ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, May 09, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Orozco at 5:20
  • Attendance
    • Senator Trinh arrives late at 5:39. Senator Aldoghmi arrives late at 5:51.
    • Senator Yakub leaves early at 6:44.
  • Approval of Minutes
    • approved
  • Approval of Agenda
    • approved
  • Public Comment
    • Tin Hong: Can all senators contact successors. Let them know about projects. Now is the time to do it, while they still remember they won a seat.
  • Executive Officer Reports
  • Special Committee Reports
    • Disability Services Center Committee :No new updates

·       Old Business

  • New Business
    • 6A: R52-66 Appointment of chief of staff and legislative co-directors

§  Legislation read by secretary 5:24

§  Abuzeid: Motion to adopt R52-66/ Second: Hong

§  Adopted

§  Yakub: Were the individual’s not able to come and speak with us?

§  Orozco: All of these individuals helped to organize the city council housing initiative and it’s at the same time

§  Lim: Motion to call into question R52-66/ Second: Hong- no objections

§  Passes 15-0-1; Yes: Lu, Jacoby, Chin, Lim, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Hong, Xiao, Alazani, Safady, Yakub, Hernandez, Hasan, Zheng, Scruggs; No: none; Abs: Orozco.

    • 6B: R52-67 Creation of the Assistant to the Business Senator Position

§  Legislation read by Lim

§  Hernandez: Motion to adopt R52-67/ Second: Abuzeid

§  Adopted

§  Lim: Basically I want to create a position to assist UCI business senator. Because we only have one seat and I am trying to do a lot but it is very difficult to do it by myself. Social sciences has 10 orgs and 4 senators. While we have 15 and only one senator. The freshman class will be 300 which is half of the entire business department right now. The transfer students are doubling. With the things I have right now, I feel like it is necessary to have an assistant to this position. Not just for myself but for future senators in this position. Good for motivating one another and getting things done. If I was unable to attend something, I would want them to credibly be able to with me or for me.

§  Abuzeid: Would they come to senate?

§  Lim:  Would plan to appoint Isaac, who is here right now. He really cares for this position and this school. If I could yield my speaker time to Isaac to introduce himself.

§  Isaac: Good afternoon. Glad to see that this meeting could take place. Although it started 20 minutes late. Good thing we are getting down to business. I am a first year Paul Merage School of Business student. Julie and I did have a conversation after the election was over. I planned to congratulate her. 30 minutes turned into a 2hour and 15 minute conversation where we discussed multiple projects she had in mind and we seem to be able to work together quite well. I hope you see the opportunity for a betterment for the business students and this senate as a whole.

§  Lim: To answer your questions, Yasmeen, it would not be required for them to come, but if they have time and are willing it would be good. And I would want them to attend certain ones and arrange for that.

§  Abuzeid: There is only one position for the business senator, do you think you need more?

§  Lim: I am trying to do a lot with the business orgs right now. I am trying to create a council and a system where all reps of business orgs where everyone meets up twice per quarter, so we all know what everyone is trying to do and collaborate with each other. The first will start in 2 weeks, including student council and orgs. Going to attend council meetings at least once per month. I have several idea that I am thinking of doing for the department. Setting up snacks during finals time as an example and also trying to get free access to a website for business undergrads. Been contacting schools that already offer that. Been looking into charities I can get the orgs involved in. I have been trying to meet up with every student individually.

§  Yakub: I understand all of the stuff you mentioned. But you do also notice we have senate interns. You can usually go to those interns who can help.

§  Hong: I can understand Julie’s perspective. The senate intern program is supposed to be the pool, but we really haven’t refreshed the pool. And you don’t really see the interns. Interest has died down. I think that if Isaac is willing to take on this responsibility, then I don’t think there is problem with this layout given current context.

§  Jacoby: I think if a senator needs extra help and they want someone to work with to get things done, there is no real downside.

