ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

 Meeting opened 5:22 pm

Minutes approved
Agenda approved
Taylor: At UC Regent's meeting, went well, took students up there Tues night, left wed afternoon, comments from some UCi students: I was the only person from asuci, students were surprised I was the only one; encourage senators next year to go to these kinds of event to represent their constiuents and challenge themselves, senators should reach out to her about what is going on campus
No new updates from Disability Student Center Committee
Taylor: Students of Color Conference people who coordinated and attended the conference did not feel UCSA did not properly aid the organizers of the event over its duration.
Created list of demands to give to board of directors in feb, up until march, they had time to consider them, understand how we can work in the organization, we had a discussion with Ralph, the president of UCSA in decemeber and it seemed we would get a fee waiver for the year, but it turns otu that we will not be getting the waiver and our list of demands were not followed, protest UCSA at Student Lobby Conference, emergency board meeting called in which to adress this protest, but no resolution by the end of the night on what to do and president suggest we host the April Board meeting, demands dispersed thru committees, at May meeting, it was deemed that all demands would be taken as suggestions for next year
Taylor: I think we should wait another year, do more outreach to regular students to see how they feel about how their money is going into this organization, ne
Yakub: How many UCs are not in UCSA?
Chanes: All undergraduate governments are a part of a member, but not all are paying members, same with graduate governments except for UCSD
Lim: Are we not already a member?
Taylor: We only barely rejoined as paying members again.
Xiao: Where exactly do our membership fees go?
Chanes: They go into pro staff, operation costs in the Oakland office, travel to UCs, different materials that we get like during campaign season, a lot of money goes into SLC, etc.  We directly get trainings, staff visits, support, lower cost attendance that others dont get.
Chanes: How much do students actually want to be a part of this organization?  
Hernandez comes in late 5:41
Yakub motion to extend time by 5 minutes, Lim second
Chanes: Biggest issue with Students of Color Conference was no support.  Registration problem, dues werent being paid, we only had one staff before the event, visit 2 weeks before the event.  Why wouldn't you give more support for your biggest event of the year?  Delegation leaders weren't prepared to handle discussion in the delegation space.  Biggest issue was communication, mainly prepping individuals for the space, didn't know they had to do certain things, UCSA didn't show up when conflicts occurred.  We felt undermined and unsupported.  As non-paying members what don't we get?  Student Lobby Conference, attendance dues will go up about $35 per student per conference, cannot go to Janet Napolitano meetings, we get to decide the student advocate to the regents, we get to sit on the search committee for the regent, but also our president sits on it as well so maybe it is not entirely necesary, your decision making power in those spaces
Julie: why should we hold off on this when everything you said makes it so that maybe we should get out ongoing
Tin: as a senator who has been here for a while i was here for the tailend from when we previously left UCSA, I was really young back then, I talked to Sannaa Khan at that time EVP. Still in discussion about UCSA and if UCI should come back and under what terms and whatnot. Since i didn';t have the discussions with ucsa i mostly  followed her lead on that discussion because its not us who is working with UCSA its the EVP. We mostly deal with uCI issues yes and our membership within organizations but i bleive i n these situations i generally follow the call of the efvp and the next evp would enerally like because theyre the ones gonan be coordinating all these statewide and country wide activities and were in a pretty good position that we could maek a decison anyway and we alreayd leftg and didnt get exactly what we wanted. at what cost was leaving because we havent picked a  uci student as a regent in quite a long time (2013 says taylor ) oh oka y four years hm okay
and yknow it is a lot of money but i believbe that waiting cuz ralph did come to us fvery frankly and we did have the doiscussoion that was kinda confused the one in december as long as we mange to work together into the mnnext year we should stay because were in the postiion where we cna and its not an existential issue for us
jacoby: so the things you mentioned that we lose out on will increase the prices of entrances into certain conferecnes, but are there other 
