ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, June 08, 2017

 ASUCI Senate Minutes

Thursday, June 8th, 2017


  • Called to Order by Orozco at 5:09
  • Attendance
    • Senator Trinh and Senator Zheng arrive late at 5:21.
    • Senator Xiao leaves early at 6:18.
  • Approval of Minutes

·       Approved

  • Approval of Agenda
    • Hong: Motion to move item 6C to 6A/ Second: Lim
    • Xiao: Motion to move 6H to 6E/ Second: Hong
    • Lim: Motion to move 5C to down to the bottom of the list.
  • Public Comment
    • Incoming Student Services VP: Clarification of sober center. Fire and police authorities force it. For every 2 people that needs assistance there needs to be medical attention. All other UCs implement this. The people entered in the sober center do not have to go to student conduct as long as they are not resisting. There will be immediate support for those people, to be beneficial. Also personal opinion regarding ASUCI stipend legislation: the referendum did pass. Bigger bulk of money for students. This referendum took very many years to pass. Students trusts us to make quality events for this coming year. On the ad for the referendum there was no mention of increases for stipends. We market better events and greater advocacy. I do believe that stipends should increase one day. I do not believe it should happen the first year we are trying to prove to our students. The money is to help sustain our events. It would be a shame if we cannot do this. I do believe one day we should increase stipends, but this year our students really trusted us to create quality events and better their student life.
    • Taylor Chanes speaking on behalf of Jose Santacruz: Have seen countless people put their money and time into the ASUCI organization. This year I served with an amazing group who were committed to helping UCI students. Helped organize SOCC. This conference took up so much of my time that I almost failed my classes. Sacrificed weekends to talk with USSA and UCSA meetings. So I can help provide info for other students. Students consistently give more than they have to help represent students. At the rate that the stipends are at the rate of the hours, I am making only 2 dollars an hour. If the stipend increase, I will make sure that students know that this is not feasible for low income students like myself. All of you decided to stay in UCSA, I hope the argument still stands for UCI student workers. You cannot expect to pay someone less than 5 dollars an hour to continue to have quality work.
    • Taylor Chanes on behalf of Incoming EVP: I split a stipend with another commissioner and received 52.5 a month. If you factor in the work it is 3.42 dollars per hour. You may think 3.42 per hour is something to work with. I put at least 15 hours per week and an extra 20 for SOCC. EVP will have a stipend increase because I do not believe students should struggle to make ends meet while trying to make such a difference in UCI campus life. How can we as an office and student organization advocate for 15 dollar minimum wage when our students are not be compensated for their work here.
  • Executive Officer Reports
    • EVP: USSA board retreat in July.
  • Special Committee Reports
    • Disability Services Center Committee: After the dean received the email he called the director of the DSC and have waived the 1000 dollar fee for the entire 2017- 2018 academic school year.
  • Old Business
    •  5A: New ASUCI Budget Report Presentation 5:26

§  Office of the President

§  Supplies: 600

§  Programming: 15,500

§  Exec cabinet: 18,374

§  SPFB: 120,200

§  Campus climate: 12,000

§  Media and communication: 1,000

§  Housing security: 3,000

§  Research mobilization commission:1,000

    •  5B: B52-13 Mental Health Awareness Week Reimbursement 5:40

§  Finance committee vote: 5-2-0

§  Hong: Motion to call to question by acclimation/ Second: Lim

§  No objections, Passes. 16-0-1

    • 5C: R52-80 Creation of the Assistant to the ASUCI Business Senator Position
  • New Business
    • 6A: B52-14 Approval of the ASUCI 2017-2018 Budget 6:01

§  Trinh: Motion to waive the reading/ Second: Jacoby

§  Lim: Motion to adopt B52-14/ Second: Natoolo

§  Jacoby: Motion to commit to finance/ Second: Lim

§  Jacoby: Motion for 30 second recess/ Second: Zheng

§  Passes finance committee- 5-0-0

§  Jacoby: Motion to call into question by acclimation/ Second: Lim

§  Passes by acclimation 17-0-1

§  Hong; Motion to suspend by-laws and put R52-91, R52-83 onto a consent agenda?/ Second: Lim

§  Lim: Motion to waive the reading for all 2/ Second: Trinh

    • 6B: R52-91 2017-2018 Elections Commissioner Appointment 6:08

§  No Objections- passes unanimously.

