ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Associated Students - University of California, Irvine Senate

October 31, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Woods Cove BC


Call to Order

President Tin Hong at 5:06 pm


Kimberly Chin left early at 5:50 pm

Approval of Minutes

Motion: Julie Lim / Second: Melissa Safady

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Kimberly Chin / Second: Jacky Wan


Public Comment



Executive Officer Reports

Office of Internal Vice President: Working on Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, all ASUCI meeting is occurring next week

Office of External Vice President: UCSA meeting is occurring this weekend, public comment starts at 10:05


Old Business


Roll Call Vote

Motion passes with 17 yeses


New Business


President gives a short background: While making the new committee tabs, he pulled up all the duties, noticed the typos, and corrected them

Commit to Rules

Motion: Julie Lim / Second: Jacky Wan

Seeing no objection, it is committed to Rules


There was no discussion

Commit to Rules

Motion: Julie Lim / Second: Jacky Wan


Council Intern Program Report

Business Senator Julie Lim announces the projects interns are working on in her department: Faith, Victoria, and Rose are in the Stock Market Competition Board; Henry and Faith attended the Prison Education/Underground Scholars Meeting


Committee School Breakouts

Need to find the dance crews a space - they always have noise complaints

Julie will create a new legislation to obtain money from the unallocated funds

Jacket designs are out and Public Info only needs to know about preferences before finalizing the design in the back and/or front

Rules Committee Chair states that R53-29 and R53-50 had passed unanimously


Next Meeting: Thursday, November 2, 2017


Adjourn Meeting

Motion: Melissa Safady / Second: Jacky Wan

Majority votes, motion passes