ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, May 30th 2017


  • Called to Order by Orozco at 5:13
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Approved
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Hong: Motion to move item 6d to 6a/ Second: Yakub
    • approved
  • Public Comment

·       Incoming EVP, Zoe Broussard: Public comment in regards to old business item discussing withdrawal from UCSA. There is not a lot of actual advocacy happening in the UCSA spaces. Cons: organization has recently had very little accomplishments, very little work toward UCI demands from February, board has hostility toward UCI post SOCC and has not given an apology, denied UCI a fee waiver that would help compensate issues with SOCC ( they did not want this to set a precedent but they gave UC Davis a fee waiver without questions), board still has not prioritized issues of students of color (there excuse is the Trump Election through them off), I would support pulling out; Pros: united student voice, we would be on board even if we pulled out, there may be change on incoming officers, may be able to make change but it would all begin with ratification of demands. UCSA has a lot of potential, I support plans to stay if we have plans to better the organization. I won’t be able to handle the issue alone, we need to think about whether we want to invest our money (30k in student fees) in this organization. We should have strong justification for who we decide on.

·       Jose Santacruz: Add to what Zoe said. UCSA has consistently proven themselves unable to provide for students. SOCC was wild. As someone who was a main organizer, UCSA did nothing to address antiblackness in the space and did not help the steering committee address the tensions. It was our first time and UCSA did nothing to help guide us. UCI students held a silent protest and they were attacked and again not protected by UCSA. There was no acknowledgment of the pain perpetrated by this organization.

·       Jackson Chirigotis: Want to address the legislation regarding withdrawal from UCSA presented today. Good afternoon. My name is Jackson and I am the Student Services VP. I do support a withdrawal from UCSA for the remainder of the year and next year. Jose and Zoe did point out many of the issues. I want to bring issues to light, accountability (they have not been held accountable for their actions this year) they failed to properly organize and fight against the tuition hike. List of demands has been brought to the board, but I do not believe it will be enough to cause action. There needs to be a greater accountability action; this should be financial withdrawal. UCSA will have to overcome this financial withdrawal from UCI and from possible other schools. The 30k that would have gone toward membership can go toward advocacy on campus, we could have our own conferences, and we could run our own campaigns for a quarter of the price and twice the impact. Make sure this decision is reflective of how UCI will benefit and not just self-interest.

  • Executive Officer Reports
    • President: About a week ago we released our report on gender neutral bathroom policy compliance. Sent report and it will be looking at how UCI can comply with the policy. Going thru transition with ASUCI president-elect. There will be 3 undergrad vacancies. SPFB is revising guidelines. Recommend the chairs of the committees to come out. Will also be meeting tomorrow 7-9 tomorrow. Try to encourage clubs to apply 2 weeks in advance for a deadline.
    • IVP: Programing event on Sunday. Collab with esports program service event in which students can pay for x amount of hours and the money generated can be donated to an organization that can go toward gamers’ mental health. First type of programing of its kind. TGIF bylaws agenda item
    • Academic Affairs: Event tomorrow culinary chemistry creations event. Academic affairs fellowship app coming out tomorrow. Eligible for those in summer sessions. Film screening: Beauty and the Beast tomorrow in Aldrich park.
    • EVP: Event last week called Dear UCI. Had a full room with a very productive conversation with students about microaggressions. Transitioning future exec. This week we are doing a mental health week. We have eyemasks, self-care bags, we want to get to know what students do to get self-care so we can add that to other programs.
  • Special Committee Reports
    • Disability Services Committee: no new updates
  • Old Business
    •  R52-33: Withdrawal of ASUCI Membership from UCSA

§  Chanes: I posted a presentation on the facebook page today. I hope you were able to look at it. Goes through how UCSA operates and some of their victories. Goes into what kind of trainings they give and their positions of support, why we pulled out in 2014. Correlating to UCSA withdrawal legislation and UCI demands list. At the end give a suggestion as the outgoing EVP on what I believe senate should do moving forward.

