ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, June 06, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Hong at 5:11
  • Attendance
    • Senator Aldoghmi arrives late at 5:30. Senator Trinh arrives late at 6:15. Senator Natoolo arrives late at 6:24.
    • Senator Xiao leaves early at 6:20.  Senator Zheng and Senator Yakub leave early at 6:43.
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Approved
    • Lim: Motion to suspend by laws and add B52-12 to Old Business 5A/ Second: Chin- added
  • Public Comment
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • IVP: UC dining has made a commitment to adopting “swipe out the hunger” initiative to begin in fall 2017 quarter. Logistics pending.
  • Special Committee Reports
    • Disability Services Center Committee: n new updates
  • Old Business
    •  5A: B52-12: Funding PASS Transitional Retreat of Summer 2017

§  Passed finance committee: 6-3-0

§  Changed amount from $200 to $125 (amended)

§  Hong: Motion to call into question/ Second: Lim

§  Hong: motion to vote by acclimation-objection by Yakub. Motion rescinded.

§  FAILS- 6-11-1, Yes: Lu, Jacoby, Erikat, Chin, Lim, Safady; No: Baggia, Noureldine, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Hong, Xiao, Alazani, Hassane, Yakub, Hasan, Zheng; Abs: Orozco

    •  5B: R52-76: Providing Campus Maps in Different Languages

§  Legislation read by Zheng

§  Hong: Motion to adopt R52-76/ Second: Jacoby

§  Abuzeid: Are you speaking about maps posted by every school or the ones we hand out?

§  Zheng: The ones we hand out. Locations of restaurants and student center and restrooms.

§  Yakub: How will it be paid for?

§  Orozco: Recommendation to admin.

§  Xiao: Could be more specific in amending to say who pays for it.

§  Chanes: I think you need to add that you are asking admin and specifically which department. I believe it would be admission. If you could include would make it more understandable.

§  Lim: Motion to table 5B until after R52-77 gets discussed/ Second: Jacoby

    • 5C: R52-77: The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) By-Laws Amendments

§  Legislation read by Rafael

§  Rafael: Motion to amend the last two clauses to add “Whereas, the newly revised TGIF By-Laws have been approved by at least four-fifths (4/5) vote of the current 2016-2017 TGIF Grant-Making Committee; and,” and “Whereas, the newly revised TGIF By-Laws must be approved by at least two-thirds (2/3) vote of the ASUCI Senate; and,”/ Second: Yakub

§  Yakub: Motion to adopt R52-77/ Second: Lim

§  Lim: Motion to call into questions by acclimation/ Second: Yakub

§  Legislation passes 17-0-1 by acclimation.

    • 5B: R52-76: Providing Campus Maps in Different Languages

§  Zheng: Motion to amend R52-76 to add admissions after campus admissions and campus maps to read "Whereas, the campus tours and the campus maps provided through UCI admissions department are offered in English, and this has caused inconvenience for international visitors./ Second: Lim

§  Zheng: “let it be resolved that UCI Admissions department should assume responsibility for the creation and distribution of such resources” /Second: Lim

§  Lim: Motion to call into question by acclimation/ Second: Jacoby-objection by Safady

§  Lim: Motion to call into question R52-77/ Second: Lu

§  Passes 18-0-1; Yes: Lu, Jacoby, Baggia, Erikat Noureldine, Chin, Aldoghmi, Lim, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Hong, Xiao, Alazani, Safady, Hassane, Yakub, Hasan, Zheng; No: none; Abs: Orozco.

    •  5D: R52-78: Formation of Advocacy Committee

§  Legislation read by Sidhu

§  Lim: Motion to adopt R52-78/ Second: Hong

§  Noureldine: Motion to amend Medhe to Mehde Hasan

§  Lim: Motion to call into question by acclimation/ Second: Yakub

§  Legislation passes by acclimation

    • 5E: R52-79: Impeachment of Physical Sciences Senator

§  Hong: Motion to withdraw R52-79/ Second: Lim

§  Legislation withdrawn

  • New Business
    •  6A: R52-80: Creation of the Assistant to the ASUCI Business Senator Position

§  Legislation read by Lim

§  Lim: Motion to adopt/ Second: Hong

§  Lim: This has been discussed before and we decided to make it temporary to see the trial period. We have been meeting up to 1 hour per week on Tuesdays.

