ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, May 03, 2018

Called to Order by Withrow at 5:10


Noor came in late at 5:20

Gunaman left early at 6:24

A. Khan left early at 6:35

Mann and Noor left early at 6:40

Approval of Minutes

Motion: Hong / Second: Lim

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Wan / Second: Lim

Public Comment

Sajanna Student Health Insurance

The different color form represents the new changes made to the student health form. Overall there is a decrease in cost for the next year approved by chancellor Gilman

Motion to approve Student health insurance to next meeting agenda second Lim

Executive Officer Reports

President: Please show up to the meeting this weekend

Vice President: Banquet invitations have been sent out and the rsvp are due next week for dietary restrictions

EVP : Transitions are occurring in the office and the budget will be ready next week

Special Committee Reports

International Committee:

Parking Committee:

First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee:

Transfer Student Committee:

Old Business

No old business




New Business


Read by Lim

Withrow / Lim: This is meant to complete a sentence that adds to the list of punishable actions in the elections code.

Calderon / Lim / Gabra / Withrow: Elections commission should get some input and there is the possibility that this can be revised in rules committee.

Hong: The reason this hasn’t been added is because they fear they would discriminate people from signing off people based off their members

Withrow: Due to paper forms, there was fear on protocol of tracking them

Gabra: Why is this brought up in the candidate meeting repeatedly

Hong / Bopari / Withrow: Why is this feared as discrimination. People are worried that they cannot use their previous experiences to help them support


themselves in elections. If there is a fear that something needs to be changed it can be changed

Commit to rules Wan / Lim

B53-14 Reading by Lim

There is a club that started in UCLA and UCB that expanded to UCI aiming to encourage formally incarnated students to go for high education. This event is meant to get those impacted to encourage them to help those affected. The event is coming too soon to get money from SPFB. Overall, they got some money from other departments, so the money listed is just a place holder for the time being.

Lim / Gunanman : I found this club through this podcase

Motion to amend the resolution to add a return leftover funds from event Lim / Hong

Gunaman: I support this event

Bopari: I feel like we need to support this new organization.

Natoolo: There are some possible sources of funding from the law school. There might be more students showing up and there might be a need for more money.

Wan: There should be some collaboaration with social ecology and social sciences because this falls into these type of issues

Withrow: The school of Humanities could provide help as history program helps deal with civil rights.

Gunaman / Wan / Withrow : There could be a conflict of time for people from USI with agenda for next year senate. If there is

Motion to commit to Finance Wan / Lim

Motion to recall R53- 104 Bopari / A. Khan

Reason is we should not have acted upon the results upon the public.

Gabra: Results should not have been released without the problems

Bopari / Calderon: There were issues that were dealt with behind closed doors and that should have been legal.

Role call vote

Motion to rescind

Motion to move into discussion 10 minutes with 2 min speaker list Lim / Hong


Brittaney : there is a rule that results be made public and we had a chance to discuss the votes and we all had a fair chance to given to everyone. We followed the rules

Lim: What happened if we rescinded it and if we voted on it

Bopari: There was a concern about this issue being done with this privately

Lim: It wasn’t illegal but in ways unethical, if we rescind it would not be about the legal process but rather ethics. If we rescind this then we are saying it is breaking the rule book.

Calderon: Why should we go into this now instead of waiting for jboard

Hong: Please follow the rules. When I am following Robert rules, we need this so that we can have order to meetings. What are you asking is asking the results be invalidated entirely there might be some problems that have a real problem. Along with trying to act personal and not trying

Bopari: The vote that was conducted was not with all the information and we should not consider the vote to be valid because we did not know

Gabra: Pro-staff said that we can fix this later and when I walked out of the room, rumors began spreading that senators were holding the results hostage. Overall this entire process was considered unfair to everyone

Wan: I believe that instead of doing a vote, we should issue a public statement and we should calm down before doing this

Calderon: I believe the main argument for this problem was signers being canidates and I do agree that with both Wan and Bopari and that there are two ways of doing this and both ways end up to a revote. However please consider my view of taking into consideration of waiting for Jboard

Hong: I feel bad about what is going on. Along with the end of every elections that we should revise elections code. We need to follow what the documents and fixing the loopholes continuously. If we rescind this out of hand then there might be a reelection

Bopari: We need to revote on this and if we wait for jboard, we accept that that we are accepting this is wrong. With the power of pro-staff, there might be no need for reelections because they can go to jboard to ratify this

Lim: We should talk to jboard for more info before going into resciding because if we are not careful then we are going to get into a very messy situation. We should let jboard speak before voting

Motion to add 5 mins Hong / Lim

Gunaman: I agree with Jacky that we are acting too hastily and Alan hat we need to get all the parties involved before getting into a vote.


Calderon: Georgeina and then Pro-staff approved it then jboard approved and I appreciate the clarification given into this argument. Right now I need more time for a decision for this matter. I just need some time to think of all this and take in the opinions  

Gabra: Saying that we need to take time is equal to betraying the consitutents voices. The fact that you want more information means that we are agreeing that there was a problem. Before you say im saying nothing rememeber that everything has been recorded

Bopari: The vote was done hastily because all the information was not provided and I want to know why this happened. However I do not believe that it is fair to speak on behalf of elecitons commission. Right now this vote is going to held in a bias vote and forever tied to your name

Wan: We should call for a recess to gather out thoughts and calm down

Motion to recess 10 minutes Wan / Obejction by bopair

Motion to rescind Bopari / Gabra

Role call vote (Rescind Vote for Agenda Tuesday)

Dialetary motion

Lim explains to Faith what has been going on

Lim asking Issac is possibly an act of lobbying

Council Intern Program Report

No New Updates

Faith: I been working with Julie on the stock market competition

Lim: Is there a method for discussion? Hong: You should bring it up to Senate President






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Immediate Business

School Breakouts


Final Business



Next Meeting: 5/7/18

Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:45

Broken Quorum