and that it seems like there could be math done for how much were paying for membership for how much we can subsideize for ticket costs
yakub motion to extend time by 10 minutes, scruggs second
chanes: .... you dont have access to decision making power anymore
scruggs: focusing on money on one hand if we leave we save our money but then we no longer have a seat at the table and gamble with the chance that a uci student might run for a seat at the table but it is not guarantee, like with membership vs waiting for one of our peers its like rolling a dice
chanes: if we dont pay there is no seat at the table 1. the students sill have access to applying for system wide committiees for student advocate regednts orr for officers that work on the board rha t are ex officios. Our students will have access but when it comes to UCI s voice in the organization it is different. to be quite honest my first hear on the board of directors, schools did not listen to us or opinions or what we had to say and said rwaeally shitty stuff about us and it was really hard to do the statewide work that we wanted to but its not impossibel and thats one thing to consider its hardedr ro do that work but its not impossible andwe can honestly do a lot more work outseide of ucsa but we need to take consideration wahat students want to do within ucsa it should not only be us as well because wewshould give it another year to get that opinion but at the same time i understand both sides  we dont wanna invest this money but at the same time access is kinda nice so i understand both sides
Ykabu: we have all these complaints and issues and were waiting for ucsa to do something about it
chanes ucsa oard of directors yea
yakub: what are the chances they are gonna do that
chanes: thats a diff question, i personally am suggesting staying in a nother year 
pourmand 5:57 comes in
Aldoghmi left 5:53
undergraduate evps were in the room when we were making these decisions and we wanna take it to the next board if we stay the year
yakub you were mentioning regarding that there wwere antiblack sentiments that occured
mousa: people from davis, but theyre not technically board
scruggs: i think people finally realized that even with students of color you think their pro black spaces and even in the uc system black people are still a minortiy and sometimes other races do feel that void we still get that its not as bad because were both people of color and ultimately even in other areas where students of color are there its still gonna be toxic for us by being the minority
lim: so what happened
scruggs: bunch of poc in a room and its okay everyones welcome but not necessarily
false ideas of a safe space
lim: what did they say that was derogatory?
chanesx: a lot of internal conflict a lot of times it is just ocmmunity conflict think about it as are you here about BLM and how people might quesiton why cnat we say all lives matter and stuff like that but not as extreme. 
um there was no board meeting students wer not happy because they wanted the spacve to speak to board of directors at slc so  we had a silent action around the room and sat for an hour and didn't get acknowledged by anyone the students didnt eat their dinner our demands havent been met lack of support from ucsa afte rthat studetns werelike what cna we do so they went to the sgtage to make an announcement a delegation leader stargted quetsioning me about the budget i responded and after that one of our black sgtudetns who helped orcanize socc went to the stage to talk about her experiences and whdy she was up there and a nonblack woc started to call her anti-black and our school antiblack and our conference antibladck and they called us useless and this person was intoxicated im not excusing their action and their evp was sitting right next to them and didnt say anything  to them 
yakub: question but um so how is it that you hope that we increase our student pop awareness with ucsa and what they do for us how else can we tell our constitutents what theyer acutally given thm so we know what they want
chanes: what i wish we did this year because we were at capacity in the fall we were having a lot of conflict but something we wish we havd something to do was monthly ucsa teach in s when ucsas staff comes on campus they do organizaing training adn advertises but theres a as lot of different things that came up whether presidential admin or socc or all of the executive i dont think my office did a good enough  job of doing that so i think its reprioritizcing our outreach efforsts as well to coordinate better something that you can do in the immediate future
yakub : so we were saying that a nother year is reasonable but howev er within that year we would need to increase our resources and outreach to students about what theyre specifically doing because 16k is a lot to actually go towards, is that a majority of what your budget goes towards?