§  Safady: Does not seem like it makes a difference either way if we stick with them.

§  Yakub: I think we should at least stay for another year just to see how much of our demands they can meet with in a year. It’s only been about 3-4 months since we gave them the list of demands. That is too short of a time to tell. I think we need to give them more time to act upon our requests. I think pulling from UCSA would say a lot as the only undergrad school not participating.

§  Lim: I think it is hard for me to get on board with UCSA because they did not even make an apology or address many actions that happened. I don’t know, I just feel they have not owned up to anything. That is a big concern for me. Throughout the public comment and when Taylor last time was speaking about it, I feel like there is a lot more cons than potential pros.

§  Yakub: I think as senators we need to ensure the voice of constituents are heard. And I do not think it is right to take away their right of UCSA representation.

§  Chanes: I know the last time I came I said we should stay for another year. I will say this is very personal but I have felt very targeted this whole year. After creating this legislation I cannot suggest you all stay in next year, there have been a lot of occurrences that have repeated do the structures. I don’t feel comfortable sending students into this to feel attacked. Not having UCSA not address any of this. There has been no apology 6 months later. This has been an interesting time and it’s been new for many studnets, I do want to emphasize that many of these occurrences happened in 2014 as well, a structural issues. I do not recommend staying for the next year. Financial withdrawal would be very important.

§  Scruggs: We spoke about the financial withdrawal, I do think the 35 k would send them a message. But our removal is not a big blow when they are almost at 1million. They have had a meeting all the way up until may. The demands were given in February. The progress is slow, but is coming. So I think a year should be okay. I am a proponent of leaving after giving them one academic school year from that date. People can hold the same sentiment about ASUCI. I would want to ask someone for a year to improve our own selves, after a year I think we should look and say it’s done. I think that’s where we should go for now.

§  Safady: I totally agree with everything Joshua said. I think I know we are not supposed to be personal. But when I look at UCSA I think that they are like cancer and something they consider successes I do not consider them successes I just don’t see how this is healthy to our students. I’d personally rather have our own school do something better with the money

§  La: I’m not going to be here next year. Everything and all the concerns listed are very valid. Many other issues, and logistical issues. Given what everyone has said, I completely agree with Josh. Zoe brought up a good point during public comment that she cannot do this alone. Many people in senate do not know what UCSA does. If you all do vote on this you should commit to learning more about UCSA. Majority of students have no idea what UCSA is. UCI should stay because there is much student power. It think it is important to remain a united student front. Never going to be a perfect space. There will always be antiblackness and students feeling unrepresented but I think the pros of being in UCSA is needed. The senate must do its job, and make sure that EVP gets support in getting the word about UCSA out to the students. I can’t leave and not say that. I have seen the problems but I still think it would be doing a lot more harm to students if we just left.

§  Yakub: I just think it would be unfair to our students if we pulled out without completely understanding what it is and we can try and educate students on what UCSA is about.

§  Nand: For me it is hard for me to justify spending student fees toward UCSA. I don’t know how many of you have been in a UCSA space. From being in it, as much as we speak up, and we did a silent protect gave demands they did not even realize we presented demands. As much as you want to give them time to progress, at the end of the day they still have not issued an apology, so I would not recommend staying.

§  Lim: We did pull out in 2014. If this has to been brought up again, have they really done anything? Giving them a year seems wrong.

§  Scruggs: motion to extend time by 10 minutes/ Second: Lim

§  Lim: Pulling out again shows me there has not been a lot of progress made. We already gave them a shot. Why spend another 30k to see it again.

§  Scruggs: This year should be used strategically. We can take a year to think of alternatives. To me I hear faults on their said and our side. Everyone has a year. Both sides. At the end of the year if we do pull out we won’t be saying what to do now, we will have everything set. That way UCI would be ready after pulling put possibly. I would hate to be in ASUCI for another year and hear people saying we should have stayed. For me I’m not saying lets continue to let the abuse happen, but let’s demand. We have year to be strategic. That is where I’m coming from.

