ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, April 19, 2018


ASUCI Senate Minutes

19 April 2018


  • Called to Order by Gurneel Boparai at 5:17

  • Attendance

  • Approval of Minutes

    • Motion: Tin Hong / Second: Liam Withrow

  • Approval of Agenda

    • Motion: Tin Hong / Second: Liam Withrow

  • Public Comment

    • Person (Organization/Department): It is a shame I have to be up here again. As an At-Large senator, you are my constituent. To slander people because you do not like them shows you do not represent the student population as a whole. You are a Senator and must act in a professional way, not a child as seen in your facebook posts. It is a shame I must be up here again. We all must act professionally, especially when discussing the elections. If we want to point out faults in opponents, we must do so in a respectful manner. You should not go and attack other candidates. It is a shame. Thank you.




  • Executive Officer Reports

    • President:

    • Internal Vice President Nguyen: We are focused on elections this week. I hope you all are helping increase voter turn out. We have events next week for Earth Week and on Tuesday is sustainability Food Fair and on Thursday is the Sustainability Fair. You will hear updates soon from Lydia in picking the interim EVP. Former chief of staff Shronda Davis will serve as interim EVP.

  • Special Committee Reports

    • International Committee:

    • Parking Committee:

    • First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee:

    • Transfer Student Committee:

  • Old Business

  • New Business

    • IVP Budget Report:

        • AIA started with $5000. Since last report, event at esports cost about $1200 and will be spending $850 on charity event on Saturday at CSU Fullerton for transportation and event services.

        • Sustainability had $2000 allocated and spent $1,186.20. $2,300 re-allocated to them leaving them with $1,113.80. This will go towards earth week events.

        • Student Life and Advocacy: Started with $1,300, spent $525.23. Re-allocated $1,800 leaving them with $1,274.77. This will go to 3 more events for this quarter

        • RAR: Started with $7,000. This goes to food and ALL-AS and open house events mostly. Spent $2,327.77. This leaves $4,672 in their budget.

        • Garden: $1,800 allocated. $550.50 spent. $2,300 reallocated. $1,749,50 remaining. Most of expenditures for succulent party and plants for garden

        • Food Security: $6,000 allocated. $855.36 spent. Re-allocated $5,000. $2,144.64 remaining. Spent on swipe-out hunger, farmer's market, study snacks and food sustainability fair.

        • Transportation: $1,000 allocated. None spent. $500 withdrawn from commission. $500 remaining. Boothing during week 8-9. New commission thus low expenditures and seeking data to begin work.

        • Vendor Fair: Gross profit of $24,773.50. $2,800.51 spent. Net Profit of 21,972.

        • Bryant Gunaman:

        • Julie Lim: Will W-Line be addressed
          IVP: Only solution we see at this point is drawing from reserves as admins have stated they do not believe they have any other viable funding sources. Transportation Commission not able to address this issue.

        • Gurneel Boparai: How much would we have to pull out of reserves.
          IVP: I do not have an amount but it is a high cost. I am trying to determine the exact cost.

        • Gurneel Boparai: Could you help me find records for the UCI Transportation Department? These records should be public.
          IVP: They are technically public but they do not provide easily unless you ask. I agree this is a problem.

        • Gurneel Boparai: Are ACC contracts public?
          IVP: I am not sure.

        • Gurneel Boparai: For Gardening, I recommend doing a seed drive to save costs by asking students to save and donate seeds.
          IVP: That is a great idea. Thank you.


    • Judicial Board Applicants

      • Motion to move into closed session for 10 minutes by Liam Withrow. Seconded by Bryant Gunaman

      • Motion to extend time for closed session by five minutes by Tin Hong, Seconded by Bryant Gunaman

      • Motion to end closed session by Tin Hong, Second by Julie Lim

    • B53-10: Personal Finance Reimbursement Part 1

        • Motion to call to question by Acclamation by Julie Lim, Second by Jacky Wan

    • B53-11: Personal Finance Reimbursement Part 2

      • Motion to call to question by Acclamation by Bryant Gunaman, Second by Julie Lim

    • B53-12: Sponsorship of Engineering Ball Tickets

      • Jacky: For context, this year I am working to address divide between individual clubs as there is no community for clubs to come together and I wish to help build that as it would foster a good atmosphere and help with networking. This would help start getting people active and involved. I want to have clubs come out and get to know what ESC is about as they will be working with them a lot in the future and this could help jumpstart collaborations in the school of engineering in the future. This could have a big impact on Engineering


      • Bryant: Why only 10 tickets?
        Jacky: I wanted to keep cost reasonable but if there is support for more, we can increase to 15 as there are 30 clubs, however my goal was to keep costs low.
        Julie: that would increase our cost to $600?
        Jacky: Correct, but this may help get clubs.


      • Julie: Have you asked any clubs if they may be interested?
        Jacky: I am reaching out to ESC and clubs.
        Julie: I think we can pass this and if there are more clubs who are interested, we can then look into increasing number of tickets in the future.


      • Bryant: Is the account number is correct?
        Julie: Yes, the account number is correct.


      • Motion to call to question by acclamation by Julie Lim, Second by Jacky Wan.


  • Council Intern Program Report

    • Isaac: No major updates, just several smaller requests. Only major projects are Archives for Elections requested by Senator Hong and an Ongoing request by Senator Lim.

  • Committees

    • Rules

      • R53-94 Approved 4-0 and we wish to bring this up to Final business

      • R53-77 Passed but we would like to postpone until after elections

      • All other resolutions still in process of amending.

    • Finance

      • Guidelines for how to use senate accounts developed

    • Public Information

      • Decided on Tuesday for Senate Dinner. For Yard house, we can only use happy hour menu (Fashion Island only). Other suggestions: Souplantation, The Habit, Catering.

    • Advocacy

      • No Updates

  • Immediate Business


  • School Breakouts


  • Final Business

    • R53-94: Internal Senate Conflict Resolution

      • Motion to Call to Question by Acclamation by Alan Calderon, Second by Julie Lim


  • Announcements

    • Gurneel: Please vote in the ASUCI Elections as we have low voter turnout. Tell friends and classmates to vote. Voting closes tomorrow at 5pm

  • Next Meeting: April 24, 2018

  • Motion Adjourn Meeting at 7:00pm by Jacky Wan

    • Second by Julie Lim