chanes: biggest item in my budget but not exactly.. its a bigg chunk of it
yakub: then do we like maybe create a legislation demanding the new EVP to do more outreach how else can we move forwqard so we can see the decision made next year is./
chanes: ask the new EVP if people aren't sure if not id like to postopoine and other poeple who whave been working weith evp and ucsa space to come talk to yall maybe there ssome other input youd like to hear from other students who have worked with them 
motion to postopone 6:07 by julie second by josh 
no objections 
B52-12 - Julie lim reads 
purmand : where do you paln on foing
pass member:  it depends on our budget so we had 10 board members and now we have 6 and pass has been in a beit a of declien for the last coupel years and we ve finally been able to gain junbers because our board has been really good nad many new poeple joined the org just this eyar sdo htey hanve less experience in general which is  shwy we wanna go somewhere else
pourmand: wher e do you usally do it wheres the ideal location
usually big bear actually for this particular one the few years before this have been in the house s of the mebmestr that have space we wanta alarge space to accomodate people 
hong: i appreciate the work youre ding and have a very ambitious goal because the leg rubs me the wrong way its an optional expe nse its noice to di oitside of irvine but its not a necessity and it sets a precedent but in the case for my legislation it wasnt a n option it was either asuci or id get it somewhere esle because its a worthy cause and yall would have a retreat without the funding we give you i worry about the precedent that we set if we fund such optional activities but ultimately but its not the best use fo student money
scruggs: this is not a worfthy investment for a student org to get student fudns
hong: this is for board membrs only
scruggs: this is the institutional building that we also wanna have an d a group wants to have it and were railroading it  bro hes on a board but he pays that student fee as well but what i hear is we done two quarters worth of arguing and 
were like no
yakub: our actual budget is a little over $2000 under now
were not on finance committee but 
orozco broke down the budget
lim: we have like 600700 left after everything and ive been talking to hteir presideint and theyre really responsibe this will really help the organization be set 
Yakkub: i was interrupted during my speaker time so in  addition to like there is actually a specific way that orgs can apply for funds SPFB
lim: cant uses because its not open to all students
yakub: when we were trying to fund somthing tfor school of social sciences for take a girl to engineering or stuff like that it was specifically related to a school to a major to those kinds of aspects rleated to the things you do for yoru school
lom: so this org was previously under the busines s undergraduate school department site but no longer on that site but its still relevant becasue theis org helps people build professional skills
scruggs: does your org serve freshmen
scruggs: then im in
lim two people that seconded are at large and represents everybody 
safady: i posted their website on our asuci fb page and the one thing that i must say is that they deserve money they collab witwh so many groups and have a positive outreach their events improve campus climate and organize events in ways that kinda probably would get spfb funding but need to start that t o be as strong as possible
we have a diff set of guidelines for group funding in the future considering their activities are pro social and engages students and pring people toether and make uci more awesome and ive received many awards over the years i totally support this and thats why
baggia: i just want to say that i agree with points from both sides but my concern is that its for a board thing not a public event and i know that its good t hat students are coming and asking us because were here to represent them esp being at large i understand we should support groups like this but um this is for a board event not for a public thing if it was for a public event for all students but bcv its for a board retreat it doesn't make sense 
how many people are on board rn 6 incoming double that so maybe 10-12 
when would it be
at the end of the end of june
if this were for any other event i would be happy to support it i am just not for 200 dollars for a board retreat 
tin: scruggs has a really strong passion i love it but this isnt the ikind of thing we can get  bedhind because the money we stored up was because of sentator inaction throughout the past quarters because no one has tapped into it that much and sestting up this precedent could be problematic down the road were just taking out 100-200dollars it should be fine but if every club comes to us for retreat style events it would sap our funding and we wont have money for things that would have the most impact for the whole school im not sayin not to give them any money but it should be definitely less than 200 as i said before i would be fine with 100. 
hernandez motion toi commit to finance 6:32 , 
lim objects
2 people voted to do that 
10 oppose
1 abstention 
lim : in regards to it just being a n open to everyboedoy i think its really important to support the board members because theyre what leads the club and you cant have a good club without a good board so i think and theres no way through asuci that i coudl think of through the board that they could have any funding because if they dont have the leadership they wont have agood org so this is the only way they could get funding for this 
hong: have they thought of fundraising and other 
lim: they have been fundraising but it hasnt been too succesful but they do get a gfroup of people to go to LA to TV audience sites to get $10/hr.
lim motion to commit to finance
multiple second
no objections
motion to adjourn by yakub
safady seconded 
meeting adjourned