    • 6C: R52-86 ASUCI Stipends 5:41

§  Legislation read by Chanes

§  Lim: Motion to adopt R52-86/ Second: Hong

§  Lim: Would this be for next school year? If the budget is already made where it is going to come from?

§  Chanes: Zoe already put this into her budget because she knew about this legislation. But it is complicated

§  Brittany N, Incoming IVP: Really quick, I understand we work really hard to serve our student body. However students apply because they choose and want to serve their student body. It is not a job students work for money to survive in. As a student themselves they receive opportunities to network and be a resource for students. And have the ability to make changes. Take spop staffers, all the work they do is all volunteer based. It allows them to learn what other students do not get to. Yes we received more money due to the referendum. It has increased fees. We as organization have not yet caught up until now. Will no longer received stipend from chancellor and lose 10 k ins sponsors. I believe our members do deserve an increase, but not right now. We must first serve our students with the money.

§  Bender: can we address, California at the top needs to be capitalized.

§  Chanes: Motion to Capitalize California/ amended.

§  Abuzeid: I want to ask if these positons are considered jobs or done voluntarily. To me this is like an internship. Some are paid and some are not. You are doing this to grow and be a leader. This is voluntarily. If you want a job you can have a job somewhere else. All students apply initially.

§  Chanes: To go off of that. No it is not considered a job. However students are not able to receive their stipend if they have an on campus job. There are students who are commissioners that are not getting paid. We have been doing surveys by their commissioner. We have 31 responses from commissioners and asked what office. Spread out between offices. We asked if they get paid for their position 33% said yes and that it is split. They are getting 52 per month. You all as senators get paid more than these commissioners who also put in a lot of work. A percentage did say they do not get paid. 24% said they spend 10-15 hours per week on this. How can we get a part time job if we are putting into this org?

§  Hong: I deeply sympathize with our commissioners. I know they put in a ton more work than many others. This is not a conversation we should have at our last meeting. It seems to throw a lot more into flux. It seems we have 2 incoming execs against and 1 for it. I am really for this, but the time frame we are doing this is not conducive for making a good and sound decision.

§  Incoming SSVP: in your survey did you inform exactly where their commissioner pay is coming from? I feel like a lot of them don’t know that its coming from money from students.

§  Chanes: 50% work an additional job. Most people said they would work this for free but that better pay would help them. Would you support increasing to 150 a month?

§  Incoming SSVP: When I came into ASUCI I was more than happy to do this for free. I did not even know we got paid. I think students are trusting us.

§  Natoolo: Follow up with Hong. We have to be careful not to act out of emotions. We have to pass a budget to make sure we act out of our overall budget. If we all need to find out what is happening we have our director Stephanie. That only will come in next academic year. I work two jobs to sustain my life. We have to go to Stephanie’s budget and give our wish list. I cut down most things so I can balance out and pay my balance. This is a sensitive conversation. We cannot come to a conclusion in just 30 mins.

§  Chanes: So I just want to bring up that I have spoken with every incoming officer prior to this. Zoe also brought it up. This is not a new conversation. There was plenty of time to do this. When you do pass budget, Zoe did present a budget with her commissioners increased stipends. Technically we don’t have to pay commissioners anything. So I at least hope you respect the budget.

§  Lim: Motion to amend to make it a bill/ Second: Abuzeid. B52-15 renamed.

§  Motion to move B52-15 5 to finance/ Second: Jacoby.

§  Hong: Motion to go into two minute recess. Sec: Jacoby. 6:00

§  Hong: Motion to go back into session/ Second: Lim

§  Bill does not pass committee: 2 yes, 3 nos.

