ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 05, 2017

  1. Call to Order

  • President Tin Hong at 5:08 pm

  1. Attendance

  • Murad Aldoghmi came in late at 5:26 pm

  • Brian Felix left early at 6:17 pm

  • Kimberly Chin left early at 6:48 pm

  • Number of Senators Attending: 22

  1. Proposal Adding:

R53-14 (New Business F)

  • Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Melissa Safady

Extension Students Discussion (New Business G)

  • Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Cary Xiao

  1. Approval of Minutes

  • Motion: Cary Xiao  /  Second: Julie Lim

  1. Approval of Agenda

  • Motion: Jacky Wan  /  Second: Julie Lim

  1. Public Comment

  • Michelle Chan, UCI Associated Graduate Students President: Explains role as AGS President; works together with Cecilia Farmer on UCI Campus Healthy Student Initiative

  • Cecilia Farmer, PhD student:  UCI CHSI has been in process for the past few weeks and was initiated by President Janet Napolitano; conducts research focusing on substance abuse; states first goal: set up a focus group with representatives in each campus to come together and generate questions for the student survey

  • Kimo Gandall, Extension Student/Former Senate Intern: Emphasizes Article 2 Section 1A, states that any mention of “students” in Article 3 includes extension students; advocates for a non-voting ex-officio seat to gain representation – is “not only legally sound but morally sound”; advices that the only legal body that can say “no” to the Senate is the Judicial Board; defines Article 3 Section 1G’s student code: students are those taking an academic program here at UCI;

  1. Executive Officer Reports

  • Office of Student Services: Chapter Services will be released soon, began planning for Soulstice

  • Office of Academic Affairs: Working on ASU student database

  • Office of Internal Vice President: Conducted 2 successful events (UCI Give Back / Open House), focusing on transportation and security, working on student representation on all advisory boards

  • Office of External Vice President: Working to gain a representation with the American Indian Association

  1. Old Business

  • Office of External Vice President: Zoe needs to specify who the co-comissioner is, wants topic to be postponed

  1. Proposal Postponing:

R53-05 to Tuesday, October 10, 2017

  • Motion: Melissa Safady  /  Second: Jacky Wan

  1. Reminders

  • Senators need to speak to Miriam regarding pay roll

  • Senators need to finalize class schedule by Week 2 in order to set up Office Hours

  • President Tin Hong emphasizes the importance of communication between him and the Senate members

  • President Tin Hong will speak about key fobs at the next meeting

  • Senate members are required to notify President Tin Hong of an absence at a meeting or why they are to leave early

  1. Open Door  /  Closed Door Policy

  • President Tin Hong explains pros and cons

  • No feedback drives President Tin Hong to do a straw poll

  • Majority votes for Closed Door Policy

  • Possible for Elections Commission to use the Senate rooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm

  1. E Tech Committee Representation

  • President Tin Hong explains the role of the committee and its representatives

  • Needs 2 representatives from ASUCI, meets 3 times a year for ~ 3 hours in the library, once a quarter, where schedule is based on the students’ availability, and preference is given to Senators

  • President Tin Hong and Senator Gurneel Boparai served previously

  • Julie Lim, Cary Xiao, Jacky Wan, Steven Jiang, Gurneel Boparai, Tin Hong, and Sanjanaa Ellur would like to be representatives

  • No ideas on how to eliminate 6 to 2, drives President Tin Hong to do a straw poll

  • 3 minute speech for each will take place on the Tuesday, October 10, 2017 meeting where the Senate will chose the 2 representatives

  • Majority votes, motion passes

  1. New Business

R53-02 Discussion for 10 Minutes

  • Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Cary Xiao

R53-06 Discussion for 10 Minutes

  • Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Melissa Safady

R53-08 Discussion for 10 Minutes

  • Stock Market Competition: Julie Lim motions to change grammatical error

  • Majority votes, motion passes

  • Amendment passes: Call a Question (Murad Aldoghmi), Second (Julie Lim)

R53-14 Discussion for 10 Minutes

Proposal Amending

  • Julie Lim: “Let it finally be resolved that this legislation will be sent to Chancellor Howard Gilman and Vice Chancellor Thomas A. Parham.”

  • Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Melissa Safady

  • Majority votes, motion passes

5 Minute Recess to Draft Statement

  • Motion: Jacky Wan  /  Second: Jeanine Erikat

  • Majority votes, motion passes

Proposal Commenting

  • Zoe Broussard: “On the inclusion of another ‘whereas’. The Chancellor is mandated to give the full report at the UC Regents Meeting in November but has not yet addressed the students at his end.” Will email refined version

  • Motion: Zoe Broussard  /  Second: Julie Lim

  • Majority votes, motion passes

Proposal to Call to Question

  • Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Jacky Wan

  • Majority votes, motion passes

Extension Students Discussion for 10 Minutes

  • Different types of extension students: ACCESS Courses, Certificate Courses

  • Registrar only opens ASUCI fee to undergrads excluding extension students - there is nothing in the ASUCI Constitution that states that extension students cannot pay the fee if they are willing

Proposal Adding

  • 5 Minutes - Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Melissa Safady

  • 5 More Minutes - Motion: Julie Lim  /  Second: Cary Xiao

  1. Council Intern Program Report

  • President Tin Hong is interviewing intern candidates and will have 10 Senate interns by the end of Week 2

  1. Committee School Breakouts

  • Each committee chooses their Chair and Vice Chair at this meeting

  • Need to create legislation on committee membership

  1. Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

  2. Adjourn Meeting

  • Motion: Melissa Safady  /  Second: Jacky Wan

  • Majority votes, motion passes