ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, March 15, 2018

 Associated Students of University of California, Irvine

Senate Meeting Minutes

Date: March 15, 2018

Called to Order



Attended Late




Left Early


Approval of Minutes

Motion: Hong

Second: Lim

Lim motioned to amend minutes to fix the date

Second by Hong

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Hong

Second: Santiago

Public Comment

Nicole Wong—current New-U reporter

Creates unique stories for the school’s newspaper—in good hands—wants the Referendum to pass by having Senators voting yes

Another editor spoke—discusses a background story of how introduce to be New-U—discussed story of how became a better writer and competed into contest—grades got better—believe in the future

Another person from New-U, another reporter—very proud and a gateway of communication—not very good at public speaking

News room is not limited to writers only—it is for everyone

Pushed to vote Yes on legislation

Alan Calderon—harassment under CA Law is assault and/or intentions of harmful, stalking, risk of safety, threat of violence

Causes extreme distress and depression

Lydia N. – petition for the Student Wellness Center to get students to vote on the petition (a group of students have gone to against her efforts—bring down her work)

~1100 students have signed on (need 2664 votes)


Associated Students of University of California, Irvine

Senate Meeting Minutes

Date: March 15, 2018

Discuss about money issues whereas the building will cost $95 million dollars

As leaders, we need to step up for the students to have this building

Do not listen to the negativity—do your work, message to the people who are damaging her work—do not do it

State of California is not giving the Admin funds

Tin Hong—about the petition

Passing the petition for the good of the students—here with the petition third time in a row—each time the deal is getting better

Trying to solve for the distance and space issues—wants to group up all of these services together (important for all students)

This is will be good for the students—the state of California is providing less and less each year—no one is going to be here for us

We must take this upon our own hands

Sign the petition by tomorrow 5p.m.

Julie Lim—the petition is not working

fixed with a new email

Executive Officers Report

Office of the President

Council of Presidents met with UC President Janet Napolitano, and one of the major highlights I want to give: She's going to renew the funds for the Global Food Initiative. She's going to renew the funds for DACA recipients. And housing is another talk. Tuition is another conversation with Board of Regents, and she's not in support of the increase, and that's why I went to UCLA a couple of days ago. It was a couple of Presidents meeting with some Chancellors and the Board of Regents. They're asking students to partner with Administration to lobby the state, because the state is not giving any more money. In 1965, the state used to give us 70%. Right now, as we speak, they're only giving us 10%. That's why we're in the dilemma we're in today. We're asking the state to give us more money. 

About the W Line, we met with Dr. Parham. Stephanie was in the space, and Brittany was in the space, too. We're still looking for other resources to keep the W Line open. We're working with the city, the City Council, and Melissa Fox is willing to meet with us and we want to make an appointment with her. In Spring Break, I'm going to meet with her. If you want to join me, you're welcome... We're working with OCTA. They're not willing to give us an option until we guarantee a certain amount of money, and maybe, Stephanie will send out a message later.

Office of Internal Vice President

For IVP, kind of similar updates to Tuesday. If you're studying in Langson or Gateway, our Food Security Commission will be passing out study snacks.

Our Recruitment and Retention (RAR) Commission will have a self-care day tomorrow in the office, so if you're on campus, come stop by the office, study


Associated Students of University of California, Irvine

Senate Meeting Minutes

Date: March 15, 2018

there and have a little self-care treat that they'll be giving out.

Just a small update on something I mentioned of us doing earlier in the quarter was working on creating the By-Laws for an advisory board at The Hill. I've been working with Tin on that all quarter. We are wrapping that up. We hopefully have that submitted so we can ask for revision and edits. Hopefully, they'll be an advisory board in The Hill starting next year.

Office of External Vice President

I gave the majority of my updates on Tuesday, but following up from the Regents Meeting, by the vote of 12 to 3, they voted to increase non-resident tuition. That was definitely a loss for us.