§  Lu: I am looking at April minutes and there was one part where bullet points were converted to items. There is a good list of 19 demands. Also on one of titles and blocks, assigned by 4/16 responsible for sending progress report by 4/30.

§  Chanes: the progress report on the power point. In progress there are four bullet points still in progress. All of the others were committed to committees. As of May (last time to implement changes, they came up wit nothing) They created this to send our demands to the next board hoping for them to deal with it.

§  Lu: There is no solid date for these to be implemented. I think that even if we take steps to resolve the problem and make it transparent. So I’m wondering if they have even attempted to resolve any issues even if they have not addressed the demands.

§  Nikki Dalupang (Legislative Affairs Co-Assistant Director): My role was in the government relations of UCSA. If we pull out I won’t be able to be a voting member of it. I understand where everyone is coming from. I have to recognize the benefit of staying in UCSA. Their presence in Sacramento is important. It’s tough for us being in SoCal. Pulling out would lessen support in the capital. I also worry about losing institutional memory and not have system wide training and being able to speak with legislators and access to higher education. I feel if we pull out we would lose that presence in the capital. I’m not necessarily saying we should stay or not stay but take the legislative part into perspective.

§  Chanes: Passing around a paper about action items promised by Janet Napolitano. All of those that are blank have had no follow up. UCSA did not send any students to the meetings to advocate against student tuition was raised. They took our voice, but we did not actually have a say. Ten votes go to grad students. 9 go to undergrads. I believe our demands didn’t get addressed because of the grad students threatening pulling out.

§  Safady: I read that we pulled out before. The issues that Helary addressed about making students more aware? Was that action already taken to make student more aware the previous time? And if so did it work?

§  Chanes: UCSA has a history of doing things too late. Many examples. When workers went on strike in 2013 UCSA did not stand with them. I think it was justified for Melissa Campbell to pull out that year. I do not think we should have rejoined so quickly. We gave them a month to read the demands and they still questioned me and said we were not invested enough in the org. I do not think we will be taken seriously if we stay in the organization. I think our strongest position is to pull out financially. Losing 35k in just one year is actually a really big deal. They were being more critical of us over other campuses (UC Davis example).

§  La: I want to clear something up. Not that I completely support it, but the current fees at UC Davis is only 8 dollars per quarter. Ours is 18 per quarter. I completely agree with reasons we previously pulled out from everyone we talked with about it. Right not I am just confused by what the suggestions are. A non member fee would cost more to attend than being a member. I am confused why we should continue to do the same things as member but not actually be a voting member. People want to hold asuci accountable but we change every year as well. Overall I’m just confused with the suggestion to stay but not have a vote. We just passed a referendum we will be getting an extra 300k next year. Not a lot of students know what ASUCI does either.

§  Baranwal: A lot of these conversations we are having right now, we had them during fall quarter. The big question here is at the end of the day, is to say what we are trying to achieve. We are trying to have student representation. It takes work. Nothing ever happens without a fight unless we are able to sit on the table and have votes, in any scenario, if we don’t have a seat at the table and influence the decisions they make, we can’t expect them to grant any of our demands. At the end of the day, the second we leave, our importance will drop. That give them more leniency and less motivation to pass those demands. System wide work matters.