§  Lim: Right now there is no senate intern that is part of business admin, so they don’t really know what goes on with the orgs or the department. They don’t really have much access to the staff. Most people in the business department know the staff because they reach out to you. I don’t think any of the senate interns would know them or how to reach out. I want to encourage future business senators to pick their own assistant specialized and specific to them from a bigger pool of people.

§  Sandy Hi (intern coordinator):  would agree in the fact that in the past the senate intern program was to gage them in whatever major they are to be future senators for that specific school. It is definitely up to your discretion. In the past it has been more catered toward general student needs. There has never been a case where they have asked a senate intern to work on a specific school program. Usually for them to work on at-large or general student body. It would be hard for them to work on something for school if they are not a part of it.

§  Orozco: No appointment process. You did not directly appoint. I just want to know the precedent that you are setting and how you will clear that up for future senators.

§  Hong: If that is what you are thinking, it is very dangerous. Yes they would be very aware of the senators, but then what’s the point of a senator? I would ask that Isaac apply as a senate intern and then help you. If you are thinking of making this into a lasting position then I would have to oppose it.

§  Lim: I was not thinking as much about the next senator position as I should have. Because I already knew who I should appoint. I think in terms of an appointment process, it would be easier for me to reach out. I don’t see very many people applying to this position. That is my fault, if this is setting a precedent for other senators, then that is something that I would need to fix.

§  Hong: I think you just need to clarify how long this positon will last. Depends on what you want if you want it to be reoccurring, I think you would have to codify responsibilities and how they would answer to us

§  Hong: Motion to extend time by 5 minutes/ Second: Abuzeid

§  Hong: If it is only for the quarter then you will have much more leeway in how you plan it. The way I am starting see this, is that he may be best served as him applying as an intern next year, so we don’t have this type of proxy going on. Very dangerous.

§  Yakub: You feel if you left this position open, people would not apply, if you feel there was not interest then why would you create it? Then it just appears that you want to appoint someone that you only want.

§  Safady: I understand Tin’s concerns, I think this legislation should just be for the quarter and see how this goes. Maybe work on issues addressed and prepare something in the fall.

§  Scruggs: I would agree. I would like to compliment you to and coming up with this decisions. Leaders kind of forget you run against a persona and say screw the student body. But this is true leadership from opposing sides that came together and worked together. I would like to keep this going for this year and get feedback and then see about a legislation. It is a very unique position to start from and see how we can create something for the future senators. There is a lot of stuff like numbers creeping up.

§  Yakub: Motion to amend R52-67 to include procedure and timelines for the appointment / Second: Hong- objection—Lim

§  Scruggs: I think in this situation for R52-67, I think we are comfortable with them for the end of the quarter and then they may create a more permanent positons at the end of the quarter.

§  Hong: Motion to go into five minute recess/ no objections

§  Recess ends 5:58

§  Objection passes

§  Lim: Motion to amend R52-67 “Let it be resolved that this position expires at the end of Spring Quarter 2017,

Let it finally be resolved that Julie Lim, the current ASCUI Business Senator, appoints Isaac Rubalcava to fill the position of the Assistant to the ASUCI Business Senator.” /Second: Trinh-no objections

§  Amending passes unanimously

§  Lim: Motion to call into question/ Second: Hong- no objections

§  Passes 16-0-2; Yes: Lu, Jacoby, Chin, Lim, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Hong, Xiao, Alazani, Safady, Trinh, Hernandez, Hasan, Zheng, Scruggs, Aldoghmi; No: None.; Abs: Orozco, Yakub.

    • 6C: R52-68 Appointment of the ASUCI Business Senator as an Ex-Officio Member of the MUSA’s Executive Board

§  Legislation read by Lim.

§  Hong: Motion to adopt R52-68. Second: Lim

§  Lim: I met up with my student council and I was speaking with them and asking them about having an ex officio seat like Tianna was asking us to do. I tried to make it bi weekly, but their meetings are pretty packed, but they can do monthly. I can attend whenever I want, but for me to have time to give reports and speak it can only be monthly. Just making it official and they agreed to this legislation.