Office of Student Services Vice President

For Student Services, we're working on Summerlands, on marketing strategies, artists and all the other elements.

Office of Academic Affairs

The only update I have is the Antleader Mentorship Program. AMP was wrapping up their 2017-2018 class yesterday. They had their banquet, and we made a lot of improvements to the program, and we definitely saw that in the mentees... They're finalizing on mentor recruitment, and I'll have more updates with the numbers and stuff for you in the Spring. Thank you.

Special Committee Reports

Basic Needs Security

Meeting went well

Possible more snacks on campus

Reaching out to companies to donate (Trader Joe’s, Albertsons, Target)

Cratering in the risk and manage stage

New Business

[Santiago/Ton] R53-90: Support for a Latinx Resource Center

Boparai—did BSU want their own building back in 2016? Office in the Student Center but demanded a name change

Lim—in regard to the statistics of Chicano/Latino freshman applicants, whether this is around the nation. This is only a statistic for California.

Lim—Where will the location be at?

Board responds—possible Lot 5 location, working with Student Affairs, Admin, and Chicano/Latino Department

Motion to Call into Question via Roll Call: Lim

Second: Hong



[Erikat/Jiang] R53-91: Measure U: New University

Discussing with students with interests in journalism and this is the outlet for


Associated Students of University of California, Irvine

Senate Meeting Minutes

Date: March 15, 2018

them to build their resume

HONG—motion to resend R53-86

Second: Lim


Caitlyn—presents the NewU in regard to the mistake from Tuesday

Plans to digitalize but still have print because this is the area of the most experience—it will take time to digitalize

Intentions not to misrepresent

There important testimonies—whereas UCI is the only UC with a journalism program

Let the students to be heard—cover a lot of stories even stories discuss in Senate

Lim—print is going out of fashion and transferring everything to a digital site

Lelia—organization serves a great purpose for the students and discusses about the mission statement of how it ties to the election cycle. Proposes a new way of endorsing candidates whereas interviews, one on one talks or stay objective

NewU tends to endorse candidates when they are supposed to stay neutral

Caitlyn—NewU is supposed to be neutral by being objective but endorsements do not represent the paper but the Board. Wants the feedback and this is the feedback they want

Boparai—how is the feedback could change something within this organization in regard to Summerland’s

Student Services VP—Summerland’s article is incorrect with facts that are wrong, this brings up fake news

Hong—does the current Editor-In-Chief support this? Caitlyn says she believes that she supports but does have a loss of passion)

Gunaman—discusses transition period and talks about the student fees

Caitlyn—emphasizes that digitalizing is their goal

Calderon—how long is the transition period?

Caitlyn needs ten years to transition.

Lim—ten years is too long so decrease the funding

NewU Representative reiterates what Caitlyn says and needs staff to do digital works—this print is a different platform

Withrow—discuss the internal works about this referendum

Caitlyn—vote was taken

Nuygen—print ongoing for another ten years, what about paper usage and ink, and trends of print picked up by students

Caitlyn—content on the print and the digital is different, everything is recyclable but can’t discuss on ink

Gunaman—basis of the $5, what is the calculation done

Caitlyn--$5 will keep them out of the red


Associated Students of University of California, Irvine

Senate Meeting Minutes

Date: March 15, 2018

Asher Khan—switching print to a different print platform

Caitlyn—find it necessary to change the print due to the day of publishing being Tuesday. Changing the platform will enable to print right on the point of the event.

Calderon—longer pieces of print, a way to limit the print?

Caitlyn—these pieces of print tends to have more weight, longer pieces, this is the world of journalism, luxury of ten years of print

Lim—how did you not know ten years of print?

Caitlyn--$5 will not sustain print for ten years and discuss with Admin and taking full responsibility of the mistake

Motion to Call into Question via Roll Call: Wan

Second: Lim


Adjournment of Meeting

Motion: Lim

Second: Hong

At 07:18 p.m.