. Regarding conversation with anteater express, I’ve been having with director establishing a new bust stop located in the new lot five food pantry, so it’s more accessible. We are looking to see this come to fruition in the fall.
    • External VP: We will be taking our first delegation next week. A couple of senators coming with us. Discussions of UCSA will be coming up regarding the withdrawal. Just so you know that should come up at old business every single senate meeting because it has not been resolved. It should be up on agenda every single meeting until it is voted on. I am happy to announce that our entire exec cabinet will be going to SLC. That will be very exciting to have exec representation and hold people accountable. Jackson and I are working on the referendum right now. If you are interested in helping to work on the referendum and want to be a lead, please let us know.
    • Student Services VP: Two big events next quarter: Screen on the Green event, working on booking that right now. And Summer Lands. May 19th. Still looking for entertainment. But be on the lookout for that. And as Taylor mentioned. Please contact us if you are interested in working on the referendum. Feel free to contact us.
  • Special Committee Reports
  • Old Business
    • Yakub: Motion to create an ad hoc committee and address concerns brought forth through public comment regarding ASUCI officials with the external sag as chair, where the chair can appoint members to the committee.
    • Noureldine: Motion to suspend by-laws and table 5A to week one/ Second: Lu
  • New Business
    • 6A: B52-08 - Bill EVP for Budget Reallocation

§  Lim: Motion to bring B5-08 to the floor/ Sec: Trinh

§  Bill read by Chanes

§  Abuzeid: Motion to bring B52-08 to the floor for discussion for 5 minutes/ Second: Jacoby.

§  Lu: What’s the difference between ad sponsorship and advertising production?

§  Chanes: Just to let everyone know the ad account is from all the money that came in from an external entity. Ad and production is the money we use to advertise.

§  Chanes: We are just trying to balance the accounts out.

§  Bender: What is the urgency to do this today instead of week one?

§  Chanes: Should be done in the winter. I also gave two budget presentations.

§  Bender: Can it wait until week one?

§  Chanes: It is your responsibility. The urgency is the constitution and by-laws.

§  Yakub: Point of Order, it’s just reallocating funds you already have?

§  Chanes: Yes.

§  Jacoby: Its funds that have already been spent?

§  Chanes: Its money we have gotten from students at other campuses. Technically it is spent. That money is from dues from the conference.

§  Lu: Why could it not be reallocated it was spent.

§  Chanes: We did not have before it was spent. People are still paying of SOCC.

§  Chirigotis: Same problem with Shocktoberfest. We have to pay ahead. Don’t actually get the revenue until 3 weeks later.

§  Abuzeid: Does this have to be accepted by the finance committee?

§  Jacoby: Yes because it is a bill.

§  Yakuyb: Motion to move B52-08 to the finance committee/ Second: Abuzeid. Passes by over 2/3rds.

    • Wellness 6B

§  La: Point of Order, I don’t want to waste your time. But this is an extremely important issue we have to get to.

§  Orozco: I move to suspend by-laws to move 6C switched with 6D./ Second: Noureldine/ passes by 2/3rds

§  Orozco: I move to suspend by laws and strike 6B from the agenda/ Second: Noureldine. Passes by 2/3rds


    • 6D and 6C: Judicial Board Interviews and Senate Appointments

§  Abuzeid: Motion to go into closed session for 60 minutes/ Second: Xiao 5:48.

  • Senate Intern Program Report
  • Committees
    • Rules
    • Finance
    • Public Information
    • Advocacy
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 4th ,2017
  • Orozco: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 7:00pm
    • Second: Yakub