§  Lim: Motion to call into question- rescinded

§  Lim: There is a problem with the title.

§  Lim: Motion to amend the title to delete the apostrophe/ Second: Hong- no objection.

§  Hong: Congrats to Lim on taking this on.

§  Lim: Motion to call into question/ Second: Jacoby- no objections.

§  Passes 17-0-1: Yes: Lu, Jacoby, Chin, Lim, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Hong, Xiao, Alazani, Safady, Trinh, Hernandez, Hasan, Zheng, Scruggs, Aldoghmi, Yakub; No: none; Abs: Orozco

    • 6D: Judicial Board Interview 6:15

§  Teresa Gaspar- 2 minute intro- 6:17

§  Question 1: How would someone you know in a professional setting describe your work ethic, values, and contributions?

§  I feel like someone commenting on my work ethic would say I am very flexible and will try and find a way to compromise and incorporate everyone’s thoughts and opinions in a project. Very team oriented and goal oriented. Being committed to whatever I am working on. Trying to learn from my peers. Other ways people would comment on my contributions would be willing to share my own experiences and use my own skills and experiences to create a great team to work with, meaning to open up the floor for everyone to create their own strength and comfortability contributing. Not thinking I have all the answers, but willing to learn from my peers and get to our purpose as efficiently as possible and increase team building with in each other and achieve our own goals.

§  Question 2: How do you express your views to someone who does not have the same views as you?

§  This really is something that comes up daily. I am a mentor for an international program here on campus. Given the presidential election which just happened. Personally for me I was disappointed, but my mentees coming from international places, they gave me their opinions and I feel like that was when me and my mentees viewpoints clashed, but just being aware that we are raised differently and have different values. In the end we all have different ideas of looking at the world. At the same time, there are similarities which help us bond and show our similarities, we all want to be successful and make a difference. Learning to view their differences as something about how they were raised and view the world is important to be open and not let those different viewpoints stop us from going forward in our relationship.

§  Question 3: What are your critiques of the ASUCI constitution and what issues do you foresee arising within ASUCI or throughout the student body due to these issues?

§  After looking at the constitution, there is a lot of priority given. I don’t have many critiques after speaking with ASUCI and staff, there is a lot of sentiment that it is exclusive and not a lot of communication between J-board and executive branch. I feel like that is a way the constitution could be better. Making a more transparent and community building constitution. That would improve overall communication and development of    ASUCI and would invite a more broad community of students not part of ASUCI. Especially freshman. I feel it all starts to try and define how people can be involved further in ASUCI. I feel like focusing more on strengthening it so that others can feel ASUCI is not an exclusive org but that anyone can join.

§  Safady: What are the world wide events that you have gone to?

§  Been to Africa, DC, and Chicago. We have lobbied on bills for international students, grad students, UC students. Students all around the world. These spaces can be toxic because people really clash on their viewpoints. I keep attending because they open their viewpoints on what is out there. I want to bring all of my info back through all my orgs to use the info I have to empower other students. Created two programs, mothers and daughters program, for students here on campus to empower them to see their own potential and what barriers can be broken after looking inside themselves and using ASUCI as a way to empower themselves.


    • 6E: Judicial Board Interview 6:30

§  Priya Sri-Tharan- 2minute intro- 6:33

§  Question 1: How would someone you know in a professional setting describe your work ethic, values, and contributions?

§  My work experience, I am a stylist and brand ambassador for Michael Kors. The people I work with are much older. And they always see me as very mature. I may be quiet and just trying to compose my thoughts. I like to absorb what is happening. I am very ethical and would like to consider myself someone that follows the rules. Need to consider everything.

§  Question 2: How do you express your views to someone who does not have the same views as you?