    • 6D: R52-90 EVP 2017 Staff Appointment 6:08

§  Hong: Motion to waive reading/ Second: Lim

§  Hong Motion to adopt/ Second: Lim

§  Hong: Motion to call into question/ Second: Trinh

§  Passes, 12-3-2, Yes: Natoolo, Jacoby, Aldoghmi, Noureldine, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Hong, Alazani, Trinh, Scruggs, Hasan Zheng; No: Chin, Bender, Safady; Abs: Lim, Orozco

    • 6E: R52-81 Engineering Student Council’s P-Council Senator Seat 6:21

§  Lim: Motion to waive reading/ Second: Zheng

§  Trinh: Motion to adopt/ Second: Jacoby

§  Trinh: Motion to call into question by acclimation/ Second: Natoolo

§  Passes 16-0-1 by acclimation

    • 6F: R52-82 Culturally Accommodating Food on Campus 6:22

§  Trinh: Motion to waive the reading/ Second: Zheng

§  Trinh: Motion to adopt/ Second: Zheng

§  Safady: Part of making food culturally sensitive can be food production processes.

§  Jacoby: is it not talking about dietary restrictions?

§  Noureldine: That’s what I have gathered. It is about those who would like to eat foods of their ethnic background.

§  Orozco: I do not understand why this would be problematic? We are here to support all of our students.

§  Natoolo: Let us be careful what we speak in this space. We need to be sensitive. There are students coming from different parts of the world. This is there way of life.

§  Jacoby: Motion to vote by acclimation/ Second: Lim

§  Passes by acclimation 16-0-1

    • 6G: R52-83 Appointment of the President of the Senate 6:08

§  No Objections- Passes Unanimously

    • 6H: R52-84 By-Laws Amendment: Clarification of Senate Quorum 6:28

§  Legislation read by Hong

§  Hong: Motion to adopt. Second: Lim

§  Hong: Point about odd number of senators.

§  Lim: Motion to call into question by acclimation/ Second: Jacoby

§  Passes 16-0-1

    •  6I: R52-85 Interfaith Space for Students; Advocacy Call for Next Academic Year 6:31

§  Trinh: Motion to waive reading/ Second: Sidhu

§  Jacoby: Motion to adopt/ Second: Trinh

§  Bender: in advocacy we spoke about this. Aldridge wanted this here. Is this establishing a new religious cite on a public institution is not something the admin will be doing.

§  Aldoghmi: Usually it is issue of the title by calling it interfaith. Other school get around this by calling it medication center

§  Hong: Motion to call to question by acclimation/ Second: Zheng

§  Passes 16-0-1 by acclimation

    •  6J: R52-87 Gateway Study Center Hours Extension 6:35

§  Trinh: Motion to waive reading/ Second: Zheng

§  Hong: Motion to adopt/ Second: Lim

§  Hong: I am skeptical. This is inconvenient for student workers.

§  Noureldine: If we increase the hours, they just get more money and hours.

§  Natoolo: If you try to pass something to increase hours, the university must spend to have police. There is a lot to consider

§  Noureldine: It’s a recommendation.  

§  Trinh: Motion to call into question/ Second: Zheng-object by Lim

§  Motion rescinded.

§  Lim: Motion to amend 3pm to 3am/ Second: Sidhu

§  Zheng: Motion to call into question/ Second: Sidhu

§  Passes 11-3-2, Yes: Natoolo, Chin, Noureldine, Aldoghmi, Sidhu, Abuzeid, Alazani, Trinh, Bender, Scruggs, Hasan, Zheng; No: Jacoby, Hong, Safady; Abs: Orozco, Lim

    • 6K: R52-88 The Right Now Parking Resolution 6:40

§  Passes by acclimation 15-0-1

    •  6L: R52-89 Bluebook and Scantron Vending Machine for Bio Sci 6:45

§  Passes by acclimation 15-0-1

    • 6M: R52-80 6:48

§  Lim: Motion to withdraw R52-80

·       Hong: Motion to strike everything thru to final business

  • Final Business

§  Lim: Motion to suspend bylaws to add R52-92 to agenda

§  Zheng: Motion to adopt this legislation

§  Chin: Motion to withdraw, submitting next year

  • Announcements
  • Meeting concludes at 7:00pm