§  Hong: I do not support this legislation. I know it was a trial period. I know that Isaac comes more than most other senators. He is not senator. You are the senator. I would much prefer to have him be a senate intern. I don’t think this is a good precedent to set to have us create assistant position. It weakens the senate positons and the intern program. One day we may have a good assistant but a bad senator.

§  Lim: Can you go back to your fear of there being an assistant? It’s not like they can sit where I am sitting. If a senator isn’t here an assistant doesn’t have the power to sit for them. The intern program we have right now, its goals and purpose is more for overall learning, while this is more for business department. This assistant is not going over legislation.

§  Hong: That is fine for senate interns as well. They are just supposed to help out senators. Which is what he is doing. If one day we have a senate assistant doing all the leg work and just have a senator voting, they may not say anything. This is why the senate intern program was created. Issue of accountability and ease of use and an issue of what we already have set up. If we have him as an assistant what reason does any intern have in the program.

§  Safady: Motion to table until after B52-13 and after the ASUCI budget reports 6C. / Second: Xiao. Tabled.

    •  6B: B52-13 Mental Health Awareness Week Reimbursement

§  Legislation read by Orozco

§  Hong: Motion to adopt/ Second: Yakub

§  Lu: Is there a commission under Office of the President for mental health? Why did they not use money from that?

§  Orozco: We want to show that we support them for what they are doing. They needed a lot of funding for the conference so they may not have had as much money.

§  Chanes: Did they try and work with other commissions on this?

§  Lim: Does there budget get renewed?

§  Orozco: Yes.

§  Yakub: Motion to commit to finance/ Second: Safady

§  Committed to finance. 5:59

    •  6C: New ASUCI Budget Report Presentations

§  Office of academic affairs budget report by Leila Danishgar 6:00

§  Total budget of 81,283

§  Office: 23,758- 2 chief of staff- 2commsioners per commission, 2 trainings

§  Speaker’s budget: 50,000- substantial increase/ this past year it was 25k. You would think it would be a substantial amount to bring influential people. However, Diane Guerrero, was a great exepreince and enjoyed having her, but that one event cost 20k. We would like to have a speakers commission that can have 2-3 events per year. Examples of people that have been mentioned and to ball park how expensive these people are: America Ferrera: 40k. YouTubers: Cassy Ho: 25k. I would like to increase the budget for this reason.

§  Academic senate: $800

§  Academic Engagement: 2500

§  Visions leadership: 1000

§  -----

§  Office of Student Services 6:16 by

§  Personnel: 15,514

§  Office supplies: 18681

§  Addition of content creation commission

§  Welcome week: 112,000

§  Entertainment / schocktober: 105,500; soulstice: 35,350; summerlands: 73,950

§  Homecoming: 2,080

§  Athletics: 9,000

§  Movie nights: 6700

§  Campus outreach: 3200

§  ----

§  Office of IVP Brittany Nguyen 6:40

§  50-70 person office, 2 chiefs of staff, 8 commissioners.

§  Office supplies: 300

§  Programming/ services: 5,500

§  Garden commission: food security: 6000

§  Transportation commission: 1,000

§  Recruitment and retention: 7,000

§  ----

§  EVP budget presentation 6:48

§  Structure of the office

§  Admin account: 19, 854

§  Stipends: EVP summer + academic; 2 chiefs of staff, national, leg, statewide,

§  Internal program costs: 12,500

§  UCSA: 95,000

§  USSA: 61,000

§  Total: 188,354

  • Senate Intern Program Report
  • Committees
    • Rules
    • Finance
    • Public Information 
    • Advocacy
  • Immediate Business
  • School Breakouts
  • Final Business
  • Announcements
  • Next Meeting: Thursday, June 8th, 2017
  • Trinh: Motion Adjourn Meeting at 7:00
    • Second: Alazani