§  Personally my family is from Sri Lanka, people always assume I am Indian. I was born in London. Lived on the east coast and west coast. I have traveled a lot. Has taught me to be welcoming of others opinions. I think it is great to vocalize your opinions even if I oppose them. If I agree I may state/ go off of that that and if I don’t, I would gracefully state my opinions.

§  Question 3: What are your critiques of the ASUCI constitution and what issues do you foresee arising within ASUCI or throughout the student body due to these issues?

§  As a transfer student it has taken quite a bit of adapting. Last year I felt like I did not know the governing document well enough. Now I have studied it and do know what it is comprised of I think it is vague in that it gives us the choice to interpret it. Can be conflict, and many rulings which I have researched have to deal with that premise. I think that would be the only problem. My job would be to do things which benefit the campus and community as a whole.

§  Orozco: Regarding your opinion about the case "Resolution 51-49, Commissioners Appointment”, why did you agree with the dissenting opinion?

§  I went with dissenting opinion on that case; I do agree that if there are deadlines that you should adhere to them. If someone is giving you a deadline, then it is enforced for a reason. The person on the receiving end probably has some specific reason for that. If you create leeway, it creates illegitimacy for those deadlines. It promotes students to claim if you were lenient then, why not now.

§  Hong: Are you graduating next year?

§  Yes, I am aware that it is a two year term, but they did know this at my interviews. I plan to give my all in that the time allotted. As transfer student it is harder to adhere to this and I hope to give it ago.

§  Hong: Do you consider yourself a strict constitutionalist or loose constitutionalist:

§  I would say I am right down the middle; a part of me agrees to being strict as part to see that those governing laws are in place for a reason unless an amendment is made. I think it is important to have our own interpretation although, If the founding fathers are not there, maybe you should be acting on current student body.



    • Lim: Motion to suspend by-laws and discuss J-board interviews for 10 minutes/ Second: Hong/ no objections- by-laws suspended.
    • Hong: I don’t like either candidate. They are both talented and well written individuals. In Priya’s case, she is a good politician, they are informative on history and lacking in what she thinks. Especially her opinion on how to react when disagreeing opinions. She said she is disadvantaged, in that she is a transfer. In the case of Teresa, in humanities we have a saying that everything is boring, I was very perturbed by how she worded her strong opposition and she did not really say whether she agreed or not. She had a big disconnect. I am unsure of how to make of that. But they are both good candidates.
    • Lim: my concern for Teresa is that she has too many commitments. I think she would be spreading herself way too thin. She is only a second year. She may try and do more things later on.
    • Orozco: it is ideal if a second year does the term, because of the two year positions.
    • Abuzeid: Having it present right now, it does not mean that it would be there next year.
    • Safady: I feel like Teresa would adjust with time.
    • Hong: I feel like Teresa sees this position as just a stepping stone. I never feel good about someone that sees this as a stepping stone. I can understand her struggle because my parents went through the same thing. For me it is disturbing to see it mentioned that much.
    • Lim: One thing I like about Priya is how she said she was going to apply but did not feel ready. And even thought she didn’t see the apps were gonna come out again, and she still did her research, if it was true.
    • Hong: I am knocking everyone down very badly because of what were are about to do. J-board has authority over our legislation. We used to have a J-board that used to paralyze legislative council operation. It got so bad, that we had 9 people and it was a joke. Because we were unable to fill our seats because J-board said we had to do special elections every time. We would go up to the chief and help us understand. And then we would be unable to speak again and he would not help us. I am always strict with J-board appointees because they can stop us from representing our constituents. I am not the type to let law get in the way for doing the right thing. And that is probably why J-board was made to go against people like me. That’s why I always ask if someone is strict or loose and they will never say they are strict.
    • Lim: I think something to consider is that the other person we are considering too, has already been interviewed and not chosen.
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  • Hernandez: motion to go into committee breakouts for 4 mins/ Second: Lim
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  • Next Meeting: Thursday, May 11th, 017
  • Hong Motion Adjourn Meeting at 7:00pm
    • Second: Hernandez