§  Chanes: Motion to add: “to UCSA in the 2016-2017 academic year”/ Second: Yakub

§  Chanes: Motion to add 5 lines “WHEREAS, the ASUCI Senate Postponed the decision to withdraw from UCSA until Spring 2017; and


WHEREAS, the ASUCI External Vice President delivered demands to UCSA in February 2017; and


WHEREAS, no commitments were made in regards to the UCI Demands until April 2017 after three UCSA gatherings discussed the demands and events of SOCC; and


WHEREAS, UC Irvine students held a silent action during 2017 UCSA Student Lobby Conference in which our students were verbally attacked on stage; and


WHEREAS, UCSA did not formally apologize or take responsibility for the incident; and


WHEREAS, there was little to no tangible progress in regards to the UCI Demands following the final board meeting in May 2017; and” Second: Lim

§  Chanes: motion to slash “Fall Quarter of” “Resolved, That ASUCI has paid UCSA the appropriate dues for Fall Quarter of academic year 2016-2017”/ Second: :Lim

§  Hong: Motion to call into question/ Second: Lim

§  Motion does not pass, 4-16-1; Yes: Chin, Lim, Trinh, Zheng; No: Natoolo, Lu, Baggia, Erikat, Aldoghmi, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Hong, Pourmand, Alazani, Bender, Safady, Hassane, Yakub, Scruggs, Hasan; Abs: Orozco.

  • New Business
    •  6A: President of the Senate Elections 6:20

§  Nominations: Hong, Safady, Baggia

§  Sara Baggia: Second year; At-large since special elections of Winter quarter. Want to be senate president because there is a lot of issues with making quorum. I have class. I understand from student that cannot make it, but on days when people can make it they should be here. I want to make efforts to help people come out and not have meetings be cancelled. I want to encourage everyone in the room to help make quorum and not just have it be Grecia’s job.

§  Q1: What other leadership roles have 
you held within UCI or community?

§  I am a media committee head for one of the clubs I am a part of. I have also been project leader for classes in BME.

§  Q2: What are your commitments for next Fall quarter 2017?

§  Fall quarter I am taking 16 units. I have a campus rep job. I am also a senator. That is it for now. Any other commitments may arise.

§  Q3: Tell us a joke?

§  Not purposely funny.


§  Tin Hong: Current humanities senator for this quarter. Engineering senator for next year. Been in senate for 3 years. Double major in humanities and engineering. This has been the same room that we have always been in. the ideas that come in are always creative and fresh. The people are always motivated. It can be tough to juggle everything that we do. Senate will run effectively and on time. I would like to have the freshman transfer and international senators to have more codified responsibilities. Would like you to have equal stance’s with the rest of the senators. I would also like to change up the joint committees would like discussion on modifying that for the coming year.

§  Q1

§  I am the coordinator for TOM UCI. 72 hr. makeathon to help people with disabilities in the community. That was very successful with my co-person Elisa. Senate is much of what I do. E-tech committee position as well.

§  Q2

§  Not many other commitments other than senate. I have class as well. Mostly just wrapping up what I have left behind.

§  Q3

§  Why do Russians like pho so much? Because it’s so-Viet.


§  Melissa Safady: Name is Melissa. I am a PSB major. Next year is my 5th year. I am running for president. I feel like we have a lot in common. I think sometimes you have to go out on a limb and try something. If you don’t try you can only blame yourself for your failures. My goals would be for there to be less division in here. I have the philosophy that it doesn’t matter if there is safe spaces if we cannot talk with each other. I want the new environment to be safe space and to spread this message across the campus. I would like us to serve our wonderful campus to the best of our ability.

§  Q1

§  Roles; many jobs, being a supervisor in jobs. Ultimately, positions, you can have a title, but leadership is something we all have. I try to take that with me every day just being up here is taking initiative in ASUCI. Perhaps someone in here may do this next year because I have inspired them. SPFB funding board. Being here.

§  Q2

§  Schedule everything around senate and SPFB.

§  Q3

§  What is a frugal foot fetishes favorite food? Fritos.


§  Yakub: Motion to move into closed session/ Sec: Zheng-objection by Bender- motion passes. Closed session entered at 6:45

§  Closed session ended 6:56

§  Ting Hong elected Senate President

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  • Final Business
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  •  Next Meeting: Thursday, June